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20 years


ong before there was such a thing as a Muslim (or as they were known in the West from the 10th century AD until the demise of the Ottoman Empire in 1920, "Moslems"), the battle over Jacob's Inheritance has raged. Initially, when the players believed the stakes were smaller, it was merely a skirmish between Ishmael and Isaac over Abraham's inheritance and a generation later, between Jacob and Esau—a battle of the birthright of the first born. The stakes, of course, were the same because God bequeathed to Abraham all of the land between the Nile and the Euphrates to include all of the land of the Kenites {Midianites), the Kenizzites and the Kadmonites, together with the lands of the Hittites, the Perizzites and the Rephaim. Included also were the lands of the Amorites, the Canannites, the Hirgashites and the Jebusites. Translated geographically, the "walls" east and west were the mighty rivers: the Nile and the Euphrates North and South, the boundaries of the Promised Land were the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea

As you can see from the map on the left, the Jews have never, in their entire history, ever possessed all of the land God gave Abraham—affirmed to Isaac and, again, to Jacob. The closest they came was during the reign of Solomon. Everytime God rewarded the Jews in the Promised Land, they sinned against Him and the amount of Israel possessed shrank as the Jews were punished for their sins. But, make no dry bones about it, although God has not yet let the Israelites possess the land He gave to Jacob (whom God renamed "Israel") the "deed of trust" God gave Israel is irrevocable—and, even more, it's nontransferable.

From the beginning of creation, God had already selected the patch of land He will possess as His "kingdom" on Earth. It would sit in the center of the world. The seat of His government would be in Jerusalem where, ultimately Jesus, who descended from David, the father of Solomon through Miriam—the Hebrew name of Mary, the mother of Jesus. (While both Joseph and Mary were born of David's seed, Mary had the most direct lineage to David from Jesse through Nathan. Joseph, whom the Jews recognized as Jesus' father, descended from Jesse through Solomon to David. Both trace their lineage directly from Boaz and Ruth through Jesse to David [Matt. 1:5-6]; Luke 3:32]. The lineage separates at David, giving both Mary and Jesus' surrogate father, Joseph, ancestral linkage to David. Mary—addressed by her peers as Miriam—has the most direct parent-offspring messianic link to the throne of Israel, making Jesus the lawful King of Israel through the human seed of Mary not the surrogacy of Joseph.

David will continue to be recognized as the greatest king of Israel until the Son of God returns to Earth as the Warrior King who will battle Antichrist during the final human conflict—Armageddon. The blood of the slaughtered in that final battle will reach the bridles of the horses of Christ's army of Heavenly warriors who will kill the allies of Antichrist. The carrion will feast on the flesh of the dead for seven months [Ezek. 39:12] as the survivors bury the dead. It will take seven years for the people to destroy the weapons of war brought to that final battle where evil men will try, in vain, to destroy God and claim Jerusalem—God's Holy City—as the global seat of power of Antichrist, making Jerusalem, not Rome, the Harlot of Babylon.

Napoleon Bonaparte called the Valley of Jezreel, which stretches north into a larger valley that divides Galilee from Samaria, the most natural battleground on Earth. Jezreel flows north into the Valley of Megiddo. Ringing the valley are Mounts Gilboa, Megiddo and Moreh. On the opposite sides of the valley are the Jordan and Jalud Rivers. It is there that the Jalud River empty into the Jordan

What made Jezreel and Megiddo the perfect battleground in Napoleon's mind? The vanquished had no way to escape the victor. They were blocked on either side by barriers of rock or water. Three great battles have been fought in Megiddo to date. The first battle of Megiddo was fought by one of ancient Egypt's mightiest kings, Thutmose III, in 1478 BC. He fought a large Canaanite contingency from Megiddo and Kadesh. Thutmose III defeated the Canaanites and in 1475 BC, entered what is now Syria and defeated the Assyrians, making Assyria a vassal state of Egypt.

The second battle of Megiddo took place between Egypt, Assyria and the Kingdom of Judah in 609 BC. During that battle, King Josiah of Judah was slain by Pharaoh Necoh at Carchemish as Necoh prepared to engage the Assyrians (2 Ki. 23:29; 2 Chr. 35:20). Necoh sent his ambassador to Josiah before the battle saying, "What have I to do with you, King of Judah? I come not against you this day. I come against the king with whom I am at war." According to the Bible (2 Chr.35:22-23) Josiah was so intent on personally engaging Necoh, he disguised himself as a foot soldier so he could personally fight churchathomebookPharaoh Necoh's archers killed him. King Josiah apparently believed the adage that "...the enemy of my enemy is my friend." In the modern world, secular Christians, Reform Jews and atheists who believe man is his own god, are despised by the Muslims who contemptuously trade them the trappings of political power and oil wealth for covert alliances that will help the Muslims topple the infidels' way of life. Because the words the Muslim will not speak in mixed company is the phrase: "...the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy."

American Christians simply haven't grasped the "why" or the "how" our courts have been able to justify violating the First Amendment by denying Christians the right to speak the name, Jesus Christ, carry a Bible into a public building or, if you are a student or teacher in a public school, wear a crucifix symbolizing your Christian faith. Yet, the courts will protect the right of Muslims to block off a whole city street for mass prayers to Allah. And, not only will those same courts that deny Christians freedom of religion rights today, will allow Muslim students to carry a copy of the Qu'ran into a classroom, but even more, they will allow teachers to not only read from the Muslim holy book, but force Christian and Jewish students to read the Qu'ran as well—with absolutely no "separation fo church and state" repercussions from the courts, the ACLU or lawyers represently the Christian or Jewish families. The short answer? The princes of industry have used their financial muscle to swap your First Amendment rights for the oil under the desert sands in the Mideast. The princes of industry and barons of banking want Muslim oil. The Muslims want Shariah Law. No one cares what you want.

The third Battle of Megiddo took place in 1918 during World War I, when Lt. Col. Thomas E. Lawrence, under the command of British Field Marshall Edmund Allenby, routed the Ottoman Empire in the Valley of Meggido. The battle raged between Sept. 19 and Oct. 31, 1918. It was the final offensive in World War I. The battle was fought between Allenby's Allied Egyptian Expeditionary Forces, Lawrence's irregular Arab army and the Ottoman Empire's Yidirim Army Group. Much of the victory was attributed to Lawrence, known to the world as Lawrence of Arabia. During the Battle of Megiddo, Lawrence succeeded in convincing an army of disgruntled Arabs to revolt against the Ottomans. Lawrence's guerilla war against the Turks distracted them from their war with the British by attacking the Ottoman lines of communications. Lawrence's Arab irregulars played a major role in the victory that ended World War I. The next Battle of Megiddo will be the climax of warfare—and of Earth—as we know it.

One might wonder why God would pick a desert full of scorpions and pit vipers for His kingdom on Earth when there are so many beautiful and much more edenic places for the Creator to rule His creation on Earth. Why Israel? Because in God's eye, Jerusalem is the exact center of Planet Earth. It will be in that spot, in the Garden of Gethsemane, that the feet of the Alpha & Omega (Jesus) will touch the Earth when He returns. It will be from there that the River of Life will spring forth, first as a trickle, then a stream, growing into a mighty river that will encompass the globe. On both sides of the river trees will line the banks as far as the eye can see. The fruit on the trees will feed those who come to eat, and all who come to the water shall live (Ezek. 47:9).

It is important to remember that when God created His idyllic world, four rivers came out of Eden and watered the planet. Those rivers were Pishon, Gihon, Hiddekel (Tigris) and the Euphrates. The term "Eden" comes from the Akkadian word edinu which, in turn, comes from the Sumarian word eden. It means a fertile plain or steppe. That word is a transliteration of the Hebrew word ádan, which means "garden of delight." Biblical names of places are many times geographic descriptions of terrain rather than a proper name used to designate the location of a place. Now we know why God picked that spot, and why he bequeathed it to Abraham, the father of all of the races on Earth today. God determined very deliberately which son of Abraham and which son of Isaac would inherit the land He specifically willed to Jacob through Abraham's seed..

The Law of the First Born
Historically, in most cultures (particularly in the case of royalty), primogeniture is the natural right, by law or culture, of the first born son to the exclusion of his siblings to inherit all real property, titles of nobility, hereditary offices and, of course, the family wealth. In the event the family patriarch does not have children, the widow would be provided a pension commensurate with the patriarch's wealth to assure she lived out the balance of her days in comfort. And, by custom, the patiarch's next eldest male sibling would then become Lord of the Manor.

On the same day that God told Abraham that his "...seed shall be a sojourner in a land that is not theirs, and they shall serve [the Egyptians], and they will afflict them for four hundred years.," God made a covenant with Abraham that unto his seed, God would give the lands He described (above). Only, God intended the seed to receive that inheritance would come from the womb of Sarah. Sarah and Abraham had been together for ten years. During that time, Sarah was barren and unable to bear children. She reasoned that if a nation was to come from Abraham's loins, the mother of those children would have to be someone other than her. So Sarah gave Abraham her handmaiden, Hager, to take as a second wife. Hager became pregnant and contemptuous of her mistress, believing when her son inherited the wealth of Abraham as the first-born son, the roles of Hagar and Sarah would be reversed. With the consent of Abraham, Sarah sent Hagar, who was with child, away. God found Hagar by the well of Beêrlâhâirôi and told her to return to the tent of Abraham and be submissive to Sarah, adding that "...you shall bear a son, and you shall call him Ishmael because the Lord has heard your affliction. [Your son] shall be a wild man, and every man's hand shall be against him, and he shall dwell in the presence of his brethren." In the Chaldean language, the name Ishmael means "God has heard your cries." Abraham was 86 years old when Hagar gave birth to Ishmael.

When Abraham was 99 years old, God told him that His covenant was with him—Abraham. "Thou shalt be the father of many nations...I will make thee exceedingly fruitful, and I will make nations of you, and kings shall come out of thee." These blessings were bestowed on Abraham, a man just shy of 100 years of age. With his promise to Abraham came the promise that he would bear a son—his heir—through Sarah. Abraham laughed at the thought that a man of 100 could sire a heir through a wife of 90. God told him: "Sarah, your wife, shall indeed bear your son; and you shall call his name Isaac. And, I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant—and with his seed after him." It appears the God has something of a sense of humor because Isaac means "he shall laugh." If you recall, when God told Sarah that, at 90, she would give birth to her 100 year old husband's baby, she laughed.

God's words forever changed the law of primogeniture in what would become, through Jacob, the youngest son of Isaac, the nation Israel. The covenant, made between God and Abraham to correct an error made by two women—Sarah and Hagar, would trigger a blood feud that would last for almost three millennia. The inheritance of Abraham, bequeathed to Isaac, would be passed, by God's choice, to Jacob, guaranteeing that the land God promised Abraham and Isaac would go to the nation Israel through the son of Isaac who would carry the name Israel into history. The feud between Ishmael and Isaac would continue between Isaac's sons, Esau and Jacob. When Isaac's wife, Rebekah, became pregnant with twins, the pair constantly fought within her womb. God told her, " Two nations are in your womb. Two manners of people shall be born of you; and the one People shall be stronger than the other. And the elder shall serve the younger." (Gen. 25:23) Once again, the eldest, Esau, lost his primogeniture inheritance to his younger brother. Esau very unwisely sold his birthright to his brother for a bowl of vegetable soup during a famine in Beershebah. (Gen. 25-30-34). Clearly, Esau did not take his pledge to surrender his birthright seriously. Jacob did.

Now you understand the historic rift between the Muslims and the Jews. In the Islamic world, Ishmael, the first born son of Abraham, not Isaac—the favored younger son—who should rightfully have inherited the the lands God bequeathed to Abraham. With those lands, the first born descendants of Esau believe, should also have come all of Abraham's personal wealth as well. That wealth? While, in the nomadic days of Abraham, Jacob and Esau, that personal wealth was cattle, sheep and goats—livestock and arable land with adequate water to farm and graze the master's herds, today that wealth is black gold. It's hard not to notice that the Muslim world currently controls about 95% of what the Bible describes as the borders of the Promised Land.

One would think since the Islamic Muslims control almost all of the land God promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whom He renamed Israel, they would be content to let the Hebrews possess a sliver of the land God promised Israel. That, however, never was the case. The modern world witnessed a decade-long pogram against the Jews from 1936 to 1945. Antisemitism against the Jews began with the massacre of a Jewish tribe known as the Banu Qurayza in Medina by the Muslims in 627 AD, Jewish anti-Semitism can be traced back ancient Alexandria in 38 BC. Egypt was still the home to a large Hebrew population in the 3rd century BC. Note: I have refrained from using the modern, "antichrist disposal of references to BC "before Christ" and AD ("Anno Domini"—"year of Our Lord" although it is more commonly accepted by Christians as "after Christ"). Today secularist anti-Christians (and Christian idiots) use the secular BCE (before the Common Era) and CE (the Common Era), erasing from man's reasoning, the importance to mankind, of the human birth of the Son of God.

God's Punishment of His Chosen
Father Edward Flannery, a Roman Catholic priest wrote in his book Anguish of the Jews: Twenty-three Centuries of anti-Semitism that the early persecution of the Jews in Egypt, some 1,400 years after the Exodus, was due to the refusal of the Hebrews to accept the religion—and the multiplicity of gods—of the Greeks. And, along with their religion, the societal customs that marked them as subjects of a Hellenistic society. An Egyptian historian at the Hellenistic era, Manetho, wrote that the Jews were actually Egyptian lepers who were cast offs. Manetho suggested that they became lepers because Moses taught them not to worship the gods of Pharaoh From 38 AD until around 160 AD the Jews, pretty much like the Christians in Palestine and Rome, suffered tremendously at the hands of whomever ruled them. But no rulers were as ruthless as those who practiced Islam.

Throughout history, beginning with Moses until 1948, the Jews have been forcibly expelled from 79 countries. In 63 AD the Romans under the command of Pompeii sacked their puppet rulers in Judea and imposed tyrannical martial law in Israel, to the point of appointing a Roman high priest over the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Rome's purpose of creating a vassal state out of Israel was merely to converted Palestine into a military buffer-zone between the Roman Empire on the West and the Syrians and Egyptians in the East.

Almost from the beginning of what secularists call the common era, the rapidly expanding, increasingly powerful Roman Empire occupied Palestine, levying a confiscatory tax demanded by Rome, but an additional amount for the procurators of Judea who were determined to retire in Rome as rich men some day, stripping the Jews of the means to provide for their own families.

A decade or two before the birth of Christ, oppressive taxation created sufficient political unrest that a new radical faction arose in Israel. The revolutionaries were determined the cast off the shackles of Rome as they sought assistance from their nomadic Samaritan neighbors as they courted the Egyptians, to help them drive the Romans out of Palestine. In the Hebrew tongue they were called the Kanaima. Translated, the Aramaic word used in the Bible refers to them as the Zealots You will remember two Zealots named Barabas and Judas Iscariot.

In 66 AD, Gessius Florus, the Roman Procurator, a greedy and evil man (appointed to his post by Nero in 64 AD simply because Florus' wife was a friend of Nero's wife) looted the Jewish synagogue in Caesarea and stole vast quantities of silver. Outraged Jews, led by the Zealots, rioted and wiped out the small Roman garrison in Jerusalem. Nero fired Florus, recalling him to Rome and replacing him with a trusted general, Marcus Antonius. At the same time, the military power shifted to Vespasian and, in 70 AD, to his son Titus who destroyed the Great Temple, leaving not one stone upon another. Titus literally leveled Jerusalem and left a path of destruction throughout Israel, killing over a million Jews and taking some 97,000 survivors into captivity for use as slaves in Rome and as gladiators in the Great Arena.

The war from which global contempt of Judaism was born appears to have been the Bar Kokba War (sometimes referred to as the Bar Kochba Rebellion) in 132 AD. The leader of the third rebellion against Rome was Simon bar Kokhba, who was declared by the population to be the long-awaited Messiah. Simon bar Kokhba was given an Aramaic name—Bar Kokbha or Kockba—from Numbers 24:17, referring to Simon bar Kokhba as "...the Son of the Star coming out of Jacob (Israel)." While Simon bar Kokhba never drove the Romans out of Israel, he destroyed a complete Roman legion and created a buffer zone inside Israel. His initial successes against the Romans brought him converts in droves. In 134 AD, 12 Roman legions changed the tide of war turned against the Jews. In 135 AD, the Romans crushed the rebellion. The Jewish clerics changed Simon bar Kokhba's name to Simon bar Kosibi—"Son of Lies," or "Son of Deception."

If you are looking for the world's first Antichrist, it was bar Kokhba. Following their human messiah, over 500 thousand Jews died. Judaism was no longer recognized as a legal religion. Israel was totally destroyed and ceased to exist as a nation in the minds of men. God's punishment—but never His rejection—of His chosen People began. It would last 2,000 years. The fate the Jews would suffer for rejecting their Messiah is carefully delineated in Deuternomy 28:15-68. God's very stern warning to his people begins in verse 15: "...It shall come to pass, if thou will not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all His commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day, that all these curses..." (vs. 16 through 68) "...shall come upon thee, and overtake thee."

Deut. 28:37 warns that the representative body of Israel, called Jews based on the merged 12 tribes under the umbrella of the Tribe of Judah "...shall become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword among all nations to which the Lord shall lead thee..." The prophecy concerning the fate of the Jews at the hands of all the nations on Earth is one of the most frightenly accurate prophecies in the Bible—akin to the descriptive prophecy of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Psalm 22:14-18, or the revealing the Messiah—by name—in Zechariah 6:11-13. I know, you probably missed that one because you thought God was talking about Joshua, the son of the priest, Jedadiah. Besides, the Bible you read contains a New Testament translated into English from Greek and Aramaic and, of course, an Old Testament that was written in Hebrew, not Greek.

So the proper names, translated from a Hebrew text, are different words than those words that were translated from Greek. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is—in Hebrew—Miriam. The Greek name Jesus, in Hebrew, is Joshua. Joshua, the BRANCH in Zech. 6:12, is Jesus of Nazareth. (So, from the Bible you tote to Church each time you attend, buried in plain sight in the Book of Zechariah—written sometime between 536-518 BC—you will find the name of the Messiah who died that you might have eternal life.) The final 20 verses of Deuteromony 28, verses 48 to 68 describe the Nazi holocaust (as well as other Jewish persecutions over the last 2,000 years when 79 nations, at one time or another, tried to rid themselves of their Jews).

God's chosen vs the world
God's Word makes it clear that, just before the end, every nation on Earth—including the United States—will turn on Israel. The warning that God leveled against Edom (the kingdom of Jacob's brother, Esau) through the prophet Obadiah fits the judgment which will befall the United States when it forsakes Israel.

In the United States, God gave birth to the greatest, most powerful nation ever known to man. Just as God prophesied to Edom through Obadiah, He appropriately speaks to us today, "I have made thee small among the nations. Thou art greatly despised...the pride in thy heart has greatly deceived you...[and] although you exalt yourself like the eagle, I will bring thee down." If you think for a minute that I'm wrong, look back over just the last two decades at the decline and economic fall of the United States of America. The Word of God in Obadiah 10-16 makes it abundantly clear what will be the fate of every nation that turns its back on Israel. "For violence against your brother, Jacob [Israel], shame shall cover you. And you shall be cut off forever...Nor should you have rejoiced over the children of Judah in the day of his captivity...Nor should you have spoken proudly in the day of distress. You should not have entered the gate of My people in the day of their calamity...Nor laid hands on their substance in the day of their calamity. You should not have stood in the crossroads to cut off those among them who escaped. Nor should you have delivered up among them who escaped in the day of distress." (Obad. 10-16, paraphrased, NKJV)

As you read this, the final edits of the final scenes of the final act in the Struggle between Good and Evil is taking place across the globe. Those scenes will play out, in real time, in a real place—in the Valley of Megiddo—as the nations of Earth turn on both the Christians and the Jews. 'Good' is losing the battle—big time.

It is not enough to suggest that Islamic Jihadists historically devoted their efforts solely to the global eradication of Christians and Jews because, in point of fact, Islam is a nondiscriminating religion. Islam hates everything and everyone not Islamic. In the global war of religious conquest over the past 1,400 years, the Muslims have not just attacked the descendants of Jacob and the followers of Jesus Christ. Beginning with the first Islamic wars in the Middle East over 1,400 years ago where Arabs fought Arabs, Muslims have orchestrated the genocide of millions of men, women and children of all races, ethnicentricities and religions—from Christianity and Judaism to Hindu, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Bahai, Gnosticism, Yazdanism, Aht-e-Haqq, and of course, pagans who practice polytheism and atheists who worshipped self.

The Muslim conquests in the Mideast (al Fatuhat al-Islamlyya) were initiated by the Prophet Mohammad in the 7th century. Upon his death, the world saw the birth of the Rashidun [the Rightly Guided) Caliphs, followed by the Umayadd Caliphates that witnessed the rapid expansion of Muslim power, growing well beyond the Arabian Peninsula. Under the Umayyad caliphates, the Islamic Empire extended the distance it would take to journey 200 days from east to west (from India to the Atlantic Ocean). Within 300 years, the Muslims controlled almost all of the African continent, all of the Mesopotamia and much of Asia Minor and southern Europe. It was not until the Umayyads attacked the Byzantine Christians in Turkey and Catholic Spain and Italy, that the Catholic Church ordered the Catholic monarchs of Europe to retaliate, and the Crusades began at the close of the 11th century through the 15th century.

Although the Musllim conquerors from the 7th century to the end of World War I butchered hundreds of thousands if not millions of infidels—not only Jews, but Christians and scores of religious zealots from long dead pagan religions and, of course, agnostics and atheists, you could not call the Muslim slaughter of the Jews part of the hereditary feud between the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael or Jacob and Esau since when the Judahites (now a blended amalgamation of all of the tribes of Israel whose tribal identities had been blurred by the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities and deportation of the Jews beginning around 740 BC until 538 BC when Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, issued a decree granting the Jews, under Zerubbabel and Joshua, the High Priest, the right to leave Persia and return to Jerusalem to rebuild Solomon's Temple. The land was no longer Israel. It was now a wasteland, occupied by ten generations of the seed of Assyrian and Persian transplants in God's land. In the minds of the descendants of Ishmael and Esau, the land was no longer Israel. It was a no-man's land, but not a nation, called Palestine.

The rebirth of Israel came at the hands of the defeated Ottoman Empire (the 19th century "Muslim Brotherhood") in 1920. In 1914, as the Turkish Ottoman Empire sided with Germany in World War I, creating a major third front which was largely being fought by the French Foreign Legion (in Syria and Iraq) until German troops invaded the Mideast to capture the Hashemite oil fields. The Rothschild and Rockefeller oil cartels pushed the Brits into sending troops, under the command of General Sir Archibald James Murray, into the Mideast to protect their interests in the oil fields. To protect their "oil interests," Baron James Rothschild used his influence to pressure the Foreign Office to create an "Arab Bureau" in Cairo to protect their interest. As the British negotiated what became known as the Hussein-McMahon Correspondence in 1915, an unofficial agreement between Sir Henry McMahon and Sharif Hussein promised King Hussein that if the Arabs helped the British Expeditionary Force crush the Ottoman Turks, the Arabs would be given self-control over the Arabian Peninsula. In 1916 that Correspondence became the Sykes-Picot Agreement which would place the new Arab nations under the authority of an international administration (the soon-to-be League of Nations, already in the planning stages between President Thomas Woodrow Wilson, British Minister of Munitions Winston Churchill and the "political negotiator," Col. Edward Mandell House.

Shortly after the Hussein-McMahon Correspondence was signed in 1915, the British administrators in Baghdad picked Chief Political Officer, Percy Cox, as their liaison with the Arabs. Cox picked an Arabist, Hilary "Harry" St. John Philby, to make the Arab-British alliance a reality. The problem is, Philby already had ties in Riyadh with Abdullah Ibn al-Saud, the chieftain of the Saud clan.(whose grandson through his eighth wife) became Crown Prince Abdullah, and then shortly before he died, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The problem is Sir Arthur Males Lord Balfour had pretty much made a more binding deal with the Hashemite king, Sharif Hussein bin Ali of Hijex. On Nov. 2, 1917 James Rothschild's cousin, Lord [Baron] Walter Rothschild and Balfour (who was now playing both ends against the middle) would very soon strike the match that would rekindle the eons old feud between the descendants of Jacob and the descendants of Esau. The promise Philby made to the Saudis, and Balfour and James Rothschild made to the Hashemites, and his cousin and Balfour made to the Jews, someone at the end of World War I was going to end up with the short shaft. With the Rothschild money backing the descendants of Jacob, it would not be the Jews. To protect their bet, the Rothschilds convinced the British War Dept to replace Cox and, with him, Philby. In Philby's place—to satisfy the Rothschilds—they inserted British Army Lieutenant Thomas Edward Lawrence who, like Philby, had spent over a decade in the Middle East. In 1914 Lawrence was co-opted to work for the British Army, mapping the terrain, paying specific attention to land features with military relevance and charting every water source from the Red Sea to the Gulf of Oman.

After they picked Lt. Lawrence, the Rothschilds had to get him detached from Gen, Murray and place him directly under Field Marshall Sir Edmund Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby, where Lawrence would be provided the autonomy to act on his own. Working under Allenby, Lawrence, now remembered as Lawrence of Arabia, led an army of Muslim irregulars and crushed the Ottoman Empire in the third Battle of Megiddo in 1918, ending World War I. This was the first Arab Spring in history. It culminated in the striking of the match seen around the world because it rekindled the war of primogeniture over the ownership of the most volatile piece of real estate on Earth. What was, and would be reborn as Israel.

At the end of the war-to-end-all-wars, when the League of Nations went about partitioning the land promised to the Hashemites, the Sauds, the Palestinians and the Jews, all of them felt they had been betrayed. So did Baron Rothschild. The Balfour Declaration, an agreement between the England's Foreign Secretary Sir James Balfour and Lord Walter Rothschild promised the Jews their ancient homeland. In their minds, the Jews saw the rebirth of the ancient nation Israel. What happened instead was a British protectorate in Palestine for the Jews. But, having the Jews in possession of even an inch of Palestine did not set well with the Muslim world.

On May 14, 1948, the day the British Mandate over Palestine expired, the Jewish People's Council gathered in Tel Aviv and declared the establishment of the State of Israel based on UN General Assembly passing, on Nov. 29, 1947, Resolution 181 calling for the re-establishment of the State of Israel. For the first time since 586 BC—2,362 years before that vote, Israel was once again a nation—providing, of course, they could hold the land they inherited from Abraham from the descendants of Esau.

Before dusk fell that day , the Muslim Brotherhood was urging the Arab world to unite in opposition to the Statehood declaration based on UN Resolution 181. On May 15, 1948, one day after the rebirth of the nation Israel, the first Arab-Israeli war began with a coalition of Arab states and the newly formed Palestinian Liberation Army attacked the fledgling nation which did not even have an official government.

In a not-well-thought-out war, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan (with some participation from Lebanon) attacked Israel. The war lasted nine months, three weeks and two days. In the end, when the armistice signed on July 20, 1949, Israel kept virtually all of the area it won in battle based on UN General Assembly Resolution 181—including almost 60% of the land allocated to the new Palestinian State.

The globalists siding with Israel would be short-lived for two reasons. First, using the very persuasive power of the purse to shape world opinion, the Rothschild and Rockefeller oil cartels convinced the "world-is-flat" mentality that oil, which is manufactured in the bowels of the Earth, was a finite resource created by decayed dinosaurs and prehistoric fauna. And, the oil cartels cried, the Muslim nations in the heart of the world controlled most of it—and the price the rest of the world would have to pay to use it.

For that reason, trading something as nebulous as religious freedom (in America) for access to that oil was a good deal for everyone—the atheists and agnostics insisted. And second, when the World Trade Organization redefined the nature of real wealth in the world in 1995, the impoverished third world nations suddenly became the wealthiest nations in the world—even though millions of children went to bed hungry every night.

Human chattel was now wealth. Why? Because the populations of every industrialized nation on Earth was shrinking dangerously due to abortion on one end of the age corridor and the old dying on the other end of that same corridor. Seeing the handwriting on the wall in 1992 was as clear to the princes of industry and the barons of banking as seeing the words MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN (Dan. 5:25) on the wall of Belshazzar's palace in the 6th century, BC. The princes of industry prepared to move their factories to the new lands of plenty—plenty of cheap labor. Other than jobs in the United States, the only other thing missing by the time President Bill Clinton left office was a sufficient amount of taxpayers to carry the tax load of what was quickly becoming the biggest debtor nation on Earth.

Now, because the princes of industry had just shifted the economic balance of the world, only one other thing was needed at the moment. Shifting operational control of the United Nations and its engines of progress from the industrialized nations to the oil cartel nations. Without anyone in the industrialized world paying enough attention to shout, "Wait a minute!" the world's autocratic dictatorships were suddenly at the helm of the United Nations. Israel was now the enemy of world.

From the Womb of the Muslim Brotherhood...
On Sept. 11, 2001, the media in the United States began the very deliberate, calculated slanting of their reporting to suggest that because the United States appointed itself Lord Protector of the Jews, Muslim extremists have opted to declare a global jihad on the infidel. Since nine-eleven, Islamic extremists have committed over 21,500 separate terrorist attacks around the world—most aimed at the United States and its white skinned allies in Europe. To the west, none-eleven triggered

In reality, the jihad against the West is almost as old as the Muslim Brotherhood itself. The Brotherhood was founded in 1928 by al-Banna as a religious, political and social movement. Their credo was, and still is: "Allah is our objective. The Quran is our law. The Prophet is our leader. Jihad is our way, and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations." In founding the Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna was influenced by Salafism (synonymous with Wahhabism) which deals with what its adherents call "the perfect life" which will eventually be unified in a global Caliphate. The Muslim world has had nine Caliphates, although the ninth never officially assumed the role for which he was appointed. The eighth Caliphate was al-Husayn ihn Ali bin Hussein who was appointed Grand Sharif of Mecca by the Ottoman Empire. He is the Caliph who led the Arab Revolt and worked with Lawrence of Arabia to defeat the Ottomans. Following several military defeats of the Sauds, who were still aligned with Hilary St. John Philby, the Sauds launched several attacks against Hussein. On Oct. 2, 1924, the Sharif abdicated his title and his son, Ali ibn Hussein, assumed the joint title as Sharif and Caliphate. But the new Sharif of Mecca never assumed the trappings of a Caliph. He held the title of Sharif until Saudi forces overran Hejaz on December 19, 1925 and deposed him. Ali ihn Hussein escaped to Iraq and became Regent for King Faud of Iraq.

Since its birth the Muslim Brotherhood the caretakers of Salafism, has fixated on a global jihad that would leave them as Masters of the Universe. In the end, it will be the Muslim Brotherhood who will lead the world into Shari'ah law and into the world of the 10th CaliphateAntichrist. Sadly, that future is going to be your future. Your very soon future.

...Comes the Son of Perdition
As the Christan world faithfully awaits the second coming of their Savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Muslim world also awaits their messiah as well. Their Messiah will be the 10th Caliphate. He will be the most direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad. Isaiah, the prophet, spoke of him in Isaiah 15. Premillenial Christians with more than a cursory knowledge of Bible prophecy know that when Antichrist appears on the world scene [Rev. 13:1-10], he will initiate a peace accord with the Jews [Dan. 9:26-27], guaranteeing the security of the Jews for a period of seven years. Many of those same Christians are convinced that Antichrist must necessarily be a Jew for the Jews to accept him as their Messiah. However, Scripture clearly identifies Antichrist as a Muslim [Isa. 9:14-15, 30:31, Dan. 8:9-25, 11:21-25; Hosea 9:7-8, 13; Rev. 13:1-10]. The False Prophet, on the other hand, who leads the Jews, like sheep to the slaughter, to Antichrist, will be a Jew [Rev. 13:11-18].

The question everyone—Jew, Christian, Muslim and, for that matter, atheist or agnostic—should be asking is: is it possible that the Muslim leader who has the credentials to claim the title of 10th Caliphate, and who is the most direct ancestor of Mohammad, will be revealed to the world—at the midpoint of that seven year peace—as the Son of Perdition? The man the Bible calls Antichrist?

At this moment, only God knows the identity of Antichrist. Suffice to say, not even the Muslim leader who will be revealed as Antichrist knows he has been selected for this ungodly role. In other words, at this moment that man has not ritually pledged his allegiance to Satan in exchange for power. The man who will be revealed as Antichrist will be a devout Muslim. The scapegoat who will ultimately betray the Jews as the False Prophet will be a devout Jew. Since Scripture describes Antichrist as a man of peace. it's logical that none of the extremist, rabid Muslim leaders fits the biblical description of Antichrist since all of them ascended to power through bloodshed.

Scripture describes Antichrist as a small, meek-looking man. The prophet Isaiah wondered how such a diminutive, wimpish-looking man could frighten the whole world. Only King Abdullah II has the politically-correct, certifiable credentials. He is likewise the only Muslim leader who possesses the right “bonafides” to avoid having an angry Muslim cleric issue a fatwa on him for his pro-Israeli views. In addition, the Hashemite king's great grandfather was the eighth Caliphate. His grandfather was the ninth. He is the most direct ancestor of Mohammad the Prophet of Islam—even though the Saudi royal family also claims that distinction through one of Mohammad’s other wives. While Antichrist must have “first born” direct linkage to Mohammad (in order for the Muslims to accept his peace initiatives towards Israel), Antichrist must have one other thing. He must have direct ancestral linkage to Abraham through Esau. It is that tie that links Antichrist to God—a necessary ingredient for him to be linked to the creation of mankind and therefore tied to Satan’s efforts to thwart God’s plan from the beginning.

For that reason, the recording and certification of ancestral genealogies is as important to the Muslims as it is the Jews. In the Holy Bible, the Book of Numbers is the record of the genealogy of the Jews by a census that was taken every seven years. In fact, Numbers begins with such a census. “Number the whole Israelite community...” In the text, the Hebrew word separ is used. Separ means census. In the King James Version of the Bible, the term “...number of their names...” is used in verses 1:2, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42. Verse 45 records taking the census by number.

The Jews, like their Muslim counterparts, place much store on ancestral lineage because to them, a man was judged not by who he was or who he was able to become through his own sweat equity, but rather, who his father was—and more important—who his father’s father was.

That census is noted in Revelation 13:14. “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and that number is six hundred three score and six.” In the Greek text, we see the word number is arithmos, which means “a specific number.” The “number” of the beast, 666, is not a general term. It is the specific census number of a specific person. Just as your social security number, or your US government personal identifier (that will appear on your personal National ID Card in the near future) will specifically identify only you, 666—used as a census number—will specifically identify only Antichrist as the first born descendant of Esau. Why Esau and not Ishmael? Because Abraham intended Esau to inherit what he bequeathed to Jacob. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of vegetable soup.

If Antichrist is not directly related to Abraham through Esau, the Arabian peninsula, which is the land given to Israel by God, can be claimed only by someone else. Prophetically, Antichrist will be acclaimed as the savior of the modern world, because he will end the feud between the descendants of Jacob and Esau and bring real peace to the world. He will become so popular that historians will dig into his geneology. To Mohammad and beyond. The world will learn that among his ancestors was Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the Assyrian ruler who ascended to the Seleucid throne in 175 B.C. and who conquered Egypt in 171 BC.

Antiochus IV, who is described by Daniel in 8:23-25, is the subject of 1 Macabees (which appears in the Catholic version aof the Bible, and in the apocraphyl writings which are found in the Pseudopigrapha of the Holy Writ). In addition, the history of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, through which Antichrist is viewed by the prophet Daniel, is adequately recorded in the Antiquities of the Jews. (It would not surprise me too much to discover that this lineage included Sargon and Sennacherib the Assyrian King.) The 666th most direct, first-born ancestor of Antichrist will prove to be Abraham.

The Hashemite Kings have proudly displayed their pedigree for all the world to see and examine for the entire 20th century, and likely before. (On the left is the genealogy of the Hashemite kings found on King Abdullah II’s website.) None in the Arab world has ever disputed it. And, regardless of the pro-American views of King Abdullah II or his father, King al Hussein, no Muslims clerics have issued fatwas in their names. What attempts on the Hashemites kings throughout the 20th century were very likely paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The reason is the direct link of the Hashemite dynasty to Mohammad. While the genealogy of Abdullah II goes farther back than what is shown here, the genealogy of the Hashemite kings goes back to the prophet Mohammad:

Abdullah II, al Hussein, Talal, Abdullah I, Ali, Muhammed (Emir of Mecca), Abdul Mu’een, Auon, Ra’i al-Hadala, Muhsin, Abdullah, al Hussein, Abdullah (Emir of Mecca), al-Hassan (Emir of Mecca), Muhammad Abu Numayy II (Emir of Mecca), Barakat II (Emir of Mecca), al Hassan (Emir of Mecca), ‘Ajlan (Emir of Mecca), Rumaytha (Emir of Mecca), Mohammad Abu Numayy I (Emir of Mecca), al-Hassan (Emir of Mecca), Ali, Qutadah (Emir of Mecca), Idris, Muta’in, Abd al-Karim, Issa, al-Hassein, Suleiman, Ali, Abdullah, Mohammad, Abdullah, Muhammad, Musa, Abdullah, al-Hassan al-Muthanna, al-Hassan, Fatima az-Zahra (the daughter of Mohammad the Prophet), Mohammad (the Prophet of Islam), Abdullah, Abd al-Mutalib, Hashem (the ancestor of the Hashemites), Abd Manaf, Qusai (King of Mecca).

When the world succumbs to the charm and political prowness of Antichrist, peace will descend on the center of the world for 42 months. And, for those three and a half years, the world will idolize the diminutive, popular man of peace [Isa. 14:7-21]. In the midst of chaos he will extend the Camp David Accord (currently between the Egyptians and the nation of Israel) into a peace between not only the Arab nations and Israel, but between the Arab nations and the rest of the world. When Antichrist first exerts his influence over the entire Mideast, the descendants of Jacob and Esau will grudgingly bow to his will. The Jews will recognize this king's primogenitive kinship to David and Abraham. The Muslims, on the other hand, will acknowledge not only the primogenitive linkage to Abraham through Isaac, whose seed brought forth Esau, but the indisputable first born link to the Prophet Mohammad. Forty-two months into the agreement, Antichrist will break the peace accord, kill God's two endtime witnesses—Enoch and Elijah—and desecrate what will become known as the Millennial Temple (that will sit on the Temple Mount beside the Dome of the Rock [Ezek. 4-; Rev. 11:2].) On that day, the world will be 1,260 days from the Battle of Armageddon. At the end of that great battle, the primogenitive dispute over Jacob's inheritance will be settled for all time.



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