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20 years


hristian conservatives in the United States have been fighting a massive two-front political war for control of government that they have been steadily losing since 2005. They have one more chance—and only one more chance—to get it right. If they fail to grasp the realities of this political struggle and fail to correct the mistakes they made in 2006 and 2008, the United States of America will no longer exist as a sovereign nation by 2015. We will have come full circle, and once again we will be a subservient colony shackled to the cast iron apron strings of Mother Europe.

By the end of the next decade, the United States of America will become eviserated by a government that will unconstitutionally weaken our defenses to appease those who fear us. The US government, which fears the American people even more than it fears any foreign enemy, will launch a new stealth attack against the people with the help of a complicit federal judiciary and the utopians of the New World Order which knows that world government cannot be achieved as long as the law-abiding citizen protectors of liberty in the United States are armed. Fifty-four years or so after it was written in 1961 by John F. Kennedy advisers, AIC Director and Council on Foreign Relations policy wonk Robert Lovett, John McCoy (who would head the US Arms Control Agency), and Kennedy Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, State Department Publication 7277which detailed the need to disarm the American people as a necessary precursor to world government—will ultimately succeed in promulgating an end-run around the 2nd Amendment by criminalizing the private ownership of guns through the UN Global Gun Ban Treaty.

By mid-decade we will be at the mercy of our pseudo-allies and socialist and fascist friends in Europe, Asia and the Mideast. Our laws will emanate from the Hague, and the value of the fiat we call money will be guaranteed by a greatly expanded International Monetary Fund that has been globally-endowed by the international money barons as the master central bank of the world. The global monetary system is a work in process, initiated by the G-20 world leaders who view the disemboweling of the US dollar through a 15-year Chinese-Mexican spending spree that created massive trade deficits on top of Barack Hussein Obama's reckless $3,579,000,000,000.00 (that's three trillion, five hundred and seventy-nine billion dollars if the zeros have you baffled) bank-breaking spending which forced the nation-states who viewed the US dollar as the safest currency in the world to jettison the dollar as their reserve currency.

It doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar with an abacus to realize that, with compounded interest added, the Bush-Obama bailout spending spree created a generational debtload that our grandchildren and our great, great, grandchilden will be paying off for the next 100 years—providing America still exists as an independent nation a decade from now. The delt will be crushing and will destroy not only the American middle class but the global middle class—except in the emerging economies where the human capital of the 21st century will begin to prosper as we did during the advent of the industrial age in the United States and Europe.

When liberty falls like the last curtain of a very bad Hollywood production, anyone who understands the precepts of Emer de Vattel's The Law of Nations that were woven into the Constitution, and which made the United States the greatest republic on Earth, will scratch their head in bewilderment as they ponder the question: how did this happen? But even more important, they should be asking why did it happen? Or better yet, we should be asking, why did we let this happen?

In 2005, shortly after his second inguration, President George W. Bush was pressured by the money barons to begin repaying them for his two-term guest pass at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The princes of industry and the barons of banking and business were now ready to itnroduce the grandest wealth scheme in the history of the world. They just needed a little help from the politicians of the industrialized nations whose careers they financed. In politics, there is no such thing as a "stringsfree campaign contribution." Fat-cat donors always expect a quid pro quo. There is no other reason for the contributions. Political donors buy access for favors—always. During his two runs for the roses, President George W. Bush raised over $1.2 billion. His backers were largely investment bankers, transnational industrialists and oil tycoons. There were close, personal ties between the Bush family and the Standard Oil dynasty. The Bush family had much closer, more personal, generational financial ties with the American banking families which own all of the shares of the Federal Reserve any previous 20th century presidents since Franklin D. Roosevelt—including Barack Hussein Obama who gave the largest banks in America direct access to the hip pockets of the American taxpayers in order to "solve" the financial crisis that threatened to topple all of the central banks of the world. (t is important to note that the financial crisis Obama was attempting to solve was not an American problem. There was no financial crisis here even though the Fed created one on paper, and then deliberately collapsed the credit market so the taxpayers would feel the pinch bad enough they would not object to the "cure."

The cure came in the form of $3,239,500,000,000.00 of stimulus money (that actually became $71,664,000,000,000.00 when you throw in the interest that will be paid, over time, to the Fed for "loaning" us the money. (Remember this about the Fed bankers. They don't take this money out of their pockets and loan it to the government. They fire up the government's printing presses and create that money from nothing by printing it. They loan the money they just created from nothing to us—the taxpayers. What is this money backed with? Debt. To create "value," in this fiat scrip, the government backs the money with T-bills (a glorified form of high-yield savings bond).

By the time Obama got through printing money—not to pay of debt legitiamtely owed by US taxpayers for use by their government to update the societal infrastructure of the United States—or even to pay for the costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or to maintain the million of US troops still in Korea, Japan, or the Balkans (you remember Bill Clinton's war in Serbia where we joined the wrong side and helped the Muslims kill the Coptic Christians after Albanian Muslims started a war to steal mineral-rich Kosovo from Serbia? Remember when Bill Clinton promised that all US troops he sent to the Balkans would be home for Christmas? How long ago was that? 1999. And where are those troops? According to the Congressional Research Service, there are still 15,500 NATO soldiers policing Kosovo. Fifteen hundred of them are US troops. However, thousands of US troops are based in neighboring Romania and Bulgaria. Democrats never mention any of these troops. They are there not because the region is important to the United States but because they are important to the globalists. We don't lose any sleep about them because it's not like any of these countries are just down the street from your house or mine. They are strategically-important only to the European Union and the emerging world order that fears not only the United States but the rebirth of the Soviet Union and the escalating threat of radical Islam.

Even before the Oval Office was remodeled for President George W. Bush in 2001, the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business were pressuring Bush-43 to expand NAFTA into Central America by legislatively morphing NAFTA into CAFTA, and then expanding CAFTA into its final stage, the Free Trade Area of the Americas Agreement [FTAAA]. The New World Order was running out of time. The timeline for world government has been moved seven times over the last century. The first date to collapse the nation-states was 1920. When that failed, the date was moved to 1935, then 1945, 1965, 1978, abd 1984. The election of Ronald Wilson Reagan instead of George H.W. Bush altered history. Because the princes of industry and barons of banking and business failed in their attempt to assassinate Reagan in 1981, the globalists became convinced the only way world government would happen was piecemeal: regionalizing the world's economy and its monetry systems and then compressing them, slowly, into one global monetary unit. Once the princes of industry and the barons of banking controlled the money in the pockets of the common man, they controlled that man. The social progressive who lives down the street from you, knows that, too.

World government was a program, the money barons decided, had been delayed too long. World government was supposed to happen in 1920. The American people rejected it. Franklin D. Roosevelt was unable to do in 1933 or 1934 what Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin did in Russia in 1917, what Mussolini did in Italy in 1922, and what Hitler did in Germany and Austria in 1934 because he was stopped by the Constitution of the United States.

The Social Progressives—your liberal neighbors down the street who were convinced America was ready for a change in 2008—realized since they would be unable to legally amend away our rights they would simply ignore the Constitution if they could get enough social progressives elected to the US Senate they could place any number of likeminded socialists on the federal bench and simply amend the Constitution out of existence by judicial decree. For the past five decades the federal courts have simply erased whatever portions of the Constitution that hamstrung their socialist agenda.

The biggest problem with America today is that middle school, high school pupils and even college students have gotten increasingly more stupid over the years because the enemies down the street now control our schools and teach our children. But instead of teaching them the honest facts of history and science that you and I were taught in the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, the Pew Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Trust took control of the NEA and the curriculum. Instead of learning about the Constitution and the Declaraction of Independence, our children are taught about the UN Charter and the UN Convenant on Human Rights. Instead of being taught American history, students are taught world history; and instead of being taught social sciences, students are taught about social justice. And, instead of being taught family values, studnets are taught they are have societal equality with their parents under the law with rights that include suing their parents. Their instructors teach them they have the right to be sexually active regardless of the moral values or religious upbringing of their families. In fact, the school will provide both middle school and high school boys and girls with condoms for safe sex.

Once sex education became part of the curriculum of Winston Elementary School in southeast Washington, DC it quickly became a "hands-in sport." On Monday, April 7, 1997 four girls and five boys, ages 9 years to 12, disrrobed in an empty detention robe and, for 30 minutes with the lgiths off and the door locked, engaged in oral sex. According to a report in the Washington Times on April 14, 1997 (pg. A1) the school principle Ronald Parker learned about the sexual tryst shortly after it happened but he failed to notify any of the parents of the students involved. Most of the parents learned about the incident on Friday, April 18 when those involved began bragging about it to other students. The parents of the girls involved wanted to the boys charged with rape. Parker, who told the Washington Times he never reported the incident because, in his words, "...the sex was consensual." In other words the social progressives—the enemy down the street—actually believe it does take a village to raise a child. Or, at least, they think the socialist village should have equal input to tell you how you should raise yours.

To the social progressive, as long as the child involved is not their child, a 9-year old girl can consent to have sex even though she isn't legally old enough to stay up past her regular bedtime. A week later the Winston Elementary incident, on April 16, 1997 at the August Martin High School in Queens, New York, four teenage boys lured a 14-year old girl into an unused classroom. Three of the boys, DeShawn James, 17; Valiijean Lee, 18; and Vincent Dowdy, 17 allegedly gang-raped the girl while she was restrained by the fourth boy, Charles Baskerville, 18. Police investigators said that minutes before the attack two of the boys went to the guidance counsellor's office and asked for condoms so they could have safe sex. I doubt they told the guidance counsellor they were holding a 14-year old hostage in one of the classrooms so they could rape her. On May 20 a 17-year old junior girl was sexually assaulted by four boys at the same school—38 days after the previous incident in which none of the boys in he first attack were arrested. (The New York Times; May 21, 1997, Metro Section.)

Every social progressive society in modern times has been quick to realize the key to the future stability of the political system it fostered was in the psychological exploitation of its children. The manipulation of the minds to rid children of their home grown moral values begins with desensitization to eradicate what the National Education Society calls the "ignorance of the religious right," either with elaborate exercises on evolution to prove that man was not created by God, or by inducing the children to accept deviant lifestyles as normal alternatives to heterosexuality—and in many cases, both. Social progressive teachers believe it is their responsibility to reshape the minds of their students and correct the errors taught to them by their parents—particularly those which deal with patriotic issues or theological matters. In the mind of the social progressive, you do not have the right to worship as you please if your theological views offend anyone else. Unless, of course, if you are Muslim..

It is this type of dichotemy that has led to the societal mess America now faces. With the best public school system in the world, the United States has roughly 28 million functional illiterates and approximately 83 million people who are classified as "learning impaired." Who's to blame? Ultimately the princes of industry and the barons of business and banking who are financing the dumbing down of America to make sure the working class of America doesn't understand what's happening to their country. But, while the agenda is set from "on high," you still have to blame the social progressive in the classrooms who take their marching orders from the school districts.

The dumbing down of America is important to the social progressives because the money barons know if you're too dumb to understand what rights you possess, you won't know when you lose them. Talk to the average yokel on the street and ask him where his rights come from, and nine-times-out-of-ten, they will tell you their rights come from the laws enacted by Congress; or at least, from the government. Most young people don't realize that rights come from God, and those rights were hammered into the Constitution of the United States in places like Lexington, Concord or Valley Forge and reinforced by the Bill of Rights. Since the start of the politicalization of the federal courts in 1935, Congress has done everything it can to circumvent the Constutiton by appointing social progressives, regardless of their judicial qualifications, as federal judges.

The Globalizing of America
On August 10, 1941, 58 days before Pearl Harbor, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt met in the Placenta Bay off the coast of Newfoundland to do two things: [1] to discuss the division of the world at the conclusion of World War II and [2] decide how they were going to transform the failed League of Nations into a global governing body more acceptable to the people of the United States. They did both. They simply changed the name of the League of Nations to the United Nations when its Charter was signed on Oct, 24, 1945.

The American people, who never really thought about the League of Nations except as a European joke, actually thought the United Nations was an American creation, not a European sleight-of-hand. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. bought an 18 acre site in Eastern Manhattan on the banks of the East River for $8.5 million and donated it to the United Nations. the building complex, completed in 1951, is not part of the United States. It is an international territory much like the Vatican is a separate State inside of Rome, Italy. I mentioned that only for the benefit of people who still think the UN is an American institution. The buidling, and its location in New York, was designed speficically to fool Americans. Other UN regional offices are located at the Hague in the Netherlands (where the World Court is held), the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland (which served as the original home of the League of Nations between 1929 and 1936), Vienna, in Austria and Nairobi, Kenya which safeguards human rights around the world (please stop laughing). It is interesting that before the League of Nations—excuse me— the United Nations, could accept land in the United States, the League met in London to vote on whether or not to accept it.

Most social progressives were convinced that if the UN was not headquartered in the United States, the US Senate would likely have not ratify the UN Charter, either. But, that's not true. Rockefeller and the Council on Foreign Relations had 20 years to brainwash high school and college students on the "socialist merits" of globalism, and Roosevelt's New Dealers (i.e., Social Progressives like those we are stuck with today) still controlled the US House and Senate, so the UN's ratiification would have been a certainty even if Che Guevana was picked as the UN's first Secretary-General. In 1946, the UN notwithstanding, the American people realized that World War Ii busted two pimples off the rump of America, but they failed to notice the large boil growing smack in the middle of the nation's forehead. Why? Because our German enemy was now a Soviet enemy and our Japanese enemy was now Chinese. And neither of them lived in a house just down the street from our home. As he structured the UN, Roosevelt was so convinced that if Stalin did not join, what happened in 1920 without the United States in the League of Nations would happen in 1945 with the United Nations. So, the Soviets were given two Security Council votes. Five nations, six seats, and seven votes. The sixth seat, which is never discussed, is being held for the princes of industry. How many votes they get to cast, my guess would be, will be more than one but less than six.

The rest of the world both fears and envies us—or rather did until 2004. We were safe and secure, with oceans on either side. We were the most powerful economic and military force in the world. During World War II, we supplied all of our allies (all of whom believed that if you unilaterally disarm, your enemies—who will no longer have reason to fear you—will likewise do the same). Only an idiot with an IQ smaller than his hat size would believe that one. Yet, when Richard Nixon won the White House, his CFR advisers, led by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, started him down Kennedy's Council on Foreign Relations path to unilateral disarmament. Talks to limit the growth of nuclear weapons actually began between Lyndon Johnson and Soviet Premier Alexsey Kosygin in March, 1967. Eighteen nations were initially involved in those dicusssions, which began in 1964. In the end it was a chess match between two nations. The princes of industry and the barons of banking and business whom the industrialized world feared did not intimidate the Soviets. The chess match ended in a stalemate.

The Soviets, who were already rapidly bankrupting themselves building nuclear weapons, weren't interested in slowing the process until they had enough nukes to destroy the United States two or three times over. Kissinger picked up the discarded laurel leaf in Nov., 1969 and pitched Soviet president Leonid Brezhnev until Nov., 1969. The talks continued, on and off, until May, 1972 without any success even though the social progressive movement was growing. As Americans worried about the Soviets, the Chinese, and the growing threat from powerful drug lords and socialist dictators in Central America, the American people failed to realize that the worst threat to US liberty was going to come from a real enemy of liberty who lived just down the street from their house—the social progressives who woefully promised the uneducated poor who stood with outstretched hands reaching for the grand gratuities of the State who promised to provide for them forever.

New Democrat Bill Clinton and old socialist (who now proudly proclaims herself a social progressive) Hillary Clinton made the same promises to the underclass of America to get their votes. The future looked good for the underclass during the Election of 1992. Free food. Free money. On top of that, Hillary and Bill promised them free medical care as well. The Clintons pledged to the voters the first thing they would do in the White House was provide free healthcare paid for by someone else (the rest of us). After socking America with the largest tax increase in the history of mankind (until Obama outdid him), Congress rejected Hillary's Heath Security Act of 1993 (a clone of Obamacare which also included a death board that would allow government to euthanize the old to lighten the load on Social Security). Like Obama who is pushing several pieces of negative legislation that will bankrupt what is left of America, the Clintons working under the mandate that got them the support from the CFR and the Bilderbergers to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue —with the willing support of the AFL-CIO, the UAW, the UMW and almost every other labor union in the United States, pressured Congress to enact NAFTA, telling them this was going to create thousands of new jobs in the United States. Everyone knew better. But the American people chose not to believe tht Congress would enact a law that would deliberately drain this nation not only of jobs, but of the factories that created those jobs since that would be tantamount to converting the United States into a second world power in which all of its cities would look like Detroit.

As conservatives put together the statistics of what would happen when our cities became ghost towns, the social progressives down the street poophahed the notion that the princes of industry, the barons of business and banking would deliberately steal US jobs if they weren't certain more jobs would return. The social progressives who knew the World Bank had redefined the nature of wealth knew that the wealth which determined where investment dollars would be spent in the future was not in the United States nor any of the other industrialized nations. In the past, capital assets: money, land, buildings, and other tangible assets of value constituted wealth. Beginning in 1995, real wealth was classified in terms of humanity. The buyers in the industrialized world possessed 80% of the world 's wealth. They owned everything they wished to possess and needed nothing. The third world, which contains 80% of the world's population, possesses less than 20% of its wealth, and less than 10% of its consumable goods. In other words, they own nothing and need everything—especially the money to buy the consumable goods they desperately need. All they needed were jobs. Our jobs.

After witnessing the NAFTA jobs drain from 1994 to 2000 the GOP, which took over both Houses of Congress because the Democrats enacted NAFTA, which wanted to get re-elected in 2002, wasn't buying Bush's trade rhetoric. As Bush-43 talked tough about sealing the US borders and expelling illegals, he knew that Clinton's North America Free Trade Agreement contained a provision that required "dotted-line" borders between Mexico, the United States and Canada specifically to guarantee that citizens of each country had non-passport access into the neighboring countries. That's why, when Bush began talking tough about building a security fence along our Southern border then-Mexican President Vicente Fox threatened to sue in the World Court to stop the fence construction.

However, when Congress put the finishing touches on NAFTA, they inserted a clause which mandates that no treaty provision can, or will, take precedent over any existing provision of US federal law. That provision is part of the NAFTA agreement. Yet, it is ignored by everyone—especially Mexicans illegals who feel they have a right to enter the United States without the consent of the US government. Why? Because there is a clause in the UN Charter, Chapter XVI, Article 103 which states that UN member States are obligated to disregard any national laws which conflict with any article in the UN Charter, or any amendments attached to it. If the European Union Treaty is construed by the World Court to be an amendment to the UN Charter, it can also be construed to override that provision in NAFTA which invalidates any clause in the NAFTA agreement which was in conflict with any US federal law. While Bush Bush-43 seemed not to know that provision existed when he campaigned on the fence in 2004 and secured the funding from Congress to build the fence, he back-pedaled when it came time to start building the fence. But, it is more likely he backpedaled because of pressure from agri-giant Archer Daniel Midland and retail giant Walmart—both major Bush-43 campaign supporters—who rely heavily on cheap labor from illegal aliens.

Even more than the princes of industry and the barons of business, the Federal Reserve also needed the borders opened because they collect federal income and Medicare taxes from illegals using phony identification, which means no one will be filing a 1040 seeking a refund.

The federal government can no longer manipulate their legal Ponzi schemes: Social Security and Medicare. The war babies of the 1940s had just become the newest Social Security recipients. By 2015, the US Treasury is going to desperately need about 45 million new, middle income taxpayers to offset the tax revenue loss from the Baby Boomers. Uncle Sam—which squandered the Social Security Trust Fund to fund the welfare generation—has run out of money. That means before 2012 Congress will be pressured to enact amnesty legislation that will force 25 to 40 million illegals to file for actual citizenship or be rounded up by a social progressive president and deported.

Remember Bush-43 screaming that Social Security was broke from the rooftops of Washington, DC? The Democrats convinced the public that Bush's rants were nothing more political scare tactics to get votes in 2004. The left, through their mouthpiece, AARP, insisted there was nothing wrong with Social Security. They lied. AARP. which collects about $85 million per year in government grants, lied, too. The House that Woodrow Wilson and JP Morgan built is now a literal house of cards. The Fed is on shakey ground. The US Treasury is ready to collapse. Which of course, is why the G-20 is jettisoning the US dollar as the world's reverse currency, and why the gloabalists are scrambling to create a global monetary unit based on the amalgamated worth of the world's top 25 currencies (currently 16 currencies).

Bush-43 was pressured by the money barons to use whatever political capital he still had left in 2006 to keep the US dollar from collapsing by pushing for blanket amnesty for all illegals—and providing them with valid Social Security numbers to make sure they paid their fair share rather than having a pocketful of tax-free money to send back to their families in Mexico via Western Union. (Had it not been for illegals sending wire transfers home one or twice a month, its likely that relic of a bygone America would also have gone the way of the Pony Express.) Keep in the mind the illegals that are still taking what few jobs remain in our shrinking job market are here because of—you guessed it...the enemy down the street from your house. We keep thinking that the enemy is either the politician (Democrat or Republican, but social progressive or, at least, a globalist even if he or she is mdoerate), ro the princes of industry or barons or banking or business. But, its far more than that. There are between 32 to 36 million social progressives out there, living down the street from your house. They are as much your enemy as the enemy that attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec, 7, 1941—or the members of the US government who knew the attack was imminent and did nothing to give themselves an excuse to get in the war; or the enemy who attacked the French on May 10, 1940 or began the aerial bombing of England on Sept. 7, 1940 or the enemy called radical Islam which skyjacked four jet airliners and used them as weapons against the American people on Sept. 11, 2001. Global enemies are easier to identify than the typical social progressive, like those who currently control our government who pretend they are patriotic Americans even though they hate everything this nation stands for. They are the real enemies of the American people. They are harder to identify because they live just down the street from your house and mine.

We wave to them when we mow our lawns about the same time each weekend. We know their names but we don't know their politics because...well...they don't talk politics with us. But, we see the Obama bumper sticker on their car. Everytime we see it, we think how nice it would be to cover it with an IMPEACH OBAMA bumper sticker, but we know everyone has a right to their own opinion. They probably didn't like our REAGAN bumper sticker in the 1980s, although they had a silent chuckle when we replaced the REAGAN bumper sticker with one that said BUSH IN '88. We fly a flag in our yard. They thinks it tacky, or they think the flag we fly is too ostentatious.

While we worry about our country—and whether or not we'll have a job tomorrow—from the time we get in the morning until we fall asleep, the social progressive is convinced all is well. He believes someone other than his family, his children, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be obligated to pay off what will amount to about $75 trillion dollars in debt counting the interest on the money that Obama has already spent. And, of course, then there's the $1.5 trillion (minimum) in new taxes (monthly insurance fees) this year (even though the Congressional Budget Office says it will only be $940 billion thta someone else will have to pay—even though Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid say they have that covered. They're confident they have that covered because they're taking it from you and me. Sorry, I don't have it.

But the Obama Administration is already a step ahead of us. He knows how he's going to cover the short falls. he won't tell you, because you're not going to like where the money comes from—particularly if you are a senior American. Even before the first draft of HR 3200, Obama had already enacted the Death Board in HR 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Death Board, of course, is not called the Death Board, nor is it called the "Health Board," which it is referred to. It's official name is the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Research, which is purported to be nothing more than advisory panel whose job it will be to do comparative cost analysis. Nothing more. The panel receives $1.1 billion per year to make decisions about which Americans can receive medical procedures and medications, and which will not. In many cases, where expensive medications are the only thing keeping you alive, you will receive end-of-life counseling but no medications. The downside for you and your family is, you're going to die. The upside for the US Treasury is that, very soon, those monthly Social Security checks you've been recveiving are going to stop and Uncle Sam saves that much money each month. For every thousand seniors who are weened off Social Security with a morphine drip, Uncle Sam prolongs the life of Social Security by another $18 to $24 million. You know, $18 million here, $24 million there, and pretty soon were talking about real money here. Deny medical care to a million seniors next year and we're talking about saving Social Security real money—about $22 billion per year. Of course, the family of deceased elderly person whose terminal illness—old age—denied them medical care, will receive that $250 death benefit check.


Just Say No
Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved