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20 years

enyan-born, Indonesian citizen Barack Hussein Obama hoodwinked America. Or rather, his Marxist handlers who found the Frank Marshall Davis-protege and created the Obama-illusion from a gaunt, determined anti-white, radical Marxist-Muslim community activist did. They manipulated his meteoric rise to power. Moreover, using the conquest strategy first elucidated by Saul Alinsky in Rules For Radicals, they used their wealth and political power to leverage a media blackout so complete that nothing negative about Obama appeared in print. Not even the fact that although all the empirical evidence says he is not, nor ever was, a constitutional citizen of the United States, he was never challenged nor investigated by any mainstream newspaper or electronic media Outlet.

The Certification of Live Birth which Obama claimed as his original 1961 birth certificate was a facsimile authorized by the far left GOP governor of the State, Linda Lingle, as a favor to Obama. The document was issued without his providing factual evidence that his birth took place in Hawaii. Obama produced two pieces of evidence: birth announcements which appeared in The Honolulu Star Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser, noting that Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama of 6085 Kalanianaole Highway gave birth to a son on Aug. 4, 1961. No mention was made of the hospital where he was supposedly born. Nor did the announcement note that residing at 6085 Kalanianaole Highway was not Barack, Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham, but Madelyn and Stanely Dunham, her parents.

A State-authorized birth certificate, date-stamped Nov. 6, 2007 on the reverse side of the document (pictured below), began a long string of obfuscations to conceal the truth not only about who Barack Hussein Obama was and where he was born but, more precisely, what the money barons who coughed up an estimated $900 million to elect him planned to do with the nation they had just purchased. Of course, what they plan to do with this nation becomes terrifyingly more clear with each passing day. They plan to strip it of its wealth and use that wealth to finance Utopia, leaving the staggering debt of a bankrupt Republic in the laps of the working class taxpayers of a gang-raped and economically-defiled nation.

Even though it is the responsibility of the Congress of the United States, pursuant to Section 3 of the 20th Amendment and 3 USC 15, respectively, to fully vet the qualifications of presidential candidates—specifically, that the candidate is a natural born citizen of the United States—the Democratically-controlled 110th Congress chose to vet Republican presidential nominee John Sidney McCain because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone on Aug. 26, 1936. The Senate concluded, in Senate Resolution 511, that because Sen. McCain was the son of a natural born US male, and a naturalized mother, he met the constitutional criteria required to be classified as a natural born citizen. McCain qualifies under 8 USC §1401(c) or (d).

When it's finally and conclusively substantiated that Obama was born at the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya and that he did not arrive in Hawaii until Aug. 8, 1961—4 days after his birth, Obama will claim US natural birth rights under §1401, Chapter 12, Subchapter III. However, under subsection (c) both parents must be citizens of the United States. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was a natural-born citizen of Kenya, and thus (c) does not apply—nor does subsection (d). And finally, in addition to being a natural citizen of Kenya, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is a naturalized citizen of Indonesia. The only country he does not appear to be a citizen of, is the United States since there are no archival records anywhere showing that Kenyan-Indonesian citizen Obama (of whom there is a record) applied for citizenship in the United States. It appears he simply assumed it was his right because his mother was a natural citizen of the United States..

When Philip J. Berg, the first lawyer to do so, filed his lawsuit against Obama on July 2, 2008, he produced for the court evidence of Obama's citizenship in Indonesia under the name Barry Soetoro. He asked the court to force Obama to produce a certified vault copy of a hospital-issued long-form affidavit of live birth from Hawaii, a certified copy of his Certificate of Citizenship (for a naturalized citizen), and a certified copy of his oath of allegiance to the United States (an oath required before citizenship is granted). Berg has appealed the dismissal of his US District Court case before Judge R. Barclay Surrick to the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, No. 08-4340. Furthermore, Berg also presented evidence to show that Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, never lived at the address she published in a Honolulu newspaper's paid birth announcement for her offspring, which appeared on or around Aug. 13, 1961. She had only been back in the country for five days when the birth announcement appeared. Dunham went through great effort to make it appear that her son had been born in Hawaii because she had already checked and knew she could not transfer US citizenship rights to him due to the restrictions in the Immigration and Naturalization Act of Dec. 24, 1952.

Dunham fell under (h): "...a person born after May 24, 1934 outside the limits and jurisdiction of the United States of an alien father and a mother who is a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, resided in the United States." (Prior to May 24, 1934 women could not transmit citizenship to their offspring.) The law was amended in 1940, 1941, 1946 and 1952. Under the provisions of the 1952 law, a child born to one US citizen parent and one alien parent, the US citizen parent was required to have been physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for 10 years prior to the child's birth, with at least 5 of those years falling after the age of 14. Under that law, Stanley Ann Dunham could not transmit citizenship to her son, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. since she would had to have been 19-years of age when she gave birth. She was 18-years, 8 months and 5 days old on Aug. 4, 1961. In 1986, Congress decided the restrictions in the Immigration and Naturalization Act of Dec. 24. 1952 were too onerous, and amended the law once more. The 5-year provision was reduced to two. In 1994 the provision was reduced again. This time, from two years to one. That provision has remained unchanged for the past 15 years. However, since Obama was born in 1961 and not in 1986 or 1994, he cannot claim status based on laws that went into effect 25 to 33 years after his birth.

Based on the constitutional restrictions to the definition of being "natural born" that existed at the time of Barack Obama's birth at 7:24 p.m. on Aug. 4, 1961 in Mombasa, Kenya, and the additional restrictions placed on when the child of the US citizen mother who had to have been born after each change in the law to benefit from the changes each time the law was amended, there will never be a time when Barack Obama can be construed to be a natural born citizen of the United States. Based on that fraud—and to maintain the integrity of the Constitution of the United States—Barack Hussein Obama must be removed from office. He must also be charged with election fraud, and charged with fraud for seeking an office he was not qualified, by birth, to hold.

Furthermore, every piece of legislation he signed into law must be declared null and void since he did not have the constitutional authority to affix his signature to them. Every Executive Order, Presidential Decree or Proclamation must also be construed to be null and void. And, any and all political appointments made by his Administration must also be nullified since an illegal alien cannot make presidential appointments in the United States of America.

There can be no legal defense accepted by any federal court in the land in which Congress can reasonably argue that they acted in good faith, and with clean hands, believing Obama was a natural born citizen. Thus, any laws they enacted, or presidential appointments they confirmed should not be allowed to stand. Their hands are not clean. They are complicit in the crimes committed by Obama by swearing to be a natural born citizen and eligible to seek the office President. The money barons who filled their campaign war chests with money needed them to turn a blind eye to the eligibility question. What makes their action criminal is that they properly vetted Sen. John McCain but deliberately chose not to vet Obama even though there was a myriad of questions surrounding his birth in Kenya, his mother's age and the question of whether or not she could transfer birthright status to her son, or his step-father, Lolo Soetoro, renouncing any claims to citizenship Obama might have to secure his citizenship in Indonesia. What makes not vetting Obama suspicious is the fact that vetting the qualifications of a presidential candidate was not a precedent-setting event. (Below, left, is a photograph of what is purported by California attorney Orley Taitz to be a copy of Obama's long-form Kenyan birth certificate.)

On behalf of former Ambassador Alan Keyes, Taitz filed a new motion in the US District Court for the Central District of California to expedite the authentication of what Taitz claims is a actual copy of Obama's original long-form birth certificate from the Coast Province Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. (It should be noted that two fraudulent copies of what was purported to be Obama's Kenyan birth certificate popped up on the Internet in July. It was easily proven to be a hoax.)

Have any other candidates been vetted?
Long before the US Senate vetted McCain, they vetted former Michigan Gov. George Romney, who was born in Mexico. Sen. Barry Goldwater was born in Arizona Territory in 1909, three years before Arizona became a State. All of these candidates were Republicans. Had they been Democrats, the issue of natural born status would likely never have been raised by the media. So, you can see, this is not a question that never arose before Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is simply the first candidate for the White House that tried to obfuscate the truth. Obama is also the first candidate whose questionable qualifications were not properly vetted by the US Senate.

When he filed his civil action, #08-cv-4083 against Obama on Aug. 21, 2008, former Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General Philip J. Berg asked US District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick to force Obama to produce his certificate of live birth. That was the only document requested by Berg that would prove Obama was a natural born citizen and, thus, be eligible to seek the office of President of the United States. However, Obama does not have a live birth document that was witnessed by the birthing doctor simply because he was not born in any of the four hospitals in Honolulu. Which is why Berg also sought the evidence which would prove the only form of citizenship Obama could possess is that of a naturalized citizen. Berg asked for a copy of his certificate of naturalization, and a copy of his Oath of Allegiance which he would have if he had applied for citizenship in the United States.

What caused the mainstream media to completely ignore the volume of evidence which supported, as fact, that Barack Hussein Obama was not only not born in the United States, but that his mother was not old enough to transfer natural born citizenship birthrights to him? It was a statement to the media by Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the Director of the Hawaiian Department of Health.

As questions concerning Obama's birth translated into lawsuits demanding that Obama produce a hospital-issued birth certificate proving he was born at the Kapi'olani Hospital in Honolulu (where he insists he was born), Dr. Fukino stepped into the middle of the fray saying: "There have been numerous requests for Sen. Barack Hussein Obama's official birth certificate. State law (Hawaiian revised statute §338-18) prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate of persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record. Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawaii, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who have statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama's original birth certificate on record in accordance with State policies and procedures."

Sounds like the matter should have ended, right? No. The fly in the ointment of that statement is "...according to State policies and procedures." In most States you secure a birth certificate when you are born in a hospital, a birthing center or at home with a midwife (someone other than family who witnesses the live birth). A long form certificate of live birth is prepared by the doctor, nurse or midwife at the hospital or birthing center that details all of the vital statistics of the live birth. In the 48-continuous States, the long form birth document is filed with the local registrar in the county where the birth occurred, and it is also filed with the State Registrar. The signatory witness, by law, should be (in order of importance), the doctor or midwife who delivered the baby; some other person in attendance or witness to the live birth; or, in the absence of such a person, the father or mother or the person in charge of the premises where the birth occurred.

Dr. Fukino's statement to the media was carefully parsed with legalese that made it sound like both he and the Registrar had actually seen and/or examined Obama's long form, handwritten birth certificate (used in 1961), and that such a document not only exists, but conclusively proves that Obama was born in Hawaii. It does not.

In the State of Hawaii you can secure a certificate of live birth four different ways. That, of course, suggests that three of the ways do not entail providing demonstrable proof that the live birth actually occurred in Hawaii. The first method, under Sec. 57-8&9 of the State code concerns the traditional manner in which you received your birth certificate. Your mother gave birth in a hospital. The birth was witnessed and recorded. A long form birth certificate was prepared by the doctor and/or hospital registrar. It contained all of the vital statistics about the parents and the baby. It produces the type of birth certificate you and I possess or, at least, are familiar with. It was issued based on substantive proof of that live birth within the United States. Whenever we see a birth certificate from any US State, logic immediately suggests that the birth certificate would not exist if the person described on the document was not lawfully born in this country. However, as you are about to see, there are circumstances when that may not be true. Particularly in the State of Hawaii.

If the baby was born at home without the benefit of a doctor or midwife, under Sec. 57-8&9, an original Certification of Live Birth (resembling the first birth certificate, above) would be issued without any of the vital statistics. There is no proof that the live birth took place in Hawaii. If the parent brings the affidavit to the local registrar, they are required to produce a drivers' license or, in lieu of that, a utility bill to prove residency. However, if there is not a local registrar, the parent can simply mail the affidavit to the State Registrar's office, and a Certificate of Life Birth is issued without any evidence that you were even living in Hawaii the day before the affidavit was mailed to the registrar.

In the third variation, the mother does not immediately register the birth of her child, under Sec. 57-8&9, 18, 19 & 20, of the Territorial Public Health Statistics Act in the 1955 Revised Laws of Hawaii (which was in affect in 1961). The parent or parents can file a summary statement in a delayed filing up to, but not beyond the child's first birthday. Finally, in 1955 State law was amended making the Lt. Governor the defacto Registrar of Births. Under §338-41, if a child was born in Hawaii for whom no physician or midwife filed a certificate of live birth, and for whom no Delayed Certificate of Live Birth was filed before the child's first birthday, then a Certification of Live Birth could still be issued upon testimony of an adult (usually the subject person in need of proof of birth). The Lt. Governor (and in Obama's case, Linda Lingle, the governor of the State) has the sole discretion to decide what "evidence"—if any—satisfied the burden of proof needed to secure a Certificate of Live Birth. In Obama's case, the "burden" was simply the asking by a United States Senator for a Certificate of Life Birth. Obama's birth certificate was issued by the State of Hawaii on Nov. 6, 2007, and date stamped on the reverse of the document.

Had Obama been a conservative Republican candidate and not a Marxist Democrat, the media would have not only challenged his right to seek the office of President, but his right to run for the Illinois State Senate and the US Senate as well. Congress—and the New York Times—didn't have a problem raising the question about whether or not McCain could run since he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. McCain had a natural born US father and a naturalized mother. McCain was vetted by the US Senate even though he qualified as natural born under the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1934.

When the evidence suggests there may be something wrong with the qualifications and/or ethics of a sitting Democrat, it is no longer politically-correct to challenge them in the public square—not even by their political opponents. Yet, the Democrats and the far left mainstream media will always attack the ethics lapses and political or personal philandering of Republicans. For Republicans to have a level playing field, they need to adopt Saul Alinsky's 1971 playbook: Rules For Radicals. Rules For Radicals which has become the Democratic Party's gamebook to defeat conservatives. And, it has been an effective ploy.

Alinsky's Rule Four—which should have been Rule One—demands that you make your enemy live up to his own rules. Alinsky argued that you can destroy your conservative opponent using this tactic because no human on Earth—conservative or liberal—can faithfully live by the righteous code Christianity established as proper conduct for man without faltering. In a bizarre double standard, liberals don't even have to pretend to live by a moral code beyond that which they set for themselves. And, when they have moral or ethical lapses, they are judged by no one.

That's why when the FBI videotaped Congressman William Jefferson [D-LA] on Aug. 3, 2005 in a sting operation taking a $100 thousand bribe from a Northern Virginia investor wearing a wire, he didn't have any trouble getting reelected to his Louisiana 2nd Congressional District seat in 2006. In fact, he won reelection with 57% of the vote even though the FBI found $90 thousand in marked $100 bills wrapped in aluminum foil and stored in frozen food containers in the freezer in the basement of his Washington, DC home. Because the Right does not use Alinsky's Rules For Radicals to attack their political opponents, there was no public outcry for Jefferson's resignation. Neither House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] nor House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer [D-MD] moved to remove his congressional credentials, his committee assignments nor did they publicly or privately pressure him to resign.

Jefferson even had the audacity to file a lawsuit against the Justice Department for violating the separation of powers between the Executive and Legislative branches of government because the FBI raided his Congressional office—with a judge-issued search warrant—looking for records of Jefferson's dealings in Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon. Jefferson's lawsuit, appealing a July, 2006 decision by Chief US District Court Judge Thomas F. Hogan of the DC District Court which found the search legal. Jefferson demanded the return of all of papers seized from his office—including all of the evidence the FBI found that established his guilt. When the search happened on May 20, 2006, House Speaker Pelosi also demanded that all of the material seized by the FBI be returned to Jefferson until the US District Court could decide whether or not the FBI had the authority to raid a Congressional office. Pelosi actually thought Congress was above the law. Jefferson was not arrested until he lost his House seat to Vietnamese-American Congressman Ang Joseph Cao [R-LA] in a three-way run-off election in 2008.

The Left—and several establishment members of the GOP who are in bed with the world's wealthiest bankers and industrialists—are still absolutely petrified of recently resigned Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. They fear that Palin will ignite a grassroots Republican take over of the House and Senate in 2010. Even worse, they fear Palin will do what Reagan did in 1980—stymie the plans of the globalists to collapse 178 world currencies and replace them with an international monetary system controlled by a world government in the Hague. Unknown to the American people, we were on the brink of world government in 1979, with the World Bank's SDR currency {Special Drawing Rights] poised to replace the US dollar that was authorized by Jimmy Carter's second Treasury Secretary. G. William Miller who replaced Werner Michael Blumenthal in 1979. Reagan changed history. The globalists, both Republican and Democrat, are afraid Palin, whom Michael Reagan called a reincarnation of his father, will do the same. They very adroitly used Alinsky's Rules For Radicals against her.

Palin, or her current financial backers—or both, realized something that the Christian Far Right, which divorced itself from the Republican Party in 2006 and allowed the Marxist Far Left, using the Democratic Party and ACORN (which has rebranded its parent organization as Community Organizations International) to steal Congress that year, still hasn't grasped. The money barons who have controlled the electoral system of America with an iron fist for the last 100 years refined the structure of the two party system in the 1920s to make sure that only a Democrat or a Republican can win a seat in Congress or, more importantly, the White House. The money barons have mastered the art of using third party candidates as pawns on the chessboard to guarantee that the horse they are backing in the race crosses the finish line first. The Democrats unleashed their version of Rules For Radicals on Palin while she was still McCain's running mate, accusing her—not the Republican National Committee—of wasting $100 thousand on designer label clothes, transforming herself from a moth to a butterfly at the expense of GOP donors.

And, before the ink on that story was barely dry, the leftwing media reported on a myriad of ethics complaints which had been filed against the Governor, beginning with the firing of the head of the Alaska State Police, Walter Monegan, for refusing to fire her former brother-in-law, Michael Wooten, an Alaska State Trooper, who abused his power and threatened Palin's sister during a nasty divorce.

Palin appointed Kenai, Alaska police chief Chuck Kopp, to replace Monegan. And, before the ink was dry on that appointment, DailyKos.com attacked Palin's appointment, claiming she had knowingly appointed a sex offender to head the State Police. Kopp admitted he had been accused by a city employee of sexual harassment. A letter of reprimand from the City of Kenai was placed in his employment jacket. Kopp appealed the reprimand and the letter of reprimand was removed from his personnel file. Nevertheless, it ended up on DailyKos.

Kopp declined the appointment to minimize the attacks on Gov. Palin. The Democratic legislature in Alaska opened their own investigation of Palin over the Monegan firing and, in the end, had to admit she had done nothing wrong. Fourteen ethics complaints were launched against Palin, and she successfully fended off all them—at a cost of a half million dollars.

Unlike Barack Obama who used Attorney General Eric Holder to defend him against the lawsuit brought by Berg, and who is using two US Attorneys to fight the lawsuit brought against him, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and former Vice President Dick Cheney by New Jersey attorney Mario Apuzzo on behalf of Cmdr. Charles Kerchner (USNR), Palin hired her own lawyers to fight the attack on her character that was supposed to drive her out of politics. Palin now has a personal legal bill totaling over a half million dollars.

Even after the election was over, the Rules For Radicals flood of complaints against Palin continued. Although they were frivolous, they still required Palin's lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, who does not work pro bono, to address them. The latest complaint was filed by Alaska resident Linda Kellen Biegel, who said Palin attended a public function wearing a jacket made by a company that sponsored the governor's husband, Todd, who races snow machines. (How would she know that?) Biegel thought it was an abuse of Palin's position. The four times that Palin left her official duties as governor to attend campaign events for Sen. Saxby Chambliss, who was in a tight run-off election to keep his US Senate seat, taxpayers in Alaska filed complaints against her for leaving her post. Each time, the ethics board ruled there was no evidence of wrongdoing. And each time Palin owed Van Flein a few dollars more.

Unlike most politicians who leave office far, far richer than they were the day they took their oath of office, Sarah Palin is one of only a handful of politicians in the history of this country who actually left office in debt. Why did she resign before her term of office was up? Because the Alinskyites did their jobs very well. Had she remained in office, Sarah Palin would have been bankrupt by the end of her first term of office. Who in their right mind would want four more years of that? (I think if I was one of Linda Kellen Biegel's neighbors, I would have taken up a petition asking her to move—maybe to Chicago.)

By the way, if you're paying attention to the "Rules For Radicals" attacks on Palin that are not yet targeting any other potential Republican 2012 presidential candidates, it should convince you of one thing. The "New Left" believes of all the Republicans who might be nominated in 2012, only one: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin can beat Obama. Maybe that's why another "patriotic" Democrat in Alaska, Kim Chatman, filed a complaint with the State suggesting that Palin's Alaska Fund Trust, initiated to raise the money through private donations to pay off the legal bills she's incurred fighting off frivolous charges, might be illegal. (When Bill Clinton came under attack for the Monica Lewinsky affair, and for the various "-Gates"which involved the Clintons, he raised several million dollars through private donations. I wonder if Kim Chatman wrote to US Attorney General Janet Reno at the time to suggest that private fund raising by the Clintons to pay for their private legal bills might be illegal?)

An Anchorage lawyer, Thomas M. Daniel was hired by the Alaska State Personnel Board to investigate the complaint. Daniel issued a nine-page report detailing his findings, suggesting there may have been some type of impropriety in how Palin set up the fund because she used a friend, Kristen Cole, as its trustee. The impropriety? Palin had previously appointed Cole to positions on the Alaska Board of Agriculture and on the Royalty Oil & Gas Commission. How that creates an impropriety for a friend serving as a non-paid trustee of a fund to cover Palin's legal bills is a stretch that only a lawyer could make. Daniel's releasing that information to the media itself, according to Palin's lawyer, Tom Van Flein, was illegal. But, when you're a Democrat, those nuisance laws simply don't apply to you.

Buying America
On the eve of the New Hampshire primary, Jan. 8, 2008, with Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama, and poised to win that primary with 39.4% of the vote to Obama's 36.8%, an elated Clinton became instantly dispirited as one of her lieutenants whispered in her ear. At that precise moment—as Hillary was winning the New Hampshire primary—the Rockefeller-aligned megabanks had just withdrawn their financial support from Clinton and gave it to Obama. Those banks were Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase. Those same banks, in lesser amounts, also financed the campaign of designated loser Sen. John McCain. If the names of any of those banks sound familiar today, it might be because they, particularly Goldman Sachs, were major recipients of the stimulus funds that our children, grandchildren and great-great-great grandchildren will be paying back to the money barons (who actually benefited from the largess of the public) for the next hundred years or so. The biggest bank backing Obama at that time was Union Bank of Switzerland (SwissBanc, better known today as UBS). UBS is aligned with George Soros.

On the advice of the president of Soros' Open Society Institute, Areyeh Neier, who just happened to be the founder of the Students for a Democratic Society, George Soros hosted a fund-raiser for US Senate candidate Barack Hussein Obama in the fall of 2004. The soiree took place at his New York home where quid pro quo conversations that might not be construed as legal could not be seen by prying eyes or overheard by prying ears. Obama, just breaking into national politics, was the new fish in the stream. Soros was just checking to see if the new fish was worth the bait. Soros, a naturalized citizen, wanted to control a natural born US president. It's unclear if Soros knew, at that time, that Obama was likely neither naturalized or natural born. At the moment, Soros was certain of only one thing: Obama was charismatic. Because he was, he was electable. Neier convinced Soros that Obama was someone he wanted to "bring along."

The Obama Circle of Influence
Obama's close ties with radicalism began with ACORN-founder Wade Rathke, 60's radical communist organizer Saul Alinsky, and with cop-killer SDS/Weatherman Bill Ayers. Included in that group was fellow Students for a Democratic Society [SDS] member Carl Davidson who was an early supporter of Obama. Davidson, like Marxist 60's social progressive Hillary Rodham was an ardent follower of the radical communist philosophy of Saul Alinsky.

Davidson is an American Marxist who serves on the national steering committee of United for Peace and Justice. He was co-chair of Chicagoans Against War and Injustice, and he also served as an organizer for the Solidarity Economy Network. And, he was also the national secretary of the SDS. Davidson and Jane Fonda's communist ex-husband, Tom Hayden, formed an organization called the Venceremos Brigade which smuggled hundreds of radical Americans to Cuba to work as sugar cane cutters as they were being indoctrinated by Cuban intelligence officials, preparing them for the communist overthrow of the United States. In the mid-1990s Davidson became one of the architects of what was dubbed the New Party—a Marxist coalition of Maoists, Trotskyites, Communist Party USA members—and ACORN. It was through the New Party that Davidson met, and joined forces with, Barack Obama. Throughout Obama's campaign for the White House, Davidson was one of his fiercest campaigners. Davidson worked with, or for, Obama at least since 2002 when he and former Chicago mayor Harold Washington-aide, Marilyn Katz, organized Obama's antiwar rally in Chicago. In 2005 Davidson and Katz authored the social progressive antiwar book, Stopping War, Seeking Justice. The pair now plays a dominate role in the Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (an offshoot of the Moscow-controlled Communist Party of the United States [CPUSA].

As you study the backgrounds of the radicals within Obama's circle of influence, you discover one thing: they all come from middle class affluence. Wade Rathke, the founder of ACORN, a Williams College dropout, came from an upper middle class family. Bill Ayers, who calls himself a small "c" communist, came from an upper middle class family as well. His father, Thomas Ayers, had been CEO of Commonwealth Edison. Ayers has out-moneyed his father. Today he lives in a lavish home in the upscale Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago. He lives on a comfortable six-digit income. (And, if you recall, before he moved into the large white house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, Obama lived in Hyde Park, too.)

Communist instructors in what used to be our best universities and colleges are tenured by grants from America's wealthiest and most politically-inclined market capitalists who own and control the Council on Foreign Relations (which was created in 1920 to educate America on the need for world government). Funding the CFR, and funding grants for colleges and universities are families with names like: Carnegie, DuPont, Ford, Morgan, Pew, Rockefeller and late bloomer George Soros. Their foundations purchase department chairs in most major universities. In doing so, they control the educational agenda of those departments. In a 1944 speech to party loyalists, six-time Socialist Party candidate for President of the United States, Norman Thomas, made this comment: "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of Liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened." He then made a very profound statement when he said" "I no longer need to run as a presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform."

Anyone who doubts that statement need only read the latest Rasmussen Poll on political ideology. Taken in April, 2009, it suggests that the billions of dollars the foundations have spent to brainwash generations of American citizens has not been spent in vain. The poll clearly shows that only 53% of American adults believe that market capitalism is better than socialism. If you could look at a breakdown of the ages of the respondents who feel that market capitalism is the better system (which I have not been privy to), you will most likely find the majority of that group are 45-years of age or older. The poll did reveal that, by an 11-to-1 margin, Republicans favor capitalism. Twenty percent of the respondents believe socialism is better. And 27% aren't sure which is the better political system. (And you wondered how Obama got the keys to the White House.)

Adults under the age of 30 who were included in the study were much more evenly divided. Thirty-seven percent believed market capitalism was better. Thirty-three percent said they would prefer socialism (convinced that the government would supply everything they need and that the rich people would pay for it.) The remaining 30% were unsure. Apparently none of that 63% studied the histories of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, communist China, North Korea or, closer to home, communist Cuba. Or, they are simply indifferent to their fate.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy
In the May 2, 1966 issue of The Nation, two radical Columbia University professors, Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven offered their strategy for forcing political change in America through orchestrated crisis. (Remember the financial crisis that brought Barack Obama to the surface like pond scum in a swamp?) That is the political strategy created by Cloward and Piven. Their strategy, the Columbia University instructors insisted, would hasten the fall of capitalism and the free enterprise system by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, pushing society into a crisis that it can't be solved and collapsing the economy. Cloward, Piven and Alinsky—who viewed their philosophy as the Bible of the radical movement—were convinced that fomenting political, social and financial chaos would ultimately result in an armed revolution that would lead to a communist takeover of the United States—regardless of which side revolted (although they fully expected the under class to revolt against the upper class).

In the 1960s, as Cloward and Piven preached their radical gospel of social unrest, the black community in the urban centers of America were the first to respond to their message of change. The first disciple they enlisted was Syracuse University of New York chemistry professor George Alvin Wiley. Wiley, in turn, enrolled his most activist students as his foot soldiers. Beginning in New York City, Wiley's civil rights foot soldiers stormed welfare offices in New York and New Jersey, and slowly over time, all across the country, demanded their "right" to a living at the expense of the taxpayers. Wiley founded the National Welfare Rights Organization in 1967. On Aug. 8, 1973 the New York Times reported that Wiley went missing while sailing in Chesapeake Bay. He is presumed to have died. His body was never recovered.

In the spring of 2003, a City Journal article appeared on the newsstands with a cover teaser that said: "The nation's largest left-wing group is trying to make a revolution, one city at a time. And, its getting results." The article began: "If you thought the New Left was dead in America, think again. Walk through just about any of the nation's inner cities and you're likely to find an office of ACORN, bustling with young people working 12-hour days to 'organize the poor' and bring about 'social change'...It's no surprise that ACORN preaches a New Left inspired gospel since it grew out of one of the New Left's silliest and most destructive groups, the National Welfare Rights Organization. In the mid-1960s (...) Wiley forged an army of tens of thousands of single minority mothers, whom he sent out to disrupt welfare offices through sit-ins and demonstrations demanding an end to oppressive eligibility restrictions that kept down the welfare rolls. His aim: to flood the welfare system with so many clients that it would burst, creating a crisis that would force a radical restructuring of America's unjust capitalist economy. The flooding succeeded beyond Wiley's wildest dreams. From 1965 to 1974, the number of single parent households on welfare soared from 4.3 million to 10.8 million, despite mostly flush economic times. By the early 1970s, one person was on the welfare rolls in New York City for every two working in the city's private economy."

But instead of achieving radical social change, generational welfare only created a culture of family disintegration and more dependency on government. Crime and drugs became rampant. Illegitimacy and poverty became the hallmark of the black neighborhoods that devolved into the ghettos of the nation's fastest growing underclass. Fathers who couldn't find work simply moved, leaving behind families for the State to worry about. This became America's introduction to Lyndon Johnson's Great Society. Generational welfare and a dropout culture that saw no need for an education since there were no jobs for the black man. And, since there were no jobs, what sense was there to stay in school?

Realizing his idea did not work, Wiley simply came up with a new one. He selected his top lieutenant, Wade Rathke and sent him to Little Rock, Arkansas to help US Congressman David Pryor win the Democratic gubernatorial nomination against segregationist Orval Faubus and popular moderate war hero Bob Riley. Pryor won 51% of the primary vote and out-polled his Republican challenger two-to-one in the general election. The new organization, ACORN (Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now) eventually evolved into the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now when it began to expand into other States. ACORN's bedrock assumption switched from strangling government to finding the sympathetic radicals in government who believed that the only sane government is one which is agreeable to redistributing the wealth of the "haves" to the "have-nots."

It was precisely that type of redistribution that led to Lyndon Johnson's squandering the Social Security Trust Fund, and replacing the money he took with IOUs that do not generate "interest" to the taxpayers. Now, the Social Security Trust Fund is bankrupt and the vault at the Treasury is filled with IOUs that can't be redeemed because there are no longer enough taxpayers to generate the revenue the government needs to meet the day-to-day expenditures let alone generate enough tax dollars to redeem the IOUs and return the Social Security Fund to some semblance of solvency.

Clearly, ACORN is not just some johnny-come-lately ad hoc leftist "get out and vote" advocacy group. It's the engine that now drives the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Which is why Obama added a rider to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 giving ACORN a gratuity of $5.2 billion in taxpayer dollars The amendment to the stimulus bill was offered by then Sen. Barack Obama—who denied he had placed any pork amendments in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 when he actually had two pork amendments in the bill.

According to Sen. David Vitter [R-LA], Obama's amendment appeared to be a "payoff" for partisan political efforts. When Congresswoman Michele Bachmann [R-MN] learned about the $5.2 billion gratuity to ACORN in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, she successfully added a provision in a related mortgage reform bill blocking ACORN from getting any of the money. House Ways & Means Chairman Barney Frank ordered the provision stripped from the bill before it went to Joint Conference. In the version of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 signed into law by the White House, the amount of the gratuity to ACORN was reduced from $5.2 to $3 billion. When the mortgage reform bill came out of joint conference, Bachmann's provision was nowhere to be found. For an organization that's never had more than $500 million to play with at any one time, $3 billion is a lot of money. ACORN, which wants to start a class war in America, now has the ammunition to give Cloward-Piven a whole new dimension in order to achieve their objective.

Four Manchurian Candidates
The American people have placed four Manchurian Candidates in the White House. We survived three of them. The question is: will we, as a nation, survive the fourth? The world is betting against us. So is the clock. And, so is the Bible.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson—(1912)
The first Manchurian Candidate who successfully made it into the White House was Democrat Thomas Woodrow Wilson, who became the President of Princeton University in 1902. Wilson came to the attention of financier J. Pierpont Morgan on the heels of the Bank Panic of 1907 when he advocated turning control of the US government over to Morgan and the Money Mafia. Morgan decided that he needed Wilson in the White House. But, who would vote for a school teacher? Morgan assigned one of his underlings, Col. Edward Mandell House, to be Wilson's advisor. With the secret help of Morgan who pushed a group of conservative Democrats in the State to draft him, Wilson ran for governor of New Jersey in 1910, and was elected. During that campaign, Wilson asserted his independence from conservatism—and the Morgan-controlled political machine that nominated him (and financed his campaign)—professing to be a progressive and endorsing a socialist platform. Morgan and his globalist underling, Edward House—who was given the title "Colonel" by Texas Gov. James S. Hogg when House helped him win that office in 1892—engineered Wilson's election as President of the United States in 1912.

Morgan was one of the global leaders of the transnational clique of money barons formed by Cecil Rhodes in the late 19th century to transform the world into one large, seamless transnational trade zone controlled by the English-speaking nations: the British Empire and its wayward child, the United States. This was to be accomplished shortly after the sun rose on the 20th century. The globalists were determined to erase the borders of the nations of the world and create a global parliament that would rewrite the laws of the nation-states to suit them—beginning by erasing the tariffs between the nations.

But first, Morgan and his banker friends needed their own central bank in the United States. It began with the J.P. Morgan-orchestrated bank panic of 1907 when Morgan started the rumor that the Knickerbocker Bank in New York was insolvent, starting a bank-run that spread across the country, destroying the wealth of millions of working class depositors and reviving talk of the need of a new central bank to protect the country from irresponsible State bankers. (In the April 25, 1949 issue of Life magazine was an article by Life writer Frederick Allen in which he claimed Morgan interests took advantage of the very unsettled conditions that existed in 1907 to ",,,precipitate the Panic, guiding it shrewdly as it progressed..." they supposed, to kill off rival banks and consolidate more holdings under the banner of JP Morgan & Company.) Does any of this sound familiar today? Apparently you don't need to teach an old dog new tricks when the old tricks still work.

Morgan's immediate problem was President William Howard Taft. Taft was an extremely popular Republican who was a shoo-in for reelection in 1912. Taft was an ardent foe of the proponents attempting to create a new privately-owned central bank in the United States. He assured Sen. Nelson Aldrich (John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s father-in-law) that the pro-central bank legislators would need a veto-proof majority when they sent their bill to the Oval Office, because he was going to veto it. Polls of likely voters paid for by Morgan said the worst Taft would do in a head-to-head race against Wilson was win reelection with 55% of the vote. (That was the same percentage by which George H.W. Bush was projected to win by in 1992 in a head-to-head race against New Democrat Progressive Bill Clinton before Ross Perot was added to the equation by the money barons.) Morgan's political advisors suggested getting former GOP President Teddy Roosevelt to run as a third party candidate. Morgan convinced Roosevelt that neither Taft nor Wilson was capable of solving the problems facing the nation and Roosevelt, whose ego got the best of him, agreed to run.

For Wilson to win in 1912 (and, for Clinton to win in 1992) the third party candidate had to successfully pull 20% of the vote. In Roosevelt's case, the polls indicated he was popular enough to actually win to win a third term. For that reason, Morgan used the Progressive Party label to launch his race for the Rose Garden. Roosevelt, who actually thought Morgan wanted him to win, nicknamed the Progressive Party the Bullmoose Party since progressivism suggested European-style socialism that would not fly well with US voters. Morgan needed Roosevelt to take enough votes from Taft for Wilson to win, but not enough to upset the race and take back the White House with a historic third term. In the end, Roosevelt split the Republican vote. Wilson won the White House with 41.9% of the vote. (Clinton won in 1992 with 42.9% of the vote.) Taft, the shoo-in for reelection, took 23.2% of the vote. Teddy Roosevelt, the spoiler, took 27.5% of the vote. Not only did Wilson keep his promise to Morgan and give him his privately central bank (you know it as the Federal Reserve System) for Christmas in 1913, his Secretary of State, William Jennings Bryan, made sure the fraudulently ratified 16th and 17th Amendments could pass legal muster by asking the 48 States for a vote of unity to prevent both amendments from being overturned on a court challenge.

In my book, Whatever Happened To America? (still available through NewsWithViews.com) the entire story of how JP Morgan and Rockefeller money bought the votes in Congress not only for the Federal Reserve legislation, but the 16th and 17th Amendments, and later, how Wilson was told he would become the first President of the World if he could sell Congress on the notion of world government. Wilson tried to force the Treaty of Versailles, which contain the League of Nations charter that obligated all signatory nations to surrender their external sovereignty to the World Government in the Hague. Wilson went on a whistle stop train tour across the nation, trying to convince the American people that the League of Nations was a good thing for America. In 1920, tired of Europe and European Wars, the American people said "no." In 1946, when FDA's New Deal Congress under Harry S. Truman officially transitiioned the League of Nations into the United Nations, nobody asked the American people. They simply disguised the failed League in a red, white and blue suit of clothes, planted the UN Building in New York, sang the Star Spangled Banner and called it an American idea that would bring freedom to the world.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt—(1932)
When Herbert Hoover was sworn in as the 31st President of the United States on March 4, 1929, the dye was already cast. While America's bluebloods and blue collar workers were enjoying bountiful prosperity in America, the stock market was being primed to crash that fall. By summer, the traders were quietly selling off their shares. There were ample buyers because working class Americans who used to play the ponies at the race track were now amateur day traders in the stock market—it was a safer bet. Everyone was getting rich in the market and everyone was convinced the prosperity would never end. How could it? This was, after all, how the rich got richer.

Hoover's inauguration had just concluded. In their walnut-venier offices, the bankers were already busy picking the man who would defeat him in 1932—even though that election was still 45 months away. There was, after all, a lot of work to do. The American people were going to have to experience a lot of economic adversity over the next four years because there were a lot of changes coming, and men are never willing to surrender liberty until they are forced to watch their children go to bed hungry; and their wives are forced go to sleep afraid of tomorrow.

The planned winner of the Election of 1932 was going to be New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt—a man with impeccable banking credentials. Roosevelt was a partner in Roosevelt & O'Connor as well as Marvin, Hooker & Roosevelt. He was also chairman of General Trust Company. And, he was a partner in the Federal International Investment Trust. He was also the president of a transnational investment company, United European Investors, Ltd. and a he sat on the board of International Germanic Trust, Inc. Although he lambasted the bankers as thieves in bed with Hoover during the Campaign of 1932, Roosevelt was a consummate Wall Street insider. And, to make sure that New York—the State with the nation's biggest banks—landed on its feet during the crisis that was going to happen in eight months, the Money Barons knew FDR needed a savy banker as his lieutenant governor, ready to take over when FDR won the Election of 1932. The man he picked for that task was Herbert H. Lehman. Lehman was a successful investment banker in the family concern, Lehman Brothers. Does that name have a familiar ring?

In 1928, when Herbert Hoover was elected as the nation's 31st President, the Democrats held 167 House seats and 46 out of 96 Senate seats. In 1930, in response to the stock market crash, the left picked up 49 House seats and eight Senate seats. The Democrats controlled the US Senate and were three votes shy of controlling the House. With the deaths of six Congressmen between 1930 and the Election in 1932 and with seven other special elections, the Democrats gained 11 seats—and control of the House—before the first vote was cast in the national election of 1932. In March, 1933 Roosevelt controlled the voting of 313 House seats and 59 Senate seats. With one independent voting with the Democrats, FDR had a solid 63% of the vote. That meant he could enact any piece of legislation he wanted. And, he did. One of the very first things he did as President of the United States was to declare the People of the United States to be enemies of the State. (Doing that is what gave Roosevelt his authority to force Americans to surrender their gold and silver and accept fiat scrip worth only the promise that all businesses in America would accept this scrip as legal tender.)

FDR was a Manchurian Candidate hand-picked by the money barons to complete the task begun by Woodrow Wilson in 1913—sever the tethers of the Republic, dilute the Bill of Rights and fashion a European-style socialist democracy that could be seamlessly merged into the global system of governance that was planned by the money barons in 1900, but which they failed to achieve in 1920 when the Republican-controlled US Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles. As a member of the banking establishment, Roosevelt was an integral part of the plot to collapse the economy of the United States in order to exchange America's gold and silver-backed currency for an elastic fiat scrip, and to steal the real wealth of the people through decree, replacing their gold and silver certificates with bank notes collateralized with debt.

Proclamation 2039 declared a bank holiday that was ostensibly designed to stop the flight of gold from US banks that began in the aftermath of the 1929 Stock Market Crash. Foreign investors, many of whom invested fiat currency in the US economy, withdrew some $114 billion gold bullion. The financial crisis that theoretically caused the national emergency that led to the bank closures in America was handcrafted by the transnational bankers and investors and not an accident of "market forces." In other words, the bankers were not concerned about the $114 billion in gold withdrawn by the money barons of Europe. They were concerned about the $150 billion in gold on deposit that was owned by America's working class depositors. They were the intended victims of this looming crisis—Roosevelt's "national emergency." It was their wealth the money barons, the White House and the 72nd Congress intended to steal. What was needed was to fan the fires of fear into a national emergency so severe that only the complete remodeling of America, from the Constitution of the United States to Main Street America could save the country.

At noon on March 9, 1933 when the members of Congress filed into their respective chambers they were greeted by the weighty Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933. The Democratic leadership told the rank and file members of Congress that due of the national emergency, there was not time to read the bill and debate the legislation over days or weeks. It had to be passed immediately. (Does this sound familiar?) Each side would be allowed 40 minutes to debate the merits of the bill (which, if you recall from 5 seconds ago, nobody had read, or even knew it existed prior to walking into the chamber). Those 40 minutes, by both sides, were spent arguing what was in the bill that the leadership did not want its members to see. Congressman Louis McFadden, the head of the House Banking Committee had never seen nor heard of the legislation before that morning (Congressional Record; March 9, 1933, page 80). After a very heated and very partisan exchange, the most controversial banking bill in the history of the United States was enacted—in less than one day.

When the Fed bankers and FDR tried to trick Hoover into issuing a Proclamation to close the nations banks in order to stop what the money barons called "gold flight" and "hoarding," he refused, telling one of the Fed governors, Eugene Meyers, that there was no law that gave him the authority to do it. Meyers argued that Sec. 5(b) of the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 did. The main reason FDR did not want anyone looking too closely at the Emergency Banking Relief Act was, first, it restructured the banking system of the United States and placed even more monetary control in the hands of the Fed bankers—which McFadden was trying hard to audit. (Does this sound familiar?)

Second, it gave Roosevelt war powers control over the United States during peacetime. But, most of all, it incorporated Sec. 5(b) into the Banking Relief bill, effectively changing the language of 5(b) by classifying the citizens of the United States as enemies of the government. By doing that, it allowed Roosevelt to legally redefine the ownership of private property, giving him the right to seize the private property of US citizens without due process. This "right" by government, previously allowed only against foreign enemies of the United States, has been greatly enhanced today by simply erasing the protection afforded US citizens under the 4th Amendment. Five-B is now the paramount weapon used by local, county, State and federal governments to seize any asset or property of any American citizen without due process.

Incorporating Section 5(b) into the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 was necessary to legalize what Roosevelt did moments after becoming President on March 6. There had to be a law on the books at the time FDR closed the banks which legally authorized that action—or Roosevelt could have been impeached for acting outside of the authority of the President of the United States within minutes of becoming the nation's chief executive. For that reason, the Trading With the Enemy Act had to be retrofitted to give Roosevelt the authority he had already used. He unconstitutionally closed every bank and savings and loan company in the country with Presidential Proclamation 2039 at around 12:01:30 a.m. on March 6, 1933. FDR then seized the $150 billion in gold that was lawfully owned by, and in the possession of, the People of the United States in a unprecedented move that criminalized the private ownership of gold by common citizens. Since gold and silver were specie, Roosevelt criminalized the possession of what was still the lawful money of the realm. The penalty for ordinary citizens possessing gold coins or gold bank notes, was a fine of up to $10 thousand, imprisonment for ten years, or both.

Just as Barack Obama resorted to the use of non-elected "czars" (with more power than the Executive Branch department heads who are vetted and confirmed by the US Senate) who are accountable to no one except the White House to implement facets of Obama's agenda without congressional authorization, FDR created the unconstitutional, non-elected fourth branch of government—the bureaucracy—which answers only to the Oval Office through Secretaries who oversee the bureaucracy although, theoretically, Congress oversees the bureaucracy through its various committees. The bureaucracy, which legally answers to no one except another unelected bureaucrat, actually writes the rules and regulations of the laws within the legislation enacted by Congress. Many times the language of the regulations is in complete opposition of the purpose of the laws when they were enacted. Thus, Executive Branch officials actually writing the regulations that become codified as law, a task constitutionally reserved for the Legislative Branch.

Every piece of legislation enacted by Roosevelt's New Deal Congress abrogated either the separation of power between the branches of government or States rights as Roosevelt attempted to consolidate power from all venues under the umbrella of the White House. Roosevelt assume for himself—and the Executive Branch departments he created by Executive Order—the power to legislate, the power to adjudicate guilt, and the power to arrest those who violated his regulations. And, finally, Roosevelt also gave himself the authority to assess fines and incarcerate those found guilty of violating his edicts. Roosevelt came the closest of any United States President to becoming an elected dictator.

Every important piece of "New Deal" legislation signed into law between 1933 and 1935 was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. When Roosevelt decided to use his Congress to force the justices to retire, the justices sacrificed the Constitution to keep their jobs by revisiting most of the New Deal laws they threw out and found that, maybe they weren't quite as unconstitutional as they originally thought they were.

James Earl Carter —(1976)
The third Manchurian Candidate, James Earl Carter, the peanut farmer Governor of Georgia, was actually the first presidential wanabee for which evidence exists to suggest that he actually interviewed for the job of President of the United States. Carter, a Georgia peanut farmer who doubled as a State senator when the legislature was in session, wanted to get into national politics. At that time David Rockefeller and the man who would become Carter's "Edward Mandell House"—Zbigniew Brzezinski—broached the subject of creating what Brzezinski called the Trilateral Commission to address the larger concerns of mankind through dialogue between the United States, western Europe and Japan at the Bilderberger meeting in Knokke, Belgium in the spring of 1972. In July, 1972, an exploratory meeting of the Trilateral Commission was launched at Rockefeller's very private Pocantico Hills estate in New York's Hudson Valley. Two hundred fifty industrialists and bankers, most with interlocking Bilderberger memberships, attended the first gathering.

Between that meeting and the official launching of the Trilateral Commission in 1973, Carter became a founding member, it appears, due to his association with Brzezinski through the Council on Foreign Relations. Brzezinki arranged the interview with Rockefeller. At the conclusion of that meeting Rockefeller decided he had found the man who was going to become the 39th President of the United States. Carter would become the CFR's first official US President.

The job of Carter's handlers was to make the peanut farmer governor a household name. And, that was not going to be an easy task. In early 1973, Carter—a siting governor—appeared on the popular TV show, "What's My Line?" and stumped the panel. It appeared that no one outside of Georgia ever heard of Jimmy Carter. On March 5, DNC Chairman Robert Strauss named Carter as the Chairman of the National Democratic Party Campaign Committee. The party needed to get Carter some exposure. In September of that year, Sen. Edward Kennedy, who was expected to throw his hat in the ring for the White House job, unexpectedly announced he would not run. A Harris Poll listed 35 prominent Democrats who could win the 1976 Democratic nomination. Carter was not on the list. Among those the media projected could win were Morris Udall [D-AZ], Birch Bayh [D-IN], Sargeant Shriver [D-MA], George Wallace [D-AL], Fred Harris [D-OK] and Henry "Scoop" Jackson [D-WA]. The man no one knew beat all of them in the 1976 primaries. Scoop Jackson won Massachusetts.

Carter, the man who stumped the "What's My Line" panel a year earlier, won the presidential election with 50.8% of the vote. Gerald Ford, a man who was recognized and respected worldwide, lost with 48%. The Democrats put up moderate Eugene McCarthy as a third party spoiler to siphon conservative Democratic votes—that would have gone to Gerald Ford—in order to guarantee the election of Carter. McCarthy took just under 3% of the vote. But, in a photo finish race for the White House, eight-tenths of one percent was enough. David Rockefeller and the CFR had their puppet president. (In 2002 David Rockefeller wrote his autobiography entitled "David Rockefeller: Memoirs. In it, on page 406 in Chapter 27, entitled "Proud Internationalist," Rockefeller says: "...Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists," and conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty. And, I'm proud of it.")

Carter was the first president in the history of the United States who was completely controlled by the CFR. The most important decisions of his Administration—those which branded him as political idiot—were actually made by his CFR handler, Madeleine Albright. (Albright is a Czech Jew whose father, Josef Korbel, converted to Catholicism to escape Jewish persecution in Europe. Korbel was a member of the Czech diplomatic service.) Albright's official title in 1977 was Congressional Liaison to the National Security Council (which was headed by Albright's former professor at Columbia University, Brzezinski). In reality, she was the CFR liaison to the White House.

The Carter decision to cede part of the Stewart Island group, taken from Japan by the US during World War II: Washington Island, Fanning Island, Makin Island and Makin Atoll to Kiribati (which was quickly claimed as a possession of the People's Republic of China) was a CFR "anti-empire" decision. So was the decision to surrender the Panama Canal to Panama in 1979. Panama needed a source of future revenue that Panama could use to repay its debts to several large US banks. (Once again, China rushed in and leased the canal from Panama, giving America's second deadliest enemy a legal foothold on the American land mass in 1999. A Chinese sub base now exists on the Pacific side of the Isthmus of Panama. Another one strategically sits on the Atlantic side, in Cuba. Americans appear to be oblivious to the fact that, thanks to Jimmy Carter, Red China now has the ability to hit virtually any city in the United States with a submarine launched nuclear missile or land-based missiles that are within striking distance of every major military installation or major city in the southern United States moments after hostilities with China begin.

The CFR had a good year in 1979. First, due to the loss of support of the US government and under pressure from Carter himself, a seriously ill Shah Muhammed Riza Pahlavi of Iran, who was dying of cancer, was forced to abdicate in favor of anti-American Shi'ite holy man Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in Jan., 1979. Seeking medical attention in the west, the Shah was forced into exile. No industrialized nation would give him an entry visa—including Carter's State Dept. The Shah died in Cairo, Egypt on July 27, 1980. You might say the Iranian hostage crisis resulted from a deliberate provocation by Jimmy Carter on Jan. 1, 1979. Carter made a televised New Year's Day toast to the Shah. Knowing how ethereal the political situation was in Iran, Carter very deliberately chose to provoke the Shah's detractors by declaring Pahlavi to be "...most-loved by all of his people." Within days of Carter's toast, the Shah was forced to flee. The revolution was on. Two weeks later, Khomeini returned to Iran. On Feb. 11, 1979 the Shah's government collapsed. Iranian students, led by Ehrahim Asgharzadeh and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, seized the US Embassy on Nov. 4, 1979, they claimed, to settle a debt awarded against the United States by Iranian businessman Hossein Alikhani. Alikhani sued in a Tehran court in 1975, claiming that he spent 105 days in a US jail for violating US sanctions against Libya. Alikhani said he had been abducted by US operatives and brought to the United States where he was charged. He argued before the Iranian court that US sanctions do not apply to non-Americans outside the United States. In awarding judgment, the Iranian court sent an order to Carter demanding payment or a list of US assets in Iran that could be seized by the plaintiff in lieu of payment. When the Carter Administration failed to respond to the court order, Alikhani supplied the court with the address of the US Embassy, which he said was the only asset in Tehran which had any value. In its case, he placed the value of the building at $200 million and asked either for the deed or to have the building sold at auction and the proceeds given to him. The students seized the Embassy in payment of the lien. They initially planned to hold the hostages only briefly to embarrass Jimmy Carter, but according to the ringleaders, "Carter blinked," resulting in 52 hostages being held until 12 noon, Jan. 20, 1981. Iran released them the moment Carter left office.

Second, was the communist coup in Nicaragua. Socialist Jesuits in Nicaragua, the CFR and the Carter White House decided to back the communist Sandistias in their revolution against the nation's constitutional government. Carter successfully undermined Nicaraguan President Anastasio Somoza, a military dictator who was politically-aligned with the United States. He was deposed in July, 1979. Somoza escaped to Paraguay where he wrote an anti-Carter book, Nicaragua Betrayed. Somoza did a book tour in the United States that undermined Carter and raised questions with the voters why Carter would side with the enemies of the United States against America's allies in Central America and in the Mideast?

In September, 1980, as Carter's approval rating plummeted to 25%, Somoza—who had just completed a book tour in the United States—was assassinated in Paraguay. His assassination was blamed on Argentine rebels but questions were raised by Carter detractors whether Somoza may have been killed to silence his criticism of Carter and the policies of the CFR in Central America.

Barack Hussein Obama—(2008)
The opening days of the administration of the last Manchurian Candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, dovetails with the final days of the reign of the third Manchurian Candidate. It's almost like Obama is determined to complete the nightmare of how a second Carter term would have devastated the economy of the United States. Carter's final coup d' etat against the interests of the People of the United States to benefit the globalists in the CFR would have come from his inept handling of the United States economy. Today, Marxist revisions are blaming Carter's ineptness on Reagan. (That's because the consumer rate of interest when Carter left office on Jan. 20, 1981, was 14.03, and it rose to 20.31% in December of that year before beginning to spiral downward. When Reagan ran for reelection in the summer of 1984, the consumer rate of interest had dropped to 11.84%. When George H.W. Bush ran for office in 1988, the consumer rate of interest had fallen to 8.61%.)

The US economy crumbled under Carter, and the prime rate (the rate banks charge themselves, soared to 15.5% just before the election. The consumer interest rate on October 1, 1980 was 18.22%. That does not translate into votes. High risk credit card holders, if they could still get credit, were paying 25% to 30% interest. Carter's economic woes actually began during the Nixon years when OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) decided to test the "economic weapon value" of oil by flexing their oil muscle in 1973.

Carter's problem was that because he knew he was the final word on everything he believed that translated into that he knew best by virtue of the fact that no one could overrule him. Carter's biggest foes were his ego and his arrogance about who he thought he was. That will also prove to be Obama's Achilles Heel as well.

Carter—like Obama—got a free pass from the mainstream media and from the liberal academicians who have chronicled their version of his life. Walter Cronkite called Jimmy Carter the smartest president he'd ever met. Carter was, and still is, a vindictive man who remains tethered to the CFR. He is a dangerous busybody who acts like a decrepit old man with Alzheimer's who interferes with the politics of sitting president's like its his rite of passage, sending mixed signals to the world as he coddled dictators and bad-mouthed the United States. In his 2004 book, The Real Jimmy Carter, author Stephen Hayward said it best when he commented that "...Jimmy Carter's laundry list of failures aren't just accidents of history. They are rooted in Carter's deeply flawed character and ideology—a smugly pious arrogance matched with a profound distrust of America."

The words that so aptly describe Carter also sum up the persona of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is not even imaginative enough to have originated his own political character. He borrowed the embodiment of his personality from the pages of history, mostly from Franklin D. Roosevelt, because FDR plays well on center stage. But even more, the dark thoughts that shape his ideological agenda are the fascist views of Adolph Hitler and socialist attributes of Karl Marx mixed together in a mental mishap that becomes uniquely Obama. This is why some of Obama's rhetoric is pure fascism, some unadultrated Marxist and some the plagurized thoughts of FDR.

What makes Obama a Manchurian Candidate is that the paradigms that played in the nominations and elections of Wilson, Roosevelt and Carter played in the Election of 2008. Only in Obama's case, a new element—George Soros —factored into the equation, suggesting that a compromise has finally been reached between the free enterprise capitalists and the socialist capitalists because both the sides backed the same horse in that race. Sen. McCain played the role of William Howard Taft from the election of 1912, and in 1940, the role of Wendell Wilkie in the shadow of World War II. While Taft and Wilkie seemed not to realize they were the designated losers in 1912 and 1940, John McCain knew that was his role in the Election of 2008.

Obama's role in the greater scheme of things is to complete the failed work of Wilson, FDR, and Carter. As the Manchurian Candidate of the global elite, Obama's job is to collapse the economy of the United States, destroy the value of its currency, surrender our exteral soverneignty to the New World Order in the Hague, submit this nation to the rule of law as defined by the World Court and, of course, provide a setting where the working class can enjoy life in a world without borders where sameness is extolled as virtue. Welcome to Utopia where the Lords and Serfs of the 12th century will live once again in a 21st century world where the demand for productivity is the deity that replaces God. Welcome to George Orwell's 1984—its only a quarter century late.


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