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20 years

he United States of America has two devastatingly serious problems that threaten the security and the sovereignty of this nation. The most serious threat to our American way of life are the 20 million illegal aliens who infiltrated the United States since President Ronald Reagan's amnesty program was initiated in 1986. The second threat posed to the United States comes from legal immigrants—many of whom are now citizens of this the United States—who, for whatever reason, have refused to be assimilated into this nation by remaining culturally and linguistically separate from their fellow citizens.


It is more likely that separatism is more the fault of social progressives in the United States than the immigrants themselves since they know, to be accepted by the Gringo, they must speak the language and adopt the customs of their new land. ("Social progressive" is the politically-correct phrase that is now used to describe freedom-hating natural-born US citizen communist ideologues within our own government, the bureaucracy and sadly, the tenured instructors in our colleges and universities—none of whom, it appears, can be fired; or politicians who can't be "term limited" because their jobs are protected by social progressive judges who are financially-backed by the wealth of the free enterprise social progressive barons of banking and industry whose goal it is to create a communist world government controlled by them.)

The fact that social progressive judges are even allowed inside a courtroom let alone placed on the bench with lifetime appointments is our fault. The Constitution provides judges with lifetime jobs to prevent them from being obligated to those who appoint them. When we allow politicians who are obligated to the merchant princes appoint social progressive judges who will unconstitutionally legislate from the bench, it's our fault. Are we too lazy to fix the problems our apathy created? Because of that apathy, one morning we will wake up and discover our nation is gone.

More nations are lost from apathy than from superior forces on the battlefield. Germany fell to Nazism because of apathy. Russia fell to communism because of apathy. And the American people don't seem to realize that as a "replacement society" our jobs are worth more to Corporate America in the nations where potential workers have nothing and need everything.

The social progressive (the communists within our political system) have taken a lesson from the history of the Soviet Union on how to destroy America without war. The Soviet Union, like every totalitarian empire in history grew not from personal prosperity but from brute force. And, like all of the temporary empires of the world's past, the totalitarians of the Soviet Union could not erase the philosophical borders of national separatism and assimilate the captive nations into their empire.

The most serious problems facing the atheists in the Soviet Union were national separatism, cultural distinction and ethnic diversity. They were the three political wedges that kept the conquered peoples from being assimilated into the Soviet Union. The contempt felt by the captured nations for their military masters was so intense, the captive peoples refused to learn Russian—a barbaric tongue they felt was beneath them. While the captive lands were forcibly integrated into the Soviet system, master and human chattel communicated only because the Soviet commissars learned the languages of the captive serfs they ruled. The language barrier was like a barbed-wire fence that separated the conquerors from the conquered. Towards the end of the Cold War, Mikhail Gorbachev acknowledged that the Soviets could not achieve national unity because the nations which were dragged into the Soviet Union remained cultural and ethnically distinct. They could not be forced to learn the national language of Russia, nor would they adopt the customs of the Russian people. As a result, for the entire existence of the Soviet Union, the satellite nations remained captives of a totalitarian master.

The far left social progressives who control our schools and the federal bureaucracy that was created in the 1930s by Franklin D. Roosevelt and the socialist New Deal Congress are students of history. They clearly understand what caused the collapse of the Soviet system. The wedges that divided the people were linguistic barriers, cultural diversity, and radical ethnicentricity. The social progressives know that to create a socialist world, they must weaken the fabric of unity of the American people before sovereignty can be sufficiently weakened and the fiber of liberty shredded. When that happens, our nation can be recast it into a multinational state that more closely resembles the European Union or the reemerging Soviet Union since patriotism dies as faith dies.

What we are experiencing is a very calculated attempt to reduce the United States—a nation of immigrants unified by a common language—into a multilingual nation that mistrusts its neighbors. The rationale is as simple as the plan. The Soviets learned too late that you can't create friends and neighbors out of ethnically and culturally diverse peoples who cannot communicate with one another. The social progressives have come to understand that the best way to create enemies out of neighbors is to build mistrust by mandating cultural and ethnic diversity—and forcing the school systems to teach each ethnic group in their "native" language.

We have allowed the socialist bureaucracy within the United States (which is working hard to create a socialist world government) to erase the national boundaries that secure the nation-states, and create a tariff-free global trade zone controlled not by the collective people of those nations, but by the merchant princes, money barons and the deposed royals of Europe who have always viewed those collective people as their personal chattel. We are rapidly losing our status as citizens as we become a commodity—the human capital of the rich. Welcome to the 21st century version of the 11th century. Welcome to the new world of lords and serfs. Guess which we are?

In December, 1997, Hispanic parents in San Jose, California launched an angry fight against the local school boards that denied their children the right to be taught in English-spoken classes. The argument of the parents was that their children could never be fully assimilated into the US economy if they did not master English as their primary language. Their argument fell on deaf ears. Businessman Ron Unz and public school teacher Gloria Matta Tachman launched the "English for the Children" ballot initiative—Proposition 227—and got 760 thousand signatures to put the measure, which would ban bilingual education, on the June 2, 1998 ballot.

In May, 1998—a month before the measure came up for a vote, the World Socialist Website assailed the initiative as an attack on the democratic rights of Hispanics—most of whom were in favor of ending the bilingual education programs that forced them to remain second-class citizens in their adopted land. The WSWS argued that forcing Hispanic children to learn English would not only deprive them of their Constitutional rights, but would block the struggle for equality being fought by the Spanish-speaking working class. The WSWS further argued that forcing Hispanic students into English-taught classes would make it more difficult for those students to learn the math and sciences they needed to graduate. The statistics show that only 7% of the Hispanic students who study in bilingual schools become fluent in English; and almost none of them advance out of poverty.

When Proposition 227 was being debated prior to the vote on June 2, 1998, the co-presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton joined the fray on the side of bilingual education, using their political muscle and social progressive talking heads to help keep the status quo. Working in tandem with the Clinton White House to keep Hispanic-American second-class citizens, was A. Jerrold Perenchio, a Republican billionaire who owns Univision, the Spanish-language television network. Perenchio, a Clinton-supporter on the issue of keeping Hispanics from learning English in 1998, is a John McCain supporter now. To date he has contributed almost $72,000 to McCain. Hispanics should be wary about McCain. As we learned from his participation in the Keating Five, and his roll-over to the Baby Bells when he had oversight control of the FCC, he sells out rather cheaply.

In 1998, Perenchio provided close to $4 million in free advertising to the "Vote No on Proposition 227" faction. While Perenchio chose to try to deny his Hispanic audience the right to become fluent English-speaking citizens which would allow them to become fully assimilated into the American society—the inherent right of any US citizen—it served his business interests best to shackle his Hispanic audience to the Spanish language in an English-speaking world. How else could the Gringos sell their wares to the human capital whose views he controlled through Univision?

When the measure came up for a vote, Proposition 227 won 61% to 39%. (This should say something to the anti-Hispanic Americans who insist that the American people want all Hispanics out of the country. The United States is a land of immigrants. Most of us can count back three, four, five or six generations when our ancestors arrived on Freedom Shore from some other country where they were persecuted, lived in fear, or escaped an economic or political holocaust.

Some of us can boast that our forebears arrived on the Mayflower or some merchant ship full to the hull with pioneer stock—or bond servants or, yes, even slaves. All of these immigrants—whether English, Dutch, Norwegian, Swede, German, Dane, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, or Mexican, had one thing in common with all other immigrants. They were all obligated to learn the language, the history and the customs of this great land. Why? So they would better understand, and appreciate, the gift of liberty they would receive when they recited—in English—their oath of allegiance to the United States of America.

In order to use over 5 million legal resident aliens as their own personal human capital when they needed votes to win reelection in 1996, Bill and Hillary Clinton robbed part of the American heritage from those immigrants in 1996 when Clinton waived the need for immigrants to speak the language that would allow them to be assimilated into this great nation. In violation of a federal law Clinton had no constitutional authority to waive, he allowed them to take their oath of allegiance in their native languages. That, in and of itself, was an impeachable offense.

As they entered the portals of their new nation as citizens, they entered as strangers in a hostile land. And, for the most part, because they can't say, "Good morning," to their neighbors, they remain strangers to the world outside their door. Their neighbors regard them as intruders in their land. This is how hate is born at home. Sadly, the social progressives who are trying to reshape America into a new global Soviet Union, they need to drive the wedge deep into the heart of America to destroy the patriotic pride that made the United States the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens, on the other hand, aren't immigrants. They are foreign nationals who could not come here legally because [a] they lacked specific work skills to find sustainable work —and they lacked a sponsor in the United States who agreed to hire them, [b] they had criminal records or some other disqualifying condition that could have been medical, or psychological or they didn't possess even the most rudiment educational skills, or [c] both of the above. Illegal immigrants are like any other criminal who breaks into your house in the middle of the night to steal anything of wealth that you possess. They are felons. Simply put, illegals crossing our borders are no different than a thief breaking into your home. Stealing into the United States is a felony.

Law enforcement officers who have reason to believe that suspects they stop for any reason may be illegal, and do not check the legal status of that person, or detain them if they here illegally, have committed a federal felony under the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) themselves. This felony is punishable by a fine of $10 thousand per infraction or imprisonment in a federal penitentiary for not more than five (5) years—or both.

Persons, groups of persons, businesses, corporations, advocacy groups or any social engineer that helps an illegal has committed a Section 274 federal felony whenever they assist an illegal. You are guilty if common sense tells you its reasonable to assume the person you are helping is, or could be, an illegal aliens, by employing them, providing them shelter, transporting them from one place to another, or assisting them in gaining employment, or even by encouraging the illegal alien to remain this country by making it easier for them to remain here.

Any such person, groups of persons, businesses, corporations, or advocacy groups have committed a federal felony under the Federal Immigration and NationalityAct, Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) that is punishable by a fine of $10 thousand per infraction or imprisonment in a federal penitentiary for not more than five (5) years—or both. In the case of politicians, the Constitution requires, first, that they be impeached and removed from office, then charged with the crimes they committed.

Under the Federal Immigration and Natioality Act persons caught assisting illegals will also forfeit all assets possessed by them which were used by them to assist the illegal aliens, such as their vehicles if they used them to transport illegals. their homes if they harbored illegals by offering them sanctuary. If illegals being harbored by advocacy groups who shelter them commit crimes, those advocacy groups can be held liable for damages for the financial losses of crimes committed by illegals they are shielding under Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii)). The Federal Immigration and Nationality Act provides for treble damages to victims of crimes committed by illegals who would likely have not been in that locality had it not been for the sanctuary group aiding them.

Civil servants—mayors, governors, city or town managers or city or county commissioners, Congressmen, Senators, or Presidents who create sanctuary cities, towns, villages, counties or States by providing to illegals with forms of identification that are banned by federal law to anyone without proof of citizenship—will have committed a federal felony under the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act, Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) that is punishable by a fine of $10 thousand per infraction or imprisonment in a federal penitentiary for not more than five (5) years—or both. In the case of politicians, the Constitution requires, first, that they be impeached and removed from office, then charged with the crimes they committed.

No United States citizen—not even the President—is immune from obeying the laws of the nation although Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, Jr. acted as though they were immune. Congressmen and Senators cannot be arrested while Congress is in session. But they have not been granted immunity from prosecution for crimes they commit while in office. Several sitting members of Congress—most recently Congressmen Randy "Duke" Cunningham [R-CA], and William Jefferson [D-LA] were indicted while serving in Congress. A few years ago James Traficant [D-OH] ended up in federal slammer. Jefferson, who has not yet had his day in court has been indicted on 16 racketeering and money-laundering charges that carry a potential prison sentence of 235 years—if he's found guilty on all counts and sentenced to serve them consecutively. US Senator Robert G. Torricelli [D-NJ] resigned his US Senate even though the US Justice Department did not have enough evidence to indict him. Torricelli knew if he remained in the Senate he would remain a target of the US Attorney's office who would continue to dig until they had enough evidence to put him away.

The point of this verbal exercise is simply this: elected politicians think they have a special prerogative which allows them to waive federal laws whenever it suits them. They believe this because they know when the Founding Fathers structured our system of governance, the States were superior to the central government. They ignore the fact that their granddaddy's stood by with their thumbs up their butts saying nothing when Woodrow Wilson's Solicitor General Joshua Reuben Clark unconstitutionally made a judicial ruling that needed to be made by the Supreme Court—that the multiplicity of errors in the 17th Amendment resolutions did not invalidate them. Clark erased the separation of powers by declaring the 17th Amendment duly ratified on April 13, 1913.

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer decided it would be convenient—not for the illegal aliens but for the Democratic Party—if illegals could get State-issued drivers' licenses (since the Motor Voter law would let them vote in 2008). Spitzer angered his own legislature by issuing an Executive Order mandating that counties issue drivers' licenses to illegals. Spitzer violated Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act. As the chief executive of the State, he has a responsibility to make sure that all federal laws are enforced within his jurisdiction—specifically the Real ID Act of 2005 that requires all citizens to [a] produce a birth certificate to prove they are a citizen, [b] confirm where they live—a physical address not a PO Box—and [c] it requires States to merge their drivers' license database into a national database in order to make it more difficult for people to fraudulently obtain a driver's license in another State if their license was suspended in the State in which they live, or if they try to secure a license under another name (since the photos and fingerprints are run to find duplicates). Spitzer's decision to violate theReal ID Act of 2005 should have brought about his impeachment and arrest. But the social progressives in New York who want illegals to have drivers' licenses so they can vote Hillary Clinton into office in 2008 aren't going to push for Spitzer's impeachment, arrest and conviction for violating Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act.

It is important for American citizens to understand that if they have specific knowledge that any other citizen has violated Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) of the Federal Immigration and Nationity Act they have an obligation to file a complaint against the person who committed that violation with the law enforcement division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] with jurisdiction over that particular violation of the law. Until someone files a complaint against the citizen, city official, county official or State and/or federal official, nothing will happen to the person who chose to violate Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii). In other words, when the New York Times or New York Post reports that a politician has poisoned its voter pool by giving non-citizens the means and opportunity to vote in that State's election deserves to be incarcerated for a long time because he or she has stolen a fair election from all the people has not filed charges—they merely reported the news. The news report does not constitute filing charges.

A real person must file real charges against the real person who violated Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii)) before that person—whether an employer, a social progressive do-gooder, a city or county official, or a governor—can be prosecuted for violating that federal law. Until "We the People" hold everyone's feet to the fire, the laws legislated by the elite apply only to the working class and not those who write them. Until we force the issue on the equality of the law, the laws will never be applied equally.

Social progressive city officials—mayors or council members—do not have the authority to waive federal law and create sanctuary cities to protect illegal aliens. Even if they pass ordinances granting themselves the power to do so, social progressive mayors or council members don't have the legal authority to order police agencies under their jurisdiction not to enforce federal law. In fact, when they are ordered not to enforce federal law, police officers are duty-bound to file criminal charges against that mayor or those city or county officials for violating Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii). If they fail to do so, the citizens in those cities need to file charges with the State Attorney General against those officials—and the police officers who are aiding and abetting the bureaucrats in committing a Section 274 federal felony.

Petty politicians need to understand they are as obligated to obey the law as much as you and me. And, if they don't, they need to go to jail. Have you wondered by celebrities are seldom found guilty of serious crimes everyone knows they committed, and pop tarts spent 70 to 80 hours in jail for infractions that you and I would spend 30 days to 6 months in the slammer for? Because we think they are someone important, they believe they're immune from the law—and the media thinks so, too. We're all wrong. And, its time to hold everyone's feet to the legal fire. If we are all equally accountable under the law—then anyone who violates the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and the Federal Immigration and Nationalit Act of 1952 and 1965 belongs in jail. I don't think either of those laws say if you're a leftwingnut VIP you don't have to obey the law.

The American people must understand one simple fact about illegals—all of them are felons. Entering the United States without a visa authorizing you to be here is a felony. People who aid illegals are aiding and abetting a felon—and that's a felony. That means you, too, may go to jail. If they commit a crime while you are helping them, you are liable—three times over.

When we debate the issue of the "poor people south of the border who only want what we have," think about it in terms of the felon who breaks into your home in the middle of the night and steals your money, your plasma TV, your laptop and desktop computers, your great-grandmother's silver that has been in the family for close to a hundred years,and anything else of value that's not nailed down. The thief then loads it all in your new Ford 350 extended-cab pickup and disappears into the night. Both are felons. Both want what you possess. And, without a twinge of conscience, both will steal everything you own. But in addition to your material possessions, the illegal will also steal your job or the value of the work you do to feed and care for your family.

The social progressives, secure in their life-tenured government jobs or generational family wealth, argue that the illegals who cross our borders in the dead of night—or make their wild dash across the border at midday, dodging cars in fast moving lanes of traffic knowing the Border Patrol agents will not risk their lives in foot pursuit, are basically honest, hardworking Mexicans who simply want what we have. Assuming that it is true, it changes the minute they cross the border. Because at that moment they became a felon. And, because they are, society must learn to treat them as felons.

That should not be too hard since many of them were felons before they began their trek across the border. Those who weren't when they came quickly become thieves when they learn that the streets of America are not paved in free gold, and that the employers along Main Street America who cater to English-speaking US citizens do not want to hire illegals who can't speak fluent English at any price. They need employees their customers can communicate with. As a result, even those who came with clean hands get dirty very quickly when their stomach begins to rumble and they need a warm, dry place to sleep. To the criminally-intent, America is a smorgasbord of opportunity for the lowlifes of the world—not just Mexico. Mexico has simply become the primary swinging door through which the misfits of the world enter to feast on the wealth or naivete of the American people—particularly since the door is ajar and no one is watching.

Angel Maturino Resendez enjoyed a brief visit to the United States. Resendez traveled the Midwest as a railroad hobo. You might remember him as the "Railroad Killer." He butchered nine people. During his crime wave, he was arrested several times as he was jumping on and off trains between bludgeoning his victims to death. While it was obvious to the law enforcement agencies who arrested him during his crime spree that he was an illegal, he ditched whatever identity he was using after each arrest and simply became someone else.

He was finally caught in 1999 and his crime wave ended. Nine US citizens who were entitled to live the American dream had their lives taken by a man who legally should never have been allowed out of the first US jail. When he was deported, he should have been sent to the southern most tip of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago to the Diego Ramirez Islands. While the land belongs to Chile, I suspect some political accommodations could be made with them since Tierra del Fuego is separated from Chile by the Straits of Magellan—and its not likely the illegals sent there would survive very long. Overpopulation would likely not be a problem. (I suggest someplace far removed from the US-Mexican border like that since most illegals who are deported from the United States are usually back within a week or two. Transporting them to the bottom tip of the South American continent, or perhaps even to Antarctica would discourage illegals from coming here.

If he had been sent to Tierra del Fuego when he was released from a US prison in 1992 for kidnapping and robbery in Los Angeles—or after being arrested by the INS in June, 2002, Maximiliano Esparaza, a violent illegal alien with a criminal record, was released by INS agents in violation of federal law. The Salvadoran national, Esparaza, went to Klamath Falls, Oregon where he attacked two Catholic nuns who were walking along a bike trail. He raped both nuns, strangling them with their rosaries as he assaulted them. One of the nuns survived the brutal attack. Because the surviving nun did not want to testify about the horrors she endured, the State plea-bargained the capital offense down to life without parole. Had he been sent to Tierra del Fuego in 1992 or 2002, neither nun would have been raped nor strangled with their rosaries.

On August 29, 2005, Mary Nagle, a 42-year old mother of two hired an illegal from Guatemala, Ronald Herrera Castellanos to power wash her deck. As she was showering to prepare for a tennis match, Castellanos entered her home with a box cutter and raped her. Her blood-splattered body was found by family members after Castellanos called them on Nagle's cell phone to brag about what he'd done—and threaten to the same to each of them (who knew him) if they identified him. Castellaneos cut off one of her ear lobes, amputated one finger, mutilated her genitals and beat her face to an unrecognizable pulp. Castellanos'social progressive "right" to live the great American dream became a nightmare for Mary Nagle.

Armando Garcia, a meth dealer from Mexico, has committed more than 60 murders in Los Angeles County. One of his victims was LA County Deputy Sheriff David March. Garcia shot March in cold blood with a 9mm pistol on April 29, 2002 and escaped back to Mexico. March's widow, Teri March, has pleaded with the Mexican government to surrender Garcia to LA County for prosecution. But the Mexican government has refused. Sadly, prior to the March shooting, Garcia (who uses a host of aliases) was apprehended in Los Angeles three times. All three times, he has simply been deported. He had be flown to his year-round vacation spot in Tierra del Fuego during any of those deportations, Deputy David March would still be alive.

I could fill two or three volumes with stories like this, but you get the picture. Illegal aliens are a different breed than lawful immigrants. In city after city, State after State, these horror stories are being lived over and over again by US citizens who have expectations that their government has a constitutional obligation to seal its borders and protect its citizens from predators who come as thieves, rapists and murderers in the night.

Last year the Violent Crime Institute completed a yearlong study of 1,500 illegals who had committed sex crimes between 1999 and 2006. While there are over 20 million illegal aliens in the United States today, they assumed the minimum number used to by the Bush Administration to lowball the problem—12 million. Using the Bush Administration's statistics on the number of illegals in the country, and their estimate of the number of illegals in our prisons, they calculated that 2% of the illegals in this country (based on the prison sampling) are sex offenders. If that's true, we can assume there are approximately 400 thousand illegal alien sex offenders walking the streets of our cities. (The estimated 240 thousand was based on the lowball numbers cited by the political talking heads who are trying to sell us on the idea that there's only a handful of illegals here.)

The investigation by the Violent Crime Institute revealed that the 1,500 illegal alien sex offenders they interviewed admitted to raping 5,999 victims—or an average of 4 victims per offender. If we have 400 thousand potential rapists walking the street who will rape 4 women before they are removed from the street, that means 1,600,000 women are going to experience the worst horror of their life in 2008—being raped by an illegal alien. Many of those victims will be murdered. Many of the survivors—and their families—will suffer life-changing traumas that will result in divorce or, in some cases, suicide.

Thirty-five percent of those interviewed by the Institute were child molesters. Since the interviews were done in the prisons where these men were incarcerated, we can logically assume that 35% of the illegals in this country are pedophiles. The number probably more closely parallels the number of adult sex offenders—400 thousand. But, that's 400 thousand too many.

Illegal immigration—as opposed to lawful, legal immigration—is damaging this nation beyond repair. The social engineers who are trying to recast the United States into a global socialist mold—the proverbial square peg in a triangular hole—believe the melting pot that cast the iron of this nation can still accommodate millions more of the of the poor, tired and huddled masses from all the lands of the world—even those who want to remake us into them.

The point is, because the social engineers who have been trying to reshape the world into a global free enterprise version of the Soviet Union, the globalists know the patriotic fervor of America must be diminished, and the American dream supplanted with the Utopian dream of equality—albeit a smaller, less prosperous dream—in which the middle class of American is forced to climb several rungs down the ladder of success to meet the emerging nations on their way up.

This is why our economy is struggling. Gold—the bellwether of bad economic omens—is skyrocketing. Our elastic dollar is stretched to the breaking point. Yet the stock market continues its upward spiral. Americans are puzzled because at the end of each tax year—in the midst of all this global prosperity—we find we are earning less and paying more for almost everything we buy. What is most puzzling are the reports from Wall Street about how well Corporate America is doing. (Corporate America, of course, are now transnational corporations with regional headquarters scattered all over the world.) Their profits are mushrooming substantially because the US jobs that were exported to the third world at the expense of the US wage-earner are now creating a new breed of consumer who virtually has nothing and needs everything—starting with our jobs.

The only dilemma facing the barons of banking and industry and the merchant princes is that for the next few years, the income earned by the new working class in the emerging nations will be spend on adequate housing, food and clothing. The merchant princes still need the consumers in the United States to buy the goods their former jobs are now making in China, Mexico and Indonesia. The same NAFTA that provided the tariff-free swinging door that allowed our jobs to go south are allowing the products created by the new, much cheaper workers outside the United States to return north, back to the store shelves in America. Branded goods that used to say "Made in USA" now say—in much smaller letters—"Made in Mexico," "Made in China," or made everywhere else in the world except Detroit, Chicago, Fort Wayne, Wheeling, Charlotte,Atlanta or any other US city.

Adding insult to injury is the attempt by whatever remnant of Corporate America is left in America to open the back doors and encourage a new wave of illegals—not just from Mexico, but from every third world nation on Earth— to stream across our border in search of what few jobs are left in America. The employers do not want to employ the illegals. They want to use them as leverage to drive down the price of labor, and force US workers to accept jobs without the costly fringe benefits that US workers have enjoyed through the lobbying efforts of America's labor unions. Even nonunion companies were obligated to provide paid vacations, healthcare plans and retirement benefits out of fear of the labor unions.

In a nutshell, that's the difference between immigrants and illegals. Every US Citizen is either an immigrant or the descendant of an immigrant. We invested the sweat equity that made this nation the greatest nation in the world. We all share the American heritage because we have all sworn an oath to protect and defend this country with our lives. On the other hand, immigrants who used the Clinton backdoor to citizenship and today choose to remain non-assimiliated Americans live in the underground economy of the illegal. Federal law requires all citizens to learn the language before they can become citizens. Those "citizens" should be given one year to learn the language or have their citizenship revoked and face deportation. Common words and common thoughts unify a nation. Conclaves of culturally and ethnically diverse peoples who mistrust their neighbors become wedges of hate that destroy the national character of a nation and create civil strife that leads to civil war.

What is happening today is a crime against the American people. It is a crime that was committed by every member of Congress who voted for NAFTA—and in particular, the co-presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton and then Vice President Al Gore, Jr.. On Nov. 19, 1993, 132 Republicans voted in favor of NAFTA and 102 Democrats voted to send our jobs to the third world. Their names can be found at http://clerk.house.gov/evs/1993/roll575.xml.) In the US Senate, 61 Senators voted in favor of NAFTA, 38 voted against and Bryon Dorgan [D-ND] abstained.

Now you know the whole story. You know the difference between an immigrant and an illegal. You know the law you can use to make our civil servants enforce the law, seal the border and deport the illegals. I guess the next step is up to you.



Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved