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20 years

hen former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Colin Powell once again formally endorsed Barack Hussein Obama as the Commander-in-Chief of the military of the United States of America, surviving veterans
—black or white—of every modern war fought by the United States should have hung their heads in shame that Powell had disgraced them by advocating on their behalf. Its pretty much a certainty that that those who died protecting the Stars and Stripes and the unabridged freedom possessed by the American people until Jan. 20, 2009, are crying out from their graves or from the depths of the seven seas, demanding that those veterans who survived the wars they fought force Congress to strip Powell of every campaign ribbon and unit citation they—not Powell—earned which adorns the breastplate of his uniform because he has disgraced the integrity of the United States military and the earned heritage of those who shed their blood to make this nation great by endorsing the most unqualified person in America to serve as the protector of the nation. I can understand Powell's endorsing Obama in 2008—this was America's first black leader. I would venture that just about every African American voter in the United States (except perhaps Lt. Col. Allen West and former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes) voted for Obama. It was, after all, a historic event. The left just didn't understand the significance of the event. What that election said was, "the era of racial prejudice in America is over." However, once the American people learned the man they voted for in 2008 was incompetent, rewarding him with a second term simply because he's black and not because he's competent would be not only ludicrous on the face of the facts, but it would also threaten the economic security of the voter himself—especially the minority voters who initially championed him, who now face the highest unemployment rates in the nation. Even with a super majority in both Houses which made any legislation he wanted passed a "cakewalk" for the Democrats, Obama never even tried to enact legislation to create a new welfare state for the poor..

I am reminded of an email, a joke, dropped into millions of email boxes more than once since 2009. I know you've read it. A small business owner fires a black employee who immediately accuses the employer of racism for firing him. The employer says, "I admit that we hired you four years ago because you were black. But, we're firing you today not because you're black, but because you can't do the job we hired you to do."

Today, everyone's talking about some other emails. They are not a joke. They detail the manufacturing of a tragedy. The emails were sent from the US mission in Benghazi to the State Department, the CIA, the Pentagon and the White House situation room. The first of these emails were not sent on or around Sept. 11, 2012 as the White House initially led us to believe, but on August 27 when Ambassador Christopher Stevens reiterated to Washington about the ttwo earlier attacks on the embassy compound—the first one taking place in June. At that time, on Aug. 27, he requested a detachment of Marines at the Consulate. I don't know what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said to Stevens, or Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, because I suspect neither wanted their fingerprints on the reply. I would speculate that some underling replied that his request was "...under advisement but for the present, he needed to get along with what he had because there simply were no other assets to spare."

When the first emails were leaked several watermelons (environmental green on the outside, communist red on the inside) politicians in the House and Senate told their friends in the watermelon media that Republicans were trying to politicize the tragedy in Benghazi, adding that Obama couldn't send the detachment of Marines Stevens requested because Republicans cut the funding for them. The one thing that Obama Democrats do extremely well is lie. First, Democrats—not the GOP—are "anti-military spending." Only Democrats believe that a militarily weak America promotes a safer world. Second, in this instance, since no Republican sponsored spending bills have yet to clear the Harry Reid-controlled US Senate since February, 2009, it would have been impossible for the Republicans to "cut" funding for Marine security at US embassies around the world even if they wanted to—which they don't.

Let me tell you where, and why, that decision was made, and who approved it. The Clinton-Obama State Department, in a show of support for the Muslim extremists who are covertly and meticulously taking over northern Africa, Obama appropriated $1.3 billion from the military budgets (the US share of $4.3 billion requested by the Muslim Brotherhood after their takeover of Egypt) since Obama believed that would be $1.3 billion he would now not have to spend on policing in the Mideast. A State Department grant to Libya, made as Ambassador Stevens was begging for a Marine detachment to protect his consulate, was $180 million. Well, I can certainly see why the Pentagon didn't have enough money to send a Marine detachment to protect Ambassador Stevens and his small staff. Sending a Marine detachment to Benghazi forty days before the Election would make the Liar-in-Chief, who is still asserting to the American people that while the Republicans were deliberately screwing up the economy to make him look bad, sending troops to Benghazi might make it look, to the voters, like al Qaeda might not really be "on the run." The last thing Obama wanted to do was make himself look like the liar he was..

To the media, which professes to still be confused over the whole Benghazi affair, it was unclear who denied the request for a Marine detachment and, when troops were critically needed to keep terrorists from overrunning the US Consulate in Benghazi and killing the ambassador and three other Americans, who gave the order to "stand down?" Why should the media not be confused? After all, they are still insisting that a homemade video made by a naturalized Egyptian-American Coptic Christian who has been sitting in a federal lockup since Sept. 12 caused the Benghazi terrorist strike—although streaming video from two CIA drones over the consulate absolutely confirmed there was no protest taking place in Benghazi. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Without a domestic agenda Obama could run on and win reelection, the only thing Obama had going for him was the greatly embellished media reports of his killing Osama bin Laden—just as a movie pretty much giving Obama all the strategic credit for killing the leader of al Qaeda (who, by the way, took all the credit for the World Trade Center disaster) was being released. Forty days before the election, Obama could not afford for al Qaeda to be resurrected from their premature grave and attack a US embassy. Afraid of scores of US casualties in an Obama-declared "normalcy zone" in the Mideast, Obama sent in two drones to monitor what happened—not to help consulate personnel, but to contain the problem—and the political blowback.

The media and the White House, suggested that it was confusion in chaos because of so many attacks (i.e., violent protests) in so many different places in the Muslim world that led to the muddling of facts about what happened where and when. Not so according to Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute whose investigation revealed "...that officials from [Obama] on down were intentionally and falsely insisting the the 9/11/12 attack [in Benghazi] was not an act of terrorism is screamingly obvious." Pletka was right although it would be about three weeks that a statement by the new US Army commander of Africom, Lt. Gen. David Rodriquez (when he relieved his predecessor, four star general Carter F. Ham), revealed that Barack Obama personally ordered the "stand-down" that caused the deaths of four Americans. Before he was relieved of his command on Sept. 11, 2012, Gen. Carter Ham led a very undistinguished, political-military career—which is likely why Barack Obama appointed him to head Africom. Gen. Ham proved that even a political soldier can be a patriot. He put his career on the line at a time when integrity was needed. Too bad he was not able to deploy his ready-response team to save two former Seals who also put their lives on the line that night—and lost them.

It was in August when Stevens first notified Washington of attempts to breach the consulate perimeter. The Pentagon launched two drones to patrol the skies over the consulate. One drone, although the White House has denied it, was armed with missiles. The other was armed with a video camera that allowed the DoD, the CIA and the White House Situation Room to have a real time video stream of what was happening in the compound at Benghazi. Between Aug. 27 and Sept. 11, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus, National Intelligence Adviser James Clapper and, of course Barack Obama received over 230 warnings from Benghazi before the attack on September 11. A real president would have taken the warnings from one of his Ambassadors seriouslyparticularly when that warning was preceded with 229 others...and holes in the embassy wall in which one was big enough to install a Mickey D drive-through in it. And, no real president would have downgraded the security of a compound on US soil in a very hostile Muslim nation to "save a few extra taxpayer bucks" for his green energy friends.

Someone in the Pentagon or the CIA took the threats seriously enough to schedule the drone to flyovers of the Benghazi compound at regular intervals. The DOD didn't send the Marines that the emails sent by Stevens requested. Nor did the CIA—which was specifically told to "stand down" by the White House Situation Room. When the CIA was told to stand down Woods and Doherty told the CIA to screw itself and went to Benghazi.

In a September 2 email to Secretary Clinton, Stevens described a meeting he had with Benghazi's Supreme Security Commander. In the cable, Stevens expressed concerns that Libyan police and security forces were too weak to keep the country secure. In that email Stevens said his fears were based on the growing strength of the Abu Salim Brigade in Dema—a small village just outside of Benghazi. The Abu Salim Brigade was the primary force responsible for the overthrow of Mamma Gadhafi.

Stevens suspected that the Abu Salim Brigade, supported by al Qaeda and possibly aided by Iran, would ultimately overthrow the provisional Libyan government. No one in Washington, least of all Barack Obama, listened to him. Obama was engaged in his own personal war to get elected, which of course was more far more important to him at the moment than the lives of the State Dept. personnel in Benghazi.

Since Obama only attended about 1/3 of his daily security briefings during his first term, its likely that prior to the actual Sept. 11 attack on the Benghazi compound, he may well have been completely unaware of the fact that Libyan Security forces armed only with mace, billy clubs and whistles were the only thing standing between Ambassador Stevens, his small staff and Islamist terrorists armed with rocket launchers, mortars, hand grenades and AK-47s. The official duty of the Libyan security team was described as "traffic control." (Since the death of his ambassador, Obama now has photo ops regularly in the White House Situation Room.)

After Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made the following statement about not deploying troops without the intel that says its a good idea, career military people began talking. What they had to say suggests someone in Washington needs to be fired, and someone else needs to be impeached. The quote attributed to Panetta was: "...the basic principle is that you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what's going on, without having some real-time information about taking place. And, as a result of not having that kind of information, the commander who was on the ground in that area, Gen. Ham, Gen. Dempsey and I felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation."

However, when Gen. Carter Ham, head of Africom, received the same emails that Panetta, Clinton and Obama received, he assembled a rapid response unit and informed Panetta he was ready to go. Ham was ordered to stand down. He told Panetta to screw himself, telling the Secretary that he was sending his men in. Less than one minute later Lt. Gen. David Rodriquez told Ham—his boss—he had just been relieved of his command because he refused to obey a direct order from the Commander-in-Chief. Obama then appointed Rodriguez as the new head of Africom. Now you know precisely who gave the order to "stand down" that resulted in the sacrificial death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, IT Specialist Sean Smith and former Navy Seals Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods for "political points." (It is my personal opinion that any US citizen who votes for Barack Obama needs to forever refrain from ever again referring to themselves as someone who is even remotely patriotic.)

(Note: the Obama Administration also lied when it said that Doherty and Woods were assigned to personally protect Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi. That was a blatant fabrication. The former Seals, attached to the CIA, refused the White House order to "stand down." They went to the Consulate and defended the mission with their lives. While neither man was on active duty in the US Navy at the time, both men deserve the US Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. If Gov. Mitt Romney prevails against the stolen votes that will be the only thing that puts Obama back in the White House, I hope he retroactively reinstates Doherty and Woods and awards both the Congressional Medal of Honor. American warriors who die protecting Americans on American soil in foreign lands need to be honored for their bravery.)

Before believing the blatant donkey kong excreted from both sides of Obama's mouth whenever he speaks, pay attention to the stream of emails from Stevens in Benghazi and the CIA in Tripoli sent repeatedly to the State Department, the White House, the Pentagon and the CIA which confirm that on September 11, 2012 as the terrorist strike on the US Consulate began, the White House Situation Room, the Secretary of State, the CIA, the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs and the Director of the CIA—and, for what he's worth, Obama's Director of National Intelligence, retired USAF Lt. Gen. James Clapper who, in the end, is going to be expected to fall on his is Air Force Academy saber for Obama on this one, probably just before the Election as more Americans realize it was Obama himself who gave the "stand down" order. Clearly, the Benghazi mess is not going to go away anytime soon—particularly since the Obama Administration and the Democratic leadership has assured the media that this issue is much too serious to "rush through" before the election. Win or loss, you can bet that on Nov. 7, the Benghazi affair will be protected by Executive Privilege. Hearings in the House—and in the Senate if the GOP picks up enough seats to regain control—will once again be stonewalled by the most "transparent Administration in the history of the United States" (Obama's words).

You can take that observation to the bank because there has been no bipartisan cooperation in the "cause and effect" assessments and decisions emanating from the Obama Administration. Obama, like Franklin D. Roosevelt before him, sees himself as a one-man executive, legislative and judicial entity who, by Executive degree, can empower himself with the authority of a king who answers to no one.

As we can see from the past four years, when you're a community organizer with no real corporate or senior level executive government management experience, and when your key advisers—including your Attorney General and Solicitor General—see no evil in your political sins, you will have the trappings of absolute power. The American people have forgotten a time-honored adage which they very seriously need to remember: the only difference between a rut in the road of progress and an economic mass grave is the size and shape of the hole. When you can no longer patch the economic hole with money, someone in a black shroud holding a large, sharp scythe will be speaking the eulogy over this nation.


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Copyright 2009 Jon Christian Ryter.
All rights reserved