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The mystery about Justice Antonin
Scalia's death will never be answered.

The European Union Times reported on Feb. 16, 2016, that on Feb. 11, US Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonin Scalia reportedly met with Barack Obama at Joint Base Andrews, the home of the US Air Force's 111th Wing, in Prince George's County, Maryland. Justice Scalia, as is the case when he travels, was accompanied by the three U.S.Marshals from the Judicial Security Division, which assigns the personal body guards of the Supreme Court Justices. The EU Times learned that a break in protocol occurred when the Obama Administration transferred the protection of Justice Scalia from the US Marshals Service to the Secret Service. The Marshals were then escorted off the base.

At that time, Obama theoretically boarded Air Force One (a Boeing VC-25) for his flight to Los Angeles and Justice Scalia theoretically boarded a US Air Force Gulfstream C-37A for his flight to Marfa Municipal Airport in southwest Texas, near the Mexican border. In a second break from normal protocol, F-16 fighter jets from Shaw Air Force Base, Montgomery Field and Luke Air Force Base sent escorts to protect both Air Force One and the Gulfstream. (Under normal protocol, military escorts accompany only Air Force One.) About that same time the Gulfstream landed in Marfa, Washington, DC news media reporters waiting for a previously scheduled news conference with Obama in the briefing room began questioning Obama's press secretary where Obama was, They were told that Obama was absent because of a late night, off-the-books dinner with three Hollywood elites, so he would not be attending the briefing. Why the lie?

Strangely, the umbrella of protective air cover USAF fighter planes continued for three hours, until the Gulfstream left the Marfa field, heading to LA. Media speculation is that Obama and Scalia were both on the Gulfstream and that the escorted Air Force One Boeing contained no passengers on its flight from Andrews to Los Angeles.

What appears to be a Russian report notes that electronic spectrum satellite analysis at Marfa, where the Gulfstream landed, shows that a four vehicle convoy left the airport and traveled directly to a 30 thousand acre estate known as Cibolo Creek Ranch, which was owned by John Poindexter, a close friend and fund raiser for Obama. When their meeting concluded, Obama left the Cibolo Creek Ranch and returned the Marfa airport where the Gulfstream, and its air cover, flew on to Los Angeles.

This is where the story starts to get hairy instead of just strange. Thirty-six hours after he arrived at Poindexter's estate, Senior Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was dead. News reports said the Justice was found in his pajamas, in bed with a pillow over his head (not over his face), suggesting that Scalia died in his sleep during the night. Texas law requires an autopsy when the cause of death is not apparent.

Before continuing, let's clear up the "Obama knew Scalia was dead hours before the news broke in the media." Of course he did. He sits in the Oval Office. Which means before anyone in the media knows, the first call goes to the very secure cell phone in Obama's pocket. I would hate to be Obama's press secretary if Obama had to learn that Scalia was dead by turning on CNN or picking up a copy of the New York Times. The first person who learns anything that will impact the course of history will always be the guy whose feet are usually propped up on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office. As much as I dislike the man, and believe he was complicit in Scalia's death, those accusations say nothing and mean nothing.

You know you have a "Vince Foster" event when the evidence defies logic. Foster, who was left-handed, was shot on the wrong side of his head. The gun was found in his right hand. And, the blood trail from the wound ran uphill. Foster's body had been moved. Usually people who kill themselves don't roll themselves up in a rug after they die and transport themselves from an apartment in Northwest DC to Fort Marcy Park in Maryland. Justice Scalia supposedly donned his pajamas and went to bed, theoretically dying in his sleep sometime that night. The problem? The pajamas he was found in were brand new. The folds and creases were still "crisp." I believe Scalia died, fully clothed and was redressed in pajamas to make the death storyline appear more plausible. Am I saying Scalia was murdered? No. I wasn't there, and I'm not privy to the information known by those who were. I'm saying I have no idea what happened from the time the Obama entourage returned to the Gulfstream C-37A and Judge Guevara was called. Nor do I believe much of the information which was released to the media, other than the fact that Scalia was dead, is truthful and/or accurate. A poll taken by conservative media outlets show that approximately 79% of the respondants believe Scalia was murdered. If I had seen the poll, I would have been one of the 79% who believes foul play took Scalia's life.

No one, regardless how sound a sleeper they are, sleeps without movement of some type. When you awaken in the morning (wearing a new pair of pajamas donned for the first time the night before), most of the folds and creases will be gone or criss-crossed with wrinkles caused by body movement during the night.

While most of the initial news blurbs I saw came from conspiracy writers who never seem to check the facts before pounding the computer keys, most of those reports said that Poindexter called a medical examiner who—over the telephone—officially declared Scalia dead. Scalia suffered from some cardiac problems. A county judge, not a medical examiner, pronounced Scalia dead. The official was Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara who [a] being neither a doctor nor a medical examiner and [b] not seeing the deceased or the surroundings where he died, or what caused his death, declared that Scalia died from myocardial infraction (a heart attack). She later told the Washington Post that she didn't know what killed him, only that his heart stopped beating. Had "cause of death: heart stopped beating" been listed on the death certificate she created, it would have obligated a medical examiner to perform an autopsy.

I would call into question the news report about US Marshals telling Judge Guevara that they had thoroughly investigated the death scene and that no foul play was evidenced because, if you remember, Scalia's US Marshal bodyguards were dismissed by the White House at Andrews. They were replaced with Secret Service agents who oversaw all of the post-mortem activity at Cibobo Creek Ranch as well as clearing the release of all information about Scalia.to the media. (Editor's Note from 2/24/16)—in a bylined Washingotn Post story by Amy Brittain and Sari Horowitz we have leared that after he called Presido County Sheriff Danny Dominguez to report a fatality at his home, John Poindexter told Dominguez that he was calling the US Marshal's office. Poindexter had not identified the name of the victim to the sheriff. Dominguez told Poindexter he could call anyone he wanted, but the investigated would remain the juridiction of the Sheriff of Presido County. Poindexter told the sheriff that the death was beyond his juridction, and he needed to call the USMS. In the end, Dominguez called US Marshall Ken Roberts and they agreed to meet at the Cibobo Creek Ranch.

What we learned from this exchange is that when Obama left to go on to Los Angeles, not only did he leave with his own Secret Service Protection detail, he left with Scalia's as well. While Scalia suffered from coronary artery disease, conjunctive joint disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (clogged arteries), and high blood pressure. He had an oxygen tank in his bedroom, but it was not turned on and did not appear to have been used.

Poindexter told the sheriff that "...they had supper and talked for a while." Then, the Post reported, Scalia said "...that he was going to his room for the night..." and retired." But some of the things the sheriff saw only add to the puzzle. Since the implication was that Scalila was going to bed. Yet, Scala placed his slippers by the bathtub as though preparing to bathe. His suitcase was open and Scalia's neatly folded clothing was inside. While Scalia was found, in bed, with the sheet up to his neck, the blanket on his bed was neatly folded as it would likely appeal when a guest at a hotel first enters a hotel room. What appeared to both the Sheriff and the US Marshall called to the scene to be the complete lack of evidence of a crime, appears to me to be a scene staged to appear that the Assoicate Justice 's heart just stopped beating.

The manager of the funeral home where Scalia's body was taken told the media that his family didn't want an autopsy performed. If my wife, who has scores of medical maladies, any of which will ultimately end her life, suddenly died, I would still want to know exactly what took her life. Presidio Justice of the Peace Juanita Bishop told the Washington Post: "If it had been me, I would want to know." But, perhaps Bishop doesn't have her eyes set on a federal judgeship. Let's watch and see how long it takes Judge Guevara to be appointed to the federal bench. That large of a favor merits a major quid pro quo.


US citizens lose protection of a good Bush-43 law, caused by bad Bush-43 law on creating, then repealing, country-of-origin of meat labels
There comes a time when the US people need to make tough choices. Part of those choices are firing crooked members of Congress. Those are the easy choices. The first two which need to be fired are Sen. Pat Roberts [R-KS] who, unfortunately does not come up for reelection until 2020. If you get e-coli poisoning from meat between now and then, and you're a Kansas resident, you'll remember to boot Roberts out of office during the primary. Roberts has been an opponent of "country of origin" labels since they were signed into law by Bush-43 in 2002 in order to protect Americans from buying unhealthy meat, poultry and fish products from unsanitary third world countries. The Bush-43 law didn't extend to poultry and, particularly fish, until 2009 (so please don't think protecting you from sewer fish was a protection provided by Barack Obama, who has been fighting to overturn the law since the law went into effect.)

Roberts, and anyone who voted to hide the country of origin of foreign products needs to be removed from office, and a federal law needs to be enacted to take away any federal pension from politicians caught doing quid pro quos for industrialists or their lobbyists . Let the crooked US meat peddlers who are selling US meat products to foreign countries or profiting from selling Chinese or Thai beef in the United States, put Roberts on their corporate pension plans—or strip them of their US citizenship and let them join the Parliaments of the countries for whom they are actually working by screwing the American people and calling it "representative government."

Then there's Sen. Debbie Stabenow [D-MI] who wants to make sure Canadian beef producers can sell their cattle to Americans who have more than enough beef to feed the American people. Wonder what Canadian lobbyists are feeding her campaign re-election fund?. Stabenow doesn't run for reelection until 2018, so you'll likely forget that the sewer-raised tilapia from China that puts you or your children in the hospital with e-coli will likely be due to the fact that not only do the meat packers but the poultry and fish mongers don't have to tell you what disease-infested swamp hole their products came from.

The House version of the meat label repeal, HR2393, passed on a vote of 300 ayes and 131 nays, was proffered as The Country of Origin Labeling Amendments Act of 2015 by Rep, K. Michael Conway [R-TX[ (who should be forced to eat tamales and tortillas for the rest of his life) and Jim Costas [D-CA] who probably already does. Fortunately, both of them are up for reelection in November. Both need to be defeated in their primaries. The American people need to make it clear to every municipal, county, State or federal legislator, governor and President, they are elected BY THE PEOPLE even though they are financed with dirty money from the princes of industry, and the barons of banking and business who always work against the people and for the big-bucks donors who bribe them. And, the American people need to be prepared to recall and remove any thief they inadvertently elect to public office. And when they charge the politician with malfeasance, they also need to charge the fat cat with the big bucks and the lobbyist who doles out the political graft for the giving and taking of bribes.


The bartender's son just resigned from his job as the third most powerful man in the United States.
When John Andrew Boehner, the second of 12 children was growing up in Reading, Ohio in the late 1940s and early 1950s, becoming a member of the U.S. House of Representative was about the furthest thing from his mind. Boehner rose from being a bartender's son to the third most powerful man in America. On Thursday, Sept. 24, the day before he officially resigned both the Speaker's seat and his own seat in the 8th Congressional District of Ohio, Boehner awoke early and decided it was time to throw in the towel and retire from office. He met with key House members on Thursday evening and, shortly after that meeting, Boehner told a Washington Post and a Politico reporter that when he awoke on that morning he realized he had nothing left to contribute. But that statement is not exactly true.

House Republicans led by Speaker John Boehner hired two Washington law firms in 2014 to file a lawsuit against Barack Obama's abuse of power by assuming for himself the role of keeper of the keys of the nation's piggy bank and for ignoring the legislation lawfully enacted by Congress. While no one's talking, it appears that both law firms dropped the GOP lawsuits for one of two, or perhaps both, reasons. First, pressure from the Obama White House, and the promise of no access to the Obama bureaucracy or any future Democratic administration in 2016 and 2020 if the GOP upsets the Obamacare economic apple cart; and an assurance that no lawyers in any law firm that pushes the GOP lawsuit through the federal court system—win or lose—will have any expectation of being successfully appointed to any federal court bench, regardless if he or she is nominated by a Republican or Democratic president.

In November, 2014, Speaker Boehner retained his third lawyer to carry the GOP water bucket to the US District Court for DC. . On Sept.9, 2015 US Chief District Court Judge for the District of Columbia Rosemary M. Collyer ruled George Washington University law professor and constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley, Esq. could proceed with his case because Obama clearly overstepped his constitutional authority concerning spendling money he was not specifically authorized by Congress to spend.

Turley's argument to the US District Court of DC is that if Obama is allowed to violate the origination clause and/or spend money not specifically appropriated by the House of Representatives for a specific expenditure, then future presidents will assume, by precedent, the same right and completely erase, by proxy, the origination clause without the need to propose a resolution to repeal the origination clause of the Constitution, erasing the most powerful right possessed exclusively by the House of Representatives. The fear of the left is that, in proving his case, all Turley has to do is show the court that every iota of Obamacare is unconstitutional since not only did Obamacare not originate in the House of Representatives, HR3590 originated not as Obamacare, it originated as the House version of the Service Members Home Ownership Act of 2009, that allowed veterans a tax write off on any down payment or closing costs made on a home purchased if they served in a war zone. Both the House and Senate versions of Obamacare were initiated in the US Senate. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and current Senate Majority Leader [until Jan.4], Harry Reid, committed a felony when they swore under oath to the Supreme Court that Obamacare met all of the requirements of the Originality Clause of the Constitution—when it didn't. Add to that Obama's ignoring the Constitution, and Turley should have a case fairly easy to win. So, once again, I think Speaker Boehner was wrong when he said he had nothing left to accomplish. Until Barack Obama is impeached, removed from office and facing a jury of his peers, he still has work to do.

On Friday, Dec. 12 several newspapers reported that online newshound Matt Drudge concluded that Obama had enough NSA dirt on Boehner that he could virtually make, or prevent, the Speaker from doing anything. The Drudge comment? "Obama got everything he wanted. NSA dirt on Boehner must be incredible. Chicago wins."

Since December of last year, Speaker Boehner, who awoke most days with the knowledge that he's just a regular working class guy with a big job who has been pondering the decision, "Is this the day I step down?" since the GOP fractured into two ideological separate wings in 2011. The Democrats, who have been data mining usable information about Republicans from the NSA since 2002, revealed their plan to take back the House in 2016 by destroying the political careers of one or more key GOP leaders. Topping their list of targets is Speaker Boehner whom the National Examiner first claimed, in 2010, had an affair with lobbyist Lizabeth Lyons and previously, Daily Kos reported that Boehner had hooked up with a congressional press secretary, Leigh LaMora, at the home of a lobbyist in 1997. Boehner and several congressmen were attending a "casino night" poker party at the home of the unidentified lobbyist.

If I was a betting man (meaning, if I had some loose pocket change to fritter away), I'd bet even money that Barack Obama has a nasty NSA file on Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, and as many Democratic Congressmen and Senators as he does Republican. Who's going to replace Congressman John Boehner as the 62nd Speaker of the House? I have five choices, in order of viability (in my mind): Steve Scalise LA],Jeb Hensarling [TX], Kevin McCarthy [CA], Pete Sessions [TX] and Cathy McMorris Rodgers [WA]. (If Paul Ryan wanted the job, he would be my number one pick. He's aready said he's not interested in being Speaker.)

Charlie Dent [PA] said there was a lot of sadness in the room when Speaker Boehner told his colleagues he would step down the following morning, blaming the Tea Party members for his decision since the hard-right members just can't get to the word "yes." Dent added that the next Speaker is going to have a very tough job because the fundamental dynamics in the House aren't going to change.

Questioned about Speaker Boehner's announcement, Michael Needham, the Executive Director of Heritage Action, the conservative policy arm of the Heritage Foundation noted that "...too often, Speaker Boehner has stood in the way. Today's announcement is a sign that the voice of the American people is breaking through to Washington. Now is the time for a principled conservative leader to emerge. Heritage Action will continue fighting for conservative policy solutions and we look forward to working with the new leadership team." I suggest Needham do one important thing when seeking those solutions. Look beyond the stripe of the party leader and whether or not he or she is hard right, center right or moderate, and then count the compromise votes that need to be reached to win the day, and the legislation. And when it appears the guy in the White House is trying to blackmail Congress, get that guy out of the White House and put him in the Big House where he belongs.

Obama has authorized the US Citizenship
and Immigration Service to omit portions
of the Oath of Allegiance to accommodate
Muslims and others who will not fight in
the defense of the United States of America.

The first official recorded Oaths of Allegiance were made during the American Revolution on May 30, 1778 at Valley Forge. Three years after the ratification of the Constitution, Congress enacted the Naturalization Act of 1790 providing for a mandatory oath of allegiance to be administered to new citizens, affirming their support of the Constitution of the United States. The Naturalization Act of 1795 added the renunciation of the new citizen's ties to his or her former sovereign nation. The Naturalization Act of 1906 added the section of the oath requiring new citizens to defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and bear true faith and allegiance to the same. The 1906 law required all prospective US citizens to speak English. That law, a revision of an 1870 immigration law, was signed by Theodore Roosevelt. It required that all naturalization tests, in all States, be conducted in English only. If the applicant could not master English sufficiently to pass the test, the citizen would be denied citizenship until he, she or they had mastered the language. America, a nation of immigrants, knew that if you couldn't speak the language of the land you could not be assimilated into the nation. If you are not wholly assimilated into your new nation—heart, mind and sinew—they you are a stealth enemy of that nation, waiting for the opportunity to destroy it.

Prior to 1924 there was no standard, mandatory oath of allegiance. The oral oaths recited at the naturalization ceremonies were independently adapted from the 1795, 1870 or 1906 naturalization laws, with each court (federal or State) or the government bureaucrat administering the oath of allegiance could create theri own verbiage. On May 26, 1924 the 68th Congress enacted the Immigration Act of 1924, Public Law 68-139 43 Stat 153 which standardized and mandated the oath of allegiance. Subsequently, Barack Obama's fiat changes in immigration law (now attributed to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service [USCIS]), would be an invalid exercise of presidential power, but just one among many that Obama would exercise with impunity..



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