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20 years

hile Rick Santorum campaigns for Democratic union votes in one more of those open primaries, where Democrats have only one candidate in their primary, to vote in the GOP primary and cast their primary votes for him. Santorum, who calls himself the only true Christian conservative in the race for the White House, is also playing the hypocrite by asking Gov. Scott Walker who is being recalled by the same union voters Santorum is asking to cross the aisle and vote for him—and at the same time he asks Walker to campaign for him to get him the votes of the real Republicans in the State who appear to be leaning for Romney. This, I imagine, is the type of integrity Santorum believes real Christians display. All's fair in politics and, I guess, religion. You can always ask God to forgive your lies after the election.

When Santorum came to Racine, Wisconsin he continued the anti-Romney diatribe he began with the early release of Arlen Specter's political autobiography, Life Among the Cannibals, in which he minimized his role as the 60th and deciding vote for Obamacare by saying he believed Obamacare would be nothing worse than Romneycare—suggesting in his book that Romney authored the law which was, in fact, authored by, and rammed through both the Massachusetts House and Senate by its powerful House Speaker Salvatore F. "Sal" DiMasi. DiMasi, who had the votes to override a Romney veto nevertheless cut a deal with Romney that allowed him to tinker with the legislation before the votes on the bill were cast. Because Specter referred to Romney as the architect of the Massachusetts healthcare bill, Santorum felt guiltless by repeating what he knew to be a lie. When Santorum and his family arrived at Racine, Wisconsin to campaign for Democratic union votes he resorted to his sleight-of-lip lies by telling his audiences that Romney "...is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama." In the final campaign rally of that weekend trip to Wisconsin, Santorum sharpened his attack on Romney with "...Pick any other Republican in the country. He is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama. Why would someone want to vote for someone like that?"

Now, using the Gingrich ploy of attacking reporters when they question him, when Santorum was asked by New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny in Racine, Wisconsin to elaborate on his view that Romney was the worst Republican for the job as president, Zeleny parsed his question based precisely on the words Santorum spoke. And, after listening to Santorum use that phrase over a half dozen times—without clarifying his reason for his denunciation of Romney, I was shocked to hear his response to Zeleny. "What speech did you listen to?" he arrogantly asked the reporter. "Stop your lying! I said he was the worst Republican to run on the issue of Obamacare. That's what I was talking about. I said uniquely in every speech I give that he's uniquely disqualified to run against Barack Obama on the issue of healthcare. Would you guys quit distorting what I say? I said he was uniquely unqualified to run against Obama on the issue of healthcare because he fashioned the blueprint. I've been saying it in every speech. Quit distorting my words." Unfortunately, in this speech, Santorum did not qualify his statement. He simply said "...Pick any other Republican in the country. He is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama. Why would someone want to vote for someone like that?" Perhaps in some other speech he attached a qualifier, but not this time. And Zeleny caught it and called him out for it.

Again, what bothers me most about Santorum, who claims he personally investigated Romney's life and considers himself a "Romney expert," is why he didn't know that the architect of the blueprint of the Massachusetts healthcare system was Sal Di Masi and not Mitt Romney? Or, does he know it, but that it just doesn't work well telling the truth in his "Romney is the architect of Obamacare" scare tactics? He also had to know that Romney had a choice of tweaking the bill to keep it from becoming a mandatory healthcare system, or vetoing it and having his veto nullified by the liberal Massachusetts legislature and the State of Massachusetts ending up with an Obama-style mandatory healthcare system? And, if Santorum did take the time to investigate Romney's life as he said he did, then as a Christian slamming Romney with half truths, the Christians need to be asking themselves why they are supporting a liar who claims to be an adherent of Christian ethics? A man who will lie about small things to benefit himself will lie about anything. And, as noted by Santorum, we already have one liar in the White House. But in my scenario, Santorum-the-liar is better than Obama-the-liar who told a military audience a week or so ago that his father served honorably in World War II. His father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., was less than 6 years old at the end of WWII. He served honorably as—what? Water boy? You pretty much expect Obama to lie because Muslims have a "lie-waiver" in the Qu'ran whenever they need to deceive Christians. They can even deny they're Muslim. The Christian Bible has no such waiver. In fact, even a little white lie is called one of the seven deadly sins because it will send you to Hell as fast as murder—you just don't realize (because you forgot all about it) that your ticket just got stamped for "Destination Hell)."

One other thing that troubles me about Santorum is, while he runs for a 100% political job whose qualifications are political not theological, he hypocritically refers to himself as the "only true Christian conservative" in the race. If that's the yardstick by which Santorum wants to be measured, I am sad to say that I believe, in this case, the Mormon acts more Christ-like than the Christian. To date, I've not heard Romney cuss out, nor show anger or contempt, for a reporter. Further, as the campaign continues private citizens are stepping forward to tell the public of never before spoken, very private Good Samaritan deeds Gov. Romney did over the years to help them and make their lives better. Can't say that I've heard even one such report about Santorum. So, if its the moral and ethical character of the candidate we are measuring, in my view, the Mormon wins hands down. So which candidate is out of touch with the plight of the little guy? The Mormon or the Liar?

If anyone with a score pad has been keeping score of the campaign rally falsehoods they should, by this time, be asking why a candidate who claims to be the only true Christian in the race would have so little problem lying as much as Rick Santorum does about Romney. Does Santorum believe if he repeats someone else's lie, the third party transfer of the lie cleans it up? Or, does he think he's only guilty of gossip? Gossip, by the way, is one of the seven deadly sins. So, by the way, is slander. When you tell untruths or half-truths about your adversary, you are both gossiping and committing slander. (Proverbs 6:16-19). So let me ask you, since we know from his actions that Santorum is not the epitome of pastoral Christianity, is he the best moral, ethical man in the race? Because, today, with a covert Muslim in the White House, this nation needs a moral, ethical, experienced leader to take this nation safely through the abyss of moral decay. Santorum is not that man because he sees nothing wrong with using the lies and half-truths of others to slander Romney. It is, after all, only politics. And, after all since the politicians wrote the rules about politicking, lying is within the rules. Seven deadly sins pardoned by politics.

On Friday, March 30, former Governor Jeb Bush officially endorsed Gov. Romney as his choice for President. Later that day, former President George H.W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush also endorsed Romney. Joining them was Paul Ryan [R-WI] the House Budget Committee Chairman who has proposed several budget plans since Jan. 4, 2011—all of which were flatly rejected by the Senate who will spend their campaign season "doing the Santorum" by telling the media that the Republicans have blocked every effort on the part of the Democrats to put Americans back to work. Also endorsing Romney over the weekend was freshman US Senator Ron Johnson [R-WI]. Johnson, the first term Senator who won 2010's biggest political upset by unseating Sen. Russell Feingold [D-WI], announced on Meet The Press that he had not originally intended to endorse any Republican candidate, but he changed his mind after getting to know Romney over the last few weeks. "I've come away from those conversations fully convinced that Gov. Romney is the person to lead our Party, to lead our Nation." Johnson concluded that as a former businessman in manufacturing, Romney's experience in the private sector was the major reason for his backing Romney for the presidency.

The Bush family, Ryan and Johnson hope to send a message to both Newt Gingrich who is out of the fray but not out of the race (because his campaign is financially bankrupt and there are no Super Pacs willing to invest their money in a loser) and Santorum, who has made it clear he's in the race until the last electoral vote is awarded. Both the Democrats and Republicans know the candidate onesided backbiting in the GOP campaign (Romney is now focusing all of his campaign rhetoric against Obama, not Santorum—who is nothing more than a gnat gnawing on an elephant's behind. Jeff Zeleny was right when he surmised that Santorum's supporters like his fiery campaign rhetoric. When Santorum runs out of open primary states where Democratic union members can cross the great divide and vote in the Republican primaries, Santorum's appeal to conservatives will wane as he becomes more bitter and his rhetoric about Romney more rancid. The longer Santorum stays in the race, the less votes Obama will have to steal to win. It has nothing to do with Romney and everything to do with the damage inflicted the conservative movement by Santorum. Don't think that Obama's people haven't computed the same thing.

In this year's presidential campaign, Santorum constantly reminds those attending his rallies that he can beat Obama because he was elected in 1994 and reelected in 2000 as a conservative in a blue state. In an Obama-Santorum race, I calculated a couple of weeks ago, based on the voting statistics in 2008, that Santorum would win only about 26% of the vote, giving Obama a FDR or 1984 Reagan-type victory—where he would not have to steal a vote to win.

What Santorum never mentions is that his Senate seat was "off-limits" to Democrats just as most of the far left seats are off limits to the Republicans. Santorum got a pass because in 2000 the Democrats did not support his opponent. That year Santorum ran against Congressman Ron Klink, a popular former Pittsburgh TV newscaster and weatherman who won Pennsylvania's 4th Congressional seat and held it for four terms. Popular in Pittsburgh, and probably safe there as long as he wanted his seat, Klink was completely unknown in eastern Pennsylvania. Without the blessings of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Klink jumped into the race and lost to Santorum by a 52% to 46% margin. With Party support Klink would have easily won since he had the support of the labor unions. When labor doesn't support one of their own it's only because someone further up the political food chain said not to. When Santorum, believing his Senate seat was safe, campaigned for leftwing Specter against Christian conservative Pat Toomey in 2004, the voters in Pennsylvania voted him out of office in 2006. Santorum lost to moderate Democrat Bob Casey 41% to 59%. The left knew he was vulnerable because he double-crossed his conservative base, and they went for the kill. A politician without his Party behind him always loses. In Santorum's case, he lost not only the Party—he lost the Christian conservative voters who voted for Toomey in 2004.

Want to know why the Bush family, Ryan and Johnson believe it's time for both Santorum and Gingrich to drop out of the race and support the campaign of Mitt Romney? Because as Obama uses taxpayer money by combining his reelection campaigning with his "official presidential goodwill tours" in order to let Republican taxpayers fund his reelection campaign as his Campaign Committee once again works with SEIU, ACORN, MoveOn.org, the AFL-CIO and scores of leftwing radical community activists to manipulate the National Voters' Registration Act of 1993 (the Motor Voter Law) to pre-register those who can't lawfully vote (because they are dead, imaginary, or have felony records) and vote their absentee ballots without anyone checking to see if they are whom they claim to be—and how many times, in how many precincts, they were voting? In 2008, 96,992,000 registered voters voted, yet 132,618,560 votes were counted—and none of the 35,626,580 too many ballots collected by leftwing community activists were challenged or thrown out.

The more distracted Republicans are with the GOP selection process the easier it will be for the left to fabricate enough voters to assure a second Obama win. As former President George H.W. Bush, with a "Kenny Rogers" nod on March 29 quoted country music legend Kenny Rogers by urging the GOP to "know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em." A week earlier, Sen. Mario Rubio [R-FL] endorsed Romney. Following the Bush and Johnson endorsements, US House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy [R-CA] and the third ranking House Republican, Mike Lee [R-UT] also endorsed Romney.

Since its not likely or logical that, in 2008. the leftwing-collected voter registration cards voted for Republican McCain, its safe to assume they voted for Obama. Since Obama was credited with receiving 69,456,897 votes, and we know that 35,626,580 of them were phony, its a safe but unprovable bet that Obama won against McCain's 59,934,814 with what appears to be the 33,830,317 legitimate votes he actually received. (So all those friends and acquaintances who told you they didn't vote for him, actually didn't.) And, with only 56.8% of the registered voting poll actually voting, all of those new registered voters the media claimed Obama created, didn't exist either. Their votes did. They didn't. This is the first US election on record where the winner received only about half the votes of the loser. I know this is a common election outcome in third world nations and in one candidate nations like the People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union; but you have to admit, it's an unusual precedent in a democracy with "honest" secret ballot elections. In fact, after 2008, we can say that our presidential elections are so secret that even the voters themselves about as secret as the mob witnesses that end up in witness protection program. Only in Obamaville, its called the voters' protection program.

That's the point of what's happening now only, this time, with Republicans watching the community activists gearing up for another phenomenal miracle win with the leftwing media already manipulating the polling numbers to make it appear that over half of the American people are satisfied with Obama's management style and the results he's achieved since Jan. 21, 2009. Thus far the GOP efforts to enact State laws that require voters to show identification to verify who they are before they can vote have been thwarted by liberal federal judges who view proving who you are before you can vote is a form of racism. You are required, by law, to prove you are over 21 before you can buy liquor or cigarettes. You can be arrested if a police officer who, for no reason other than he wants to see it, asks for your identification. Yet the social progressive left who needs to manufacture artificial voters to win elections has convinced a complicit federal judiciary that expecting a voter to prove they are who they claim to be is somehow a form of racism.

Now, only a day from the Wisconsin Primary, some of the nation's most popular conservative leaders are seeing the proverbial handwriting on the wall, "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upsharin" and realize it's time to protect what is left of the Constitution of the United States. That's why they want the charade over, and why they want Romney, who will ultimately win the nomination, officially endorsed by the candidates as the GOP's choice for President of the United States so, as the presumptive nominee, he can officially take the fight to the left and make Obama defend his social progressive agenda. The nation's best election forecasters are now advising the Republican Party that Santorum's half-truths and "Romney-hate-mongering" are not only not helping Santorum, they are doing tons of damage to conservative America by providing the left with reams of ammunition to use to further divide the Republican Party and permanently fracture this nation by pitting those who campaign as Christian conservatives against other Christians who campaign as fiscal conservatives when all of them are, in reality, constitutional conservatives. America's conservatives can no longer afford to be single issue voters. The need to have a panoramic view of the entire political landscape is an imperative to winning. When conservatives finally decide that its time to protect the bedrock American foundation of faith they will realize it doesn't matter what is the theology of the nation's leader is since the constitutional foundation they are rebuilding and reinforcing is the foundation that protects every faith—equally. And that is, after all, what makes America the greatest nation on Earth.


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