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20 years


January 1, 2007

ife's not much more than a crap shoot from birth to death. I expect that's how our Creator intended it to be. As we rise each morning, we don't know what choices God has in store for us that day—good or bad—or whether or not the decisions we will make during the day will be the right ones. Or what will be the consequences of those choices.

Last week two national leaders died. One of those men was a respected world leader who was admired by friend and foe alike. The other was a diabolical despot who was feared and hated by friend and foe alike. What is most surprising when you think about it, neither leader was elevated to power through a popular election. The first leader was Gerald Ford. He was the 38th President of the United States. Ford served as Vice President and President of the United States—but he was not elected to either job. He died on Dec. 26, 2006 at age 93. The cause of death was not released by his family even though Ford suffered from heart disease and recently battled pneumonia. The second leader, a dictator who achieved power by killing his opposition, was Baathist Party strongman Saddam Hussein. He had no legitimate claim to his self-proclaimed position as President of Iraq. Saddam died at the end of a hangman's noose shortly before 6:00 a.m. Baghdad time on Dec. 30, 2006. He was 69.

Their deaths both mark ends of an era as "Father Time" closed the chronicle known as 2006 and cracked open the first couple pages of 2007. Happy New Year. One wonder what God wrote about each man in the tomes that record our deeds and misdeeds. One name will be found in the Book of Life. One will not. Saddam has discovered by now that there were not 72 virgins but 72 demons waiting for him when he passed from this world to the next.

Dead or alive, none of us can peel back the pages of life a year, a month, or even a week, and change the path that wrong decisions placed us on. We can easily undo yesterday's wrong choices. But once we travel any distance on the wrong road, its hard to find our way back to that stony, narrow path of good intentions. Particularly since the road to perdition is a well-traveled, paved superhighway that is well-lit, well-marked, and easier to traverse.

Today is not just the first day of a new year, it's the first day of the rest of our lives. How long our lives continue as they historically have in the past depends on the rest of the world. In particular, it depends on the highly volatile Mideast and the manner in which the ongoing Islamic Jihad (more accurately viewed in terms of realism as World War III) progresses from random acts of violence between Muslim extremists and infidels everywhere into a brand new form of terrorism—neighborhood nuclear holocausts—that will ultimately devastate the world and bring us to the final chapter of what author Hal Lindsay once described as the late, great planet Earth.

Today is the day we traditionally make "resolutions" we know we'll break next week. Quit smoking. Lose weight. Quit swearing. Quit complaining about our neighbors. Quit trying to keep up with the Joneses. Quit being Jones. Go to church more. Tithe more. Spend more quality time with our kids. Read more books. Watch less TV. And, finally, become more politically involved—and study the long term consequences of our decisions before we commit random acts of stupidity "on principle." And, the most important resolution we can make? Resolve to take back our nation because our national leaders have been taking this nation down the wrong path for far too many years. Politicans love the well-lit, broad highways; and they hate the stony, narrow paths and byways. Interestingly, when this country was the greatest, there were only a few cobblestone highways. Most of the roads that brought the citizen lawmakers to Washington City were stony narrow paths cut by wagon wheels headed west.

I'm serious about taking back America. I'm serious about getting rid of "crap shoot" we get when we place in office men beholden to special interests. For that reason, I'd like you to share my New Years' Resolution. Help make a national resolution cast in stone and written in the blood of those who died to guarantee the American people liberty. Together, we can change America back to his pre-1960 patriotism.

But, I'll warn you...it won't be easy because it entails doing something you may not want to do. All of us, collectively, have to get up off our sorry butts and take control of those we elected to serve us. And, we can't wait until we are disappointed with the election of 2008. We need to do it now because the doomsday clock is ticking faster in our highly volatile world, and mankind may not have much time left.

The 21st century has not been kind to America. It's been a sorry crapshoot that's turned up only snake eyes and box cars. Islam declared war on the West in 1993. The West failed to notice because the liberal world controlled by Bill and Hillary Clinton and promoted by ultraliberal newspapers like the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, the Boston Globe and the Washington Post established a new form of dialogue called "political correctness." Clintonese—correct-speak—the politically-correct language of the 90s still forbids us from calling Islam a religion of terror as it condemns Christianity as a religion of hate.

Political correctness forces us to strip search blue-haired grandmothers at airports as we ignore those who fit the profile of a terrorist because profiling is politically-incorrect. A New Year's resolution we need to make—and keep—is to recall, impeach, and fire every politically-correct politician on both sides of the aisle who seems confused about who our enemies are because the transnational industrialists and bankers who fill their campaign coffers believe tomorrow's consumers are the human capital of today's totalitarian regimes.

Today we must also resolve to force the Democrats (who want open borders because the transnationalist merchant princes who fill their campaign coffers need to lower the wages of skilled workers in America in order to keep competitive those factories we have left in an emerging world of slave labor wages) to build the 700 miles of fence along the US-Mexican border. And, of course, we need to resolve that we will force the Democrats—under threat of recall elections—to order our borders protected by National Guard troops with loaded weapons who are authorized to shoot belligerent "invaders" (particularly those carrying marijuana, heroin and cocaine)—and not throw them in prison for doing their job. (The fence and the guards do not, of course, preclude lawful immigration by visa or work permit.)

Among our New Year's resolutions must be one that forces the White House, the Justice Department and Congress to arrest and imprison business people and corporate executive whose companies knowingly employ illegal aliens (according to the punishment's prescribed under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986). Again, this must be done under the threat of recall, impeachment and, if necessary, the threat of imprisonment for malfeasance. By doing what 87% of the American people have resounding told both Congress and the White House what they emphatically do not want—[a] another illegal alien amnesty, [b] open borders, and [c] the failure of ICE to round up and deport every illegal in this country—we are allowing our enemies to set a Trojan Horse in our midst. It is not acceptable that when an overwhelming majority of the American people speak in a loud and succinct voice that we are ignored by a Congress that casts their "ayes" and "nays" in unrecorded voice votes so we can't hold them accountable—and by a President who is being bullied by the Federal Reserve, the World Trade Organization and the World Bank and the transnational bankers and industrialists who filled all of their campaign war chests and bought their souls.

We must resolve to take back Congress by booting our every tenured Congressman and Senator in both parties—and, in all upcoming primaries, to pledge to vote against any candidate endorsed by any left wing newspaper, or endorsed by any globalist political action group. If we are to preserve this great nation—and the liberty it provides—we must pledge to elect only patriotic, isolationist candidates.

With that, we must resolve to fight hard to place on the ballot of one of the two major parties (since those are the only candidates which can be elected) those isolationist candidates who will restore balance and fairness to the federal government of the United States. Further, we must resolve to repeal the 17th Amendment in order to fully restore the separation of powers and the check and balance system created by the Founding Fathers by restoring the States to the equation of federal power. In that light, we must reform the federal courts and curb the power of activist judges who are single-handedly, and very deliberately, destroying the Constitution of the United States in order to recast it as an American version of the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Under the clear and unambiguous terms of the US Constitution, the federal government possesses only that authority specifically granted it; and is denied any authority not specifically granted it. Yet, federal magistrates, using unrelated laws, minority views on previous high court decisions, the unrelated writings of the Founding Fathers that have as much bearing on the rule of law as Ben Franklin's patent applications or Betsy Ross' grocery list, amend the Constitution almost daily to make it fit the globalists' views of democracy—protecting the minority at the expense of the majority rather than protecting all—male or female, theist or atheist, majority or minority—equally.

Even more pointedly, the American people must resolve in 2007 to force Congress to stop accepting bribes from corporate constituents (that make those elected officials vote against the best interests of the American people and the nation). Furthermore, since lobbyists are the conduits of illegal money to politicians and candidates for office, lobbyists of any type or stripe must be banned by law from making any forms of contributions—money, sweat equity by campaign volunteers, print or electronics advocacy paid for by any groups that endorses or denigrates any candidate or party must be outlawed. We must resolve to restore the political campaign to a race between the candidates—not the special interest groups who have one or the other candidate snugly tucked away in their hip pocket to do their bidding and promulgate their agenda once they are elected.

We need to resolve to force Congress to enact genuine campaign finance reform—immediately. We need to demand, under threat of recall, that our Congressmen and Senators enact legislation to go into affect immediately, that forces every Congressman and Senator to surrender to the US Treasury immediately every dollar in their campaign coffers that exceeds the new campaign limit. Congressmen can raise from any source, and spend up to, but not exceeding $50 thousand in their primary race. They can spend up to, by not exceeding $250 thousand in the general election. Senate candidates may raise, and spend to up, but not more than $100 thousand in their primary race and up to, but not more than $400 thousand in the general election. They may NOT amass multimillion dollar war chests. Any funds collected over the prescribed limit must be declined or surrendered to the US Treasury. Funds collected over the legal limit may not be given by the candidate to the national party to use on his/her behalf since once the prescribed maximum is spent on behalf of the candidate—regardless who spends it—no more money may be spent by anyone on behalf of that candidate's advocacy for office.

The purpose of this law is to prevent incumbent legislators from overwhelming challengers. This nation was born using the concept of citizen legislators. We need to return this nation to the concept that citizen legislators serve the nation, tenured legislators serve themselves and the special interest groups that elect them. If we can do that, we will eliminate the crapshoot from government because we will know what we can expect from our elected officials when we elect them to Congress or see them appointed to the federal bench.

If this makes sense to you, put down that TV remote. Get up off that sofa. Get on the computer. Organize meetings. Solidify your own political action groups to demand change—or begin recalling legislators and elect those who will make the changes we demand. 2007 is one year away from the most important election in American history. If we don't change the manner in which this country operates by the election of 2008, we will watch the swearing in of the UN Global Parliament by 2010, and the United States will lose its sovereignty to the Third Way—and the One World Government of the New World Order will be parliamentarian communism.





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