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20 years


ack in 1995 when I became an unabashed, outspoken advocate for all things patriotically conservative, I began a trek which evolved into an 18-year journey with the Washigton Times . One of the early acquaintances I made in my day-to-day advertising sales responsibilities for that newspaper was with a guy named Scott Lively. Scott and a friend, Kevin Abrams published a book in 1996 entitled "The Pink Swastika." The book asserted that many of the Nazi leaders in the Third Reich were homosexuals. The Pink Swastika also attempted to link radical homosexuality with aberrant social behavior by arguing that eight of the ten most infamous serial killers in the United States were homosexuals, including Jeffery Dahmer, Bruce Davis, John Wayne Gacy, Donald Garvey, and Patrick Wayne Kearney.

Lively sent me a copy of his book which, today, remains buried in the floor-to-ceiling solid wall of books behind my desk in my home office. I never ran Scott's book in an ad, but we became friends for two or three years, talking every few months. I think Soctt lived in Oregon at the time. Scott eventually moved to California, where he worked for the American Family Association. I spoke to him once or twice after that, but then the tethers of comradery were erased as old phone numbers were disconnected and replaement numbers and email addresses were never exchanged. Too busy doing our own things, we just lost contact with one another.

In 2011 I heard that Scott had founded an evangelical ministry in Riga, Latvia called the Watchmen on the Walls. Watchmen works by encouraging homosexuals and lesbians to practice "conversion therapy," which is suppressing lesbian, gay and bisexual behavior through supported will power. Watchmen is listed as a virulently anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center

It wasn't until late July of this year that Scott Lively's name turned up in emails that ended in my e.mail box. Scott was pastoring Abiding Truth Ministries in Springfield, Massachusetts. .At the time he was being sued in the United States by a Ugandan homosexual rights group called SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda). At the same time, he was also weighing the notion of running for governor of the State of Massachusetts. Massachsuetts—today the second most communist State in the Union—was the birthplace of the American Revolution.

SMUG's lawsuit was financed in part by George Soros' Open Society Institute and, in part, by the equally leftwing Ford Foundation. (The American people, looking for a new Ford, Mercury or Lincoln vehicle this year or next, should weigh the political positions of Ford Motor Company and determine if their position on individual First Amendment rights, the Bible, a person's inherent right to freedom of religion and their equally inherent right to freely exercise their religious beliefs in the public forum, dovetail with their own. If they don't, perhaps the new car buyer should be looking at a US built Toyota or Honda. The American people need to begin "billfold advocacy." Protest-with-the-purse is more effective than Letters-to-the-Editor. Believe me when I say this—the princes of industry and barons of business need your money far more than you need their services and wares.)

Cases filed under the Alien Tort Statue 28 USC § 1350 (enacted Mar. 3, 1911) allowed US District Courts to assume original jurisdiction in actions filed by aliens against individuals or organizations in the United States for actions committed in foreign lands.

Ultimately, the US Supreme Court ruled on the extent to which cases filed under the Alien Tort Statute could be heard by a federal judge in the United States. The high court ruled that the ATS conferred jurisdiction over claims only when the alleged violations against an alien occurred on American soil. In other words, the lawsuit filed against Lively by SMUG could not be heard by a federal court in the United States because Lively's "crime" (i.e., advocacy) was in mailing anti-gay phamplets to churches in Uganda and advocating against homosexuality at a time when the Muslim majority in the Ugandan parliament proposed what was known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in November, 2009. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill called for severe penalties up to, and including, a sentence of death—which Lively, like ministers all over the world, opposed. At the time that partiicular bill was working its way through the Uganda parliament, performing homosexual acts already violated Ugandan law.

Sexual Minorities Uganda SMUG v Scott Lively was heard by Judge Michael Ponsor in the US District Court for Western Massachuasetts. Judge Ponsor, a Bill Clinton appointee, was elevated to senior judge status in 2011 by Barack Obama. Ponsor, is semi-retired. Leftwing Sen. Elizabeth Warren is currently interviewing replacements for Ponsor. In his 79-page opinion Ponsor, an Oxford University Rhodes Scholar, ruled that Scott Lively, a evangelical pastor, was "...aiding and abetting a crime against humanity..." when he spoke in Uganda, and in America, against homosexual behavior, adding that Lively's message was "...analogous to a terrorist designed and manufaturing a bomb in this country which he then mails to Uganda with the intent tha it explodes there." By publishing religious tracts that condemn homosexual marriage, Ponsor said, ":Lively [was acting] like an upper level manager or leader of a criminal enterprise."

The New American observed that "...reading between the lines, it becomes apparent that the criminal enterprise in which Ponsor found Lively engaged was that of believing, preaching, and promoting Judeo-Christian morality in an age that glorifies ungodliness and exalts satisfaction of appetities above the sacrifice of self to the will of God. In allowing the lawsuit against Lively to proceed, Ponsor called Lively's Ugandan hosts co-conspirators in what he described as Lively's violations of international norms."

Those international norms? The shifting in the thinking of the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business who are determined to create a Godless world that not only fits the need of their greed, but also redefines, for their benefit, the norms of human sexuality in order to greatly reduce the population of the world. Which, of course, also fits the aforementioned needs since population control is the number one priority of the princes of industry. Population is human capital. The masters of the universe sitting at the pinnacle of power are convinced that, like any commodity on Earth, when there is too much human capital, it has less value per unit, and also has a negative impact on the global economy by simultaneously under-producing goods that create commerce while over-consuming both the world's natural resources and the products and services that society creates for payng customers. In other words, the society around the corner will no longer be able to afford the "gimme" crowd that the princes of industry need today to maintain political power. Once that power cannot be rescinded by the vote or overthrown with the gun, the taskmasters of Utopia will have no further use for society's sluffers who produce nothing and consume everything. Europe is already experiencing the need to dump the "gimme crowd" from the free handout roster. They can no longer afford the sluffer society they created.

Controlling human capital
The biggest "tourist attraction" in Elbert County, Georgia since June, 1979 is a sculpture known in local lore as the Georgia Guidestones (or more commonly today, American Stonehenge). The sculpture was created by the Elbert Granite Finishing Company for a buyer who used the pseudonym R.C. Christian when he paid for the Guidestone. Locals believe whomever paid for it used the initials for the phrase Rosicrucian Christian as the initials of the customer who paid for the artifact to be created. The 12.5 ton, 20' tall guidestones were chiseled in eight languages: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindu, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Why those eight? Since it was a population control message on the Guidestones, six of the eight population groups on the gudestones are among the most heavily populated nations on Earth. Clearly the Jews are not an overly populated group. Only 0.2% of the world's population, or about 15.2 million people, are Jews.

Why include them? Because, in Obadiah 10-16, the prophet warned mankind that as the end of the world comes, every nation on Earth—including what's left of the United States—will turn on Israel. Do you remember what Jesus said to His disciples when they asked Him by what signs they would know mankind had reached the end of the world [Matt. 24:3]? Answering them, Jesus said, "...Of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven. But as the days of Noah were, so shall also be the coming of the Son of man be." [Matt. 24:36-37] It is important for the Christian world to fully comprehend that on three occasions God levied judgment on mankind. All three occasions were the result of man fornicating with man and woman with woman. First, when God saw the sexual perdition of man in the days of Noah, He determined to destroy the Earth because man had given himself over to Satan and wholly corrupted what God created. The world was filled with all forms of evil. Only in Noah did God find righteousness.

Second, when three angels, one of them the Precarnate Christ, appeared to Abraham in the plains of Mamre and told him He was going to destroy the five cities in the plains: Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zoar and Zeboiim because the odor of their sin—all forms of homophilia—had become a stench in God's nostrils [Gen. 18:1-19:19], Abraham bartered with God to spare them if, in those cities, 50 righteous people could be found. In the end, God spared four people and destroyed all five of the cities and their inhabitants.

Because He had promised never again to destroy the world in a universal flood, God rained fire and brimstone upon the inhabitants of the five cities after giving Lot, his wife and two daughters a chance to escape to safety. churchathomeThat, archeologists believe, may be what caused the crushed crystalline sandstone pillars around the Dead Sea (referred to by Josephus as the Sea of Sodom). Legend holds that one of thoe pillars contains the remains of Lot's wife when she ignored God's warning and turned to look back as they fled to the mountains in the rift valley away from Sodom and Zoar at the foot of the Dead Sea.

Why is that important? Because of all of man's sins in the eyes of God (other than blasphemy of the Holy Spirit), the two worst are the slaughter of the unborn and the wasting of the seed of life. Man's purpose, according to God's own word, is twofold, To populate the world and to worship Him. Man has no other premiere role. If man is not serving the purpose for which God created him, and is, in fact, doing the opposite, what purpose in the scheme of life does man serve?

God's first command to Adam and Eve was to populate the world (Gen. 1:28"Be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth.") And, to Noah, He said (Gen. 9:7—"Be fruitful and multiply.") The King James text uses the same terminology in Gen 1:28 and 9:7 which appears to suggests God's command to both was to "go forth and replenish the world." However, in the original Hebrew, different words—suggesting an original filling and an ensuing replenishment—were ordered by God.

And, therein lay the problem.Today, the richest families on Earth chose diagreed with the edicts of God and decided it was their prerogative to edit the edict of God, and simply erase it. Those families believe only in what they can see, smell, hear or touch—and control.

In 1962 the John D. Rockefelle, Sr.r dynasty scion, David Rockefeller, bought into the Paul Ehrlich "Population Bomb" myth that the world would be dangerously overpopulated by the year 2000, did so not because he actually believed the pseudo-babble fiction Ehrlich wrote, but because it served Rockefeller's purpose and would allow him to manipulate the minds of the foolish who has always believed the sky is falling. Rockefeller took Ehrlich's pseudoscience a step farther and argued that If we did not immediately begin to eliminate both the unborn and the nearly dead through abortion and euthanasia, the world would be so appallingly over-burdened with non-productive people within four decades that the world would no longer be able to feed the world's soaring population. Ehrlich's "science" was actually the early 18th century views of botonist Thomas Malthus who, using the agricultural and architectural culture of the early 18th century, postulated how that population would grow by the year 2000 and, estimating the amount of farmland which would have to be converted into towns and dwellings for what would be hundreds of millions of people, announced that there would not be enough farmland left in the world to grow the crops needs to feed that population.

Ehrlich, who was born in 1932 and not 1766 like Malthus, lived in the age of modern agriculture science and modern architecture. Unlike Malthus who was raised in a country home in Wescott, near Dorking in Surrey, England probably never saw a building taller than three, four or five stories in Camrbridge where he was educated, Ehrlich, who was raised in Philadelphia and traveled extensively, saw skyscrapers and likely marveled at the Empire State Building in New York, which opened for its first tenets in 1931. Yet crop proliferation through the use of chemical fertilizers, and conservation in farmland to protect oxygen-producing trees and grasslands, and high-rise apartment buildings did not entice Ehrlich to question Mathlus' arachic, primitive colonial science.

He dekiberately chose to use Ehrlich's conclusions—however flawed he knew they were—because he believed, science aside that, ultimately, the human capital the princes of industry and the barons of business needed to grow their own wealth, would strip the world bare of all of its natural wealth because that's what old John D. Rockefeller, Sr. said that's what man would do. In the end, Ehrlich's cowtowing to the views of the rich paid off for him in both fame and fortune because there is always someone willing to pay for you to sell out mankind. In Ehrlich's case, that man would be David Rockefeller.

Before Ehrlich's book was written and published in 1968, Rockefeller was already spending millions of dollars in 1962 to brainwash the American people into believing that a catastrophic population explosion was taking place and if the world's governments could not solve the problem of curbing population growth by legalizing abortion, by the year 2000 half the world would be starving and the other half would be killing those with food to feed their own families. The doomsdayers came out of the woodwork. Between 1962 and 1969 Rockefeller hired the George Gallup Company to determine the people's position on abortion. In 1962 the American people repudiated legalizing abortion by 91%. In 1965, 74% of the Gallup respondants repudiated abortion as a solution of the nation's economic problems. In 1968, the Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation bought and disributed millions of copies of Ehrlich's Population Bomb to schools, libraries and virtually anyone who wanted a copy. The mainstream media, controlled by the Rockefeller-Morgan cartel in the United States, fanned the population explosion myth as the catalyst that would cause a catastrophic endtime worldwide famine and, ultimately, a global war for food as the tragic end that awaited us as the doors opened into the communist utopia of the 21st century. The solution? As quickly as possible, reduce the population of the world to no more than a sustainable 500 million people. The Georgia Guidestone solution. Today, the global population is estimated to be 7,114,836,029, and it's growing at the rate of 56 million more people per year. By 2040, the growth rate will exceed 80 million per year.

Creating global Sodom and Gomorrah
Because the Godless Rich still believe people are the scourge of the Earth, curbing the promulgation of people remains an imperative for the still-every-bit-as-communist-as-they-were-before-the-Berlin-Wall-collaped- in-1989 Utopian princes of industry, beginning with the Rockefeller and Ford Foundation campaign in 1962 to legalize abortion. In 1962, 1965 and 1969 Rockefeller commission a Gallup poll to find out how well his public relations campaign to sell America on abortion rights was doing. In 1962, the first Gallup poll showed that only 22% of the people polled said abortion should be legal and available to women for any reason. In 2002, when the leftwing media said that the number of people who believed abortion should be legal for any reason. In reality, by 2002 with millions of dollars in PR money spent by the left to convince people that abortion was a constitutional right of women, only 25% of those polled by Gallup said abortion should be available to women for any reason they chose. In 1965 when Gallup did the poll again, the numbers remained constant.

In 1969, after the publication and promotion of Ehrlich's Population Bomb, with the Rockefeller Foundation distributing millions of copies of Ehrilich's fiction free of charge, Rockefeller commissioned the Gallup people to go back to the well for another sip. This time, 40% of the respondants said that, under some circumstances such as protecting the life of the mother or knowing the baby would be deformed, they felt abortion shoud be legalized. But, at the same time, overall, 73% of the respondants opposed unregulated access to abortion. In 1972 Gallup flipped the question and asked if respondants felt abortion should be a private matter between a woman and her physician. This time, since the question of whether or not abortion should be legal was not asked, a majority of the respondants simply said yes. The pro-abortion crowd learned that since Americans viewed abortion as murder, you simply don't ask them if they would sanction baby killing for the convenience of the mother.

In 1971 the US Supreme Court first argued Roe v Wade (40 US 941) and found that abortion, except to save the life of the mother, was illegal. In the end, the justices ruled on Roe baed on their decision in Younger v Harris, where they ruled that a District of Columbia law that made abortion illegal except to save the life of the mother was the model the nation should follow. The Rockefeller-tainted 1972 Gallup poll changed the view of at least one Supreme Court jurist—Associate Justice Harry Blackmun, the architect of the 1973 Roe v Wade decision—for very personal reasons. Blackmun should not have either weighed in on, or ruled on, Roe v Wade in 1973 when the court's remodeled ruling came down.

In 1972 Blackmun's 20-year old daughter Sally had an out-of-wedlock baby with her 20-year college boyfriend. She quit college and married him. Shortly after the wedding, Sally had a miscarriage. The couple split up and Sally Blackmun viewed her life ruined because of the unwanted baby. After the 1972 Gallup Poll, Blackmun demanded that the high court readdress Roe v Wade which, since 1971, was settled law. Recently, Sally Blackmun told Women's e.News that her father sought out her views before crafting the language of Roe v Wade. She told her father that the unwanted baby ruined her life. "It was one of those things," she told him, "that I was not proud of...it was a big disappointment to my parents. I did what many young woman in my era did. I quit college and married my boyfriend. It was a decision that I might have made different had Roe v Wade been around." And, daddy made sure it was.

Blackmun, it seems, did not fight for the decision to legalize abortions because lawmakers ignored constitutional provisions that give women such a right to privacy that they can kill an unborn child within them for intruding in their "private space." There is no constitutional right to privacy anywhere in the Constitution (initially construed by Blackmun to be in the 4th Amendment where "...people are secure in their persons..." But, as hard as Constitutional lawyers and legal scholars have tried to bind Roe to this amendment or that, they can't. They can't because the constitutional right to kill your unborn child does not exist.

The framers of the Constitution of the United States were, for the most part, God-fearing Christians. Even the most corrupt American in 1787 would never presume that any woman had a right to kill her unborn child simply because having a baby was, at the moment, inconvenient. The feelings of Americans today is not a whole lot iot different than it was in 1787 or 1973. Moral people understand that killing unborn or nearly-born babies is an affront to God. It is akin to the practice Molech worship described in Lev. 18:21. God said, "Thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech." In 2 Chr. 28:3, 33:6; Jer. 7:31 and 19:2-6 the Bible describes how apostate Israelites sacrificed their infant children by tossing them into large bonfires..

The practice of sacrificing new life was such a horrible sin to God, that during the 45 day period between the end of the Battle of Armageddon and the establishment of the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth, the Sheeps and Goats Judgment will take place outside the East Gate of Jersualem, overlooking what was called Topeth (Jer. 7:32) or the Valley of the Son of Hinnom (known today as the Valley of Kidron) in the easternmost part of the valley below the East Gate of Jerusalem. The living who face Christ at that moment who are condemned for their sins, will be cast into Hades from that spot to suffer eternal damnation.

While the august US Supreme Court erased the civil penalty for killing the unborn, the nearly born and the just born (until the umbiliical cord is cut), God has not.erased the moral penalty. Contrary to the politically correct, agendized far left which is increasingly determined to radically and rapidly diminish the global population, and which now claims that there has been a recent upward spike in the number of Americans who believe abortion should be universally legali in all cases, a 2013 Quinnipiac University poll of registered voters taken in July shows that between July 29-31, 2013 only 20% of the respondant queried believe abortion should be legal in all instances. Those citing "a marked increase in the acceptance of abortion may well have been citing a comparison between July, 2013 and April 21, 2009 when the poll showed only 15% approved. However in the Quinnipiac poll taken on Jan. 30, 2013, 24% of the voters polled approved of abortion. This is a quarterly poll. If you average it from the time abortion polling began in 1962, you will find the views of respondants has not changed. Twenty percent—the social progressive element in our society (which is about 18% of the population) has always favoried population curtailment—as long as it isn't them.

As long as the social progressives (i.e., communists) within our society control the ability to stack the federal courts with likeminded jurists, abortion will remain legal—even though 80% of the population either wants abortions completely outlawed, or allowed only to save the life of mother, or in cases of rape or incest where the woman raped by an outsider or family member does not want a lifelong reminder of the crime that violated her.

Making a Godless America
In May, 1989 social progressives through the American Bar Association fired the first shot in the war against the Christian religion over the bow of the USS Christian America. It came in the form of an obscure brochure advertising a seminar for "...[a]ttorneys who want to be on the cutting edge of a new area of law"—suing churches, Christian organizations and Christian leaders. The seminar was entitled "Expanding the Use of Tort Law Against Religions." The name was slightly deceiving since the only "religion" (singular) the lawyers planned to attack was Christianity. Their intention was ignore the Constitution's 1st Amendment protection of every American's inherent right to practice their Christian faith without interference or obstruction from the State while expanding the religious rights of Muslims to such an extreme extent that government-funded public schools were allowed to force Christian and Jewish children to dress in Muslim garb, read from the Qur'an in class, and chant Muslim prayers. Yet, those Christian and Jewish children were forbidden to wear either a crucifix or Star of David jewelry to school.

The question is: why? The answer is: simple. The utopian princes of industry and agnostic barons of banking and business who attempted, at the ends of both World War I and World War II, to dissolve the nation state and create a seamless world government were quick to grasp the reality that the nationalistic fervor that fuels patriotism is rooted in Christian faith. By 1945 it became clear to the globalists that, before American sovereignty could be breached, the princes of industry and tbe barons of banking—aided by corrupt political hacks, ambitious judges and breaucrats who feed on the taxpayers in any society—would have erase Christianity from the hearts, minds and souls of the American people before the United States could be re-shackled to the Old World Order. So it was during the third great Christian revival of the 20th century when America's purveyors of the US legal system, with a nod from the princes of industry and the barons of banking, knew if they could successfully attack the underpinnings of the 1st Amendment there would be a lot of profit to take.

From April 19, 1775 until the surrender of Maj. Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis, the 1st Marquess Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia on Oct. 19, 1781, the American people (most of whom remained loyal to King George III and avoided any entanglement with the British) struggled against impossible odds to break the steel shackles that bound them to the overlords of Europe. The Founding Fathers were convinced, in the end, they would prevail even though they were sorely outnumbered and badly outgunned. The passion to win was fueled by the fire of Christian patriotism burning in their guts. It was that patriotism—Christian patriotism—that made America the greatest nation on Earth. So great that America was able to help everyone but needed no one. If the princes of industry missed that point in 1920, they got it in 1945.

In 1946 the Truman Administration launched the first societal political pogrom in the United States to erase the generational isolationism that had permeated America's soul since 1920 by introducing a globalist public school curriculum created by the UNESCO for America's public schools on April 6, 1946. The curriculum, "Towards World Understanding," was initiated to prepare the next generation for "world citizenship." In 1947, UNESCO's Director General, Sir. Julian Huxley, issued a scholastic directive entitled "Classrooms With Children Under 12-years of Age" in which he blamed the parents of school-age children for harming their offsprng b y instilling in them a sense of Christian faith and patriotic pride. Huxley noted that "...before the child enters school his mind has already been profoundly marked—and often injuriously, by earlier influences first gained in the home." Later in the text—which was used in classrooms throughout the United States—Huxley observed that "...it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism. The schools should therefore use every means described earlier to combat family attitudes..." adding that among those things were religion and patriotism. Huxley's anti-Christian, anti-patrioti UNESCO agenda, sanctioned by the princes of industry, was incorporated not only in the public schools in the United States, but in Europe as well. Eventually, it became the foundation for preschool to get children away from their parents before they were unduly influenced by homegrown parental prejudices—God and County.

From 1946 to 1965 the battle to destroy Christianity was waged almost entirely from within the citadels of education when the American Civil Liberties Union was drafted by the globalists. The legal shotguns were loaded when the State of New Jersey enacted legislation which allowed parochial school children to ride public school buses to and from their Catholic schools. The second barrel of that shotgun was fired that same year when a Ewing Township, New Jerey taxpayer, Arch Everson sued based on Reynolds v United States [1878] and Pierce v Society Sisters [1925] arguing that the school board was supporting a religion. (I find it strange today that when a school board actually does support a religion—always Islam, it seems—no one sues and no one says a word.) Everson v Board of Education was argued on Nov. 20, 1946. The decision came down on Dec. 2, 1947. Everson was a win for the princes of industry because it applied the restrictions intended only for the federal government to the States and allowed the federal government to attack Christianity at the federal, State, county and municipal level. The deck was now firmly stacked against Christianity.

Expediting the population decline
at both ends of the age corridor...and
finally, a new population killer without
the use of
either abortion or euthanasia
On Friday, January 18, 2002 in the 9 p/m. viewing slot, the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) Foundation aired a commerical on CBS-TV in anticipation, I thought, of the Roe v Wade spots that National Right to Life and other prolife advocacy groups would ramp up between the 18th and January 22, the anniversary of the infamous Roe v Wade decision. I found one thing unusual about the NARAL spot, but I didn't think it through that evening. There were no mothers nor any babies in the spot. The commercial depicted a young couple walking hand-in-hand along a path in a park. Coming towards them, walking hand-in-hand, was an elderly couple. Because I live in the advertising industry, when I watch TV for enjoyment and not for the commercials, I tend to block the sound "pitch" out of my mind until the commercial is over and thenI tune my ears back into the program.

When I went back to the commercial a few days later, I discovered it was an "end-of-life" message. NARAL stepped beyond the abortion rights issue and, using the imagery of an elderly person well beyond childbearing years, tagged it with a message about "choice" at the other end of the age corridor. Voluntary euthanasia. In a serene maternal voice, the announcer said: "I believe there's a reason we are born with free will. I have a strong will to decide what's best for my body, my mind—and my life. I believe in myself. In my intelligence, my integrity, my judgment. And, I accept full responsibility for the decisions I make. I believe in my right to choose—without interrogations, without indigities, without violence...The greatest human freedom is choice. And, I believe no one has the right to take that freedom away. What's life without choice?" The true reality is, what is human life if you exercise your "right" to end it? Human life ends at the moment eternal life begins. Bad human life choices lead to a even worse eternal life—in Hell. Suicide, even triggered by debilitating pain and anguish, is still murder in the eyes of God. Man's decision to legalize that choice, at either end of the age corridor, is still murder. The social progressives at the top of the human pyramid believe God is a myth created by weak, frightened men who need a deity to thank for the good things in life and to blame for the bad. While powerful men on Earth may have the power to exercise whatever political prerogatives they wish, and ethe financial power to create any law they need to achieve their ideological goals or enough financial wherewithal to ignore any laws they cannot constitutionally change, man is not co-regent with God. God has not given man the right to change any of His rules with which man disagrees.

When man makes choice that violate God's law, there is a penalty assigned for that choice that man can waive by enacting a human law to justify the act. Two of those eternal bad choices are: murder and homosexuality. When God gave Moses "the Law" on Mount Sinai (the Decalogue), He included among them, these: Thou shalt not kill (the 6th commandment) and thou shalt not covet thu neighbor's wife, nor his manservant nor his maidservant (the 10th commandment). While you may view the 10th commandment as dealing with greed and not homosexuality, the following scriptures should put that thought to rest: (Gen. 18:16, 19:1-11, 19:20; Lev. 18:22, 20:13; Jud. 10:16-24; 1 Ki. 14:24, 1Ki. 15:12; 2 Ki. 23:7; Rom. 1:18--27; 1 Cor. 6:8-11); 1 Tim. 1:8-10; Jude 6-7)

NARAL has now assumed the role of hall monitor at both ends of the age corridor, assuring the young, pregnant mother-to-be, that's because it's legal, its morally acceptable to kill her unborn child. And, assuring the elderly with diminished quality of life, who may be confined to a wheel chair or bed-ridden, or a forced to pull a portable oxygen tank from room-to-room just to breathe, that they have a right to "die with dignity" is immoral because there is no dignity in death—particularly if you are complicit in your own death.

When the NARAL spot ran in 2002, the nation was nine years from its first serious attempt to enact a a national healthcare plan containing the nation's first mandatory euthanasia provision. The 1,342 page bill was called the National Health Security Act of 1993. Even the social progressives (who\ were still hiding in the congressional cloak rooms in 1993 while pretending they were moderates) were afraid to enact it. Hillarycare, like Obamacare, rationed healthcare to the elderly based on several factors including how large their Social Secuirty check was each month—and how long they'd been receiving it. It's important that Americans understand that the purpose of a national healthcare system is not, and never was, to treat patients. It has been to make sure the elderly do not outlive the actuarial charts. Social Security is bankrupt today for a variety of resaons.

The first, you might say, is that the elderly live too long largely because of advances in medical science. Today, if you're aren't hit by a car, just about everyone outlives the actuarial tables. Absent any other factors, Social Security was ultimately doomed to collapse. In 1965, to guarantee that the nation's poor—particularly the minority poor—always voted Democratic, Lyndon Johnson's 89th Congress created a universal welfare system. Johnson called it The Great Society. It was the Great Sinkhole. It sucked the entire Social Security Trust Fund down the drain. That was Factor Two.

The third factor was the North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA], enacted by Bill Clinton in 1993, amid a choir of assurances that NAFTA was jobs creator, not a jobs killer. NAFTA was specifically designed to move American jobs out of the United States into the human capital-rich third world, but protect the princes of industry by allowing them to import the goods made in the exported factories back to the United States without paying tariffs. It was good for the corporate bottom line. it was bad for the American workers. (That's what created the anomaly that makes everyone wonder how the stock market can be doing so good when American workers are doing so badly?)

In 1990, three years before NAFTA, the labor force remained parallel with population growth. By 2013, job growth reduced by 20% while the labor force shrunk by 40%. Part of that stems from the fact that in 2013 there were about 10% more first time job seekers than there were in 1993.) But, when you reduce jobs by 40% over two decades, you reduce tax receipts by a like amount, putting an financial strain on a Social Security system already drowning in red ink. And, that created an even greater need for government to reduce the strain on the system before it collapsed and triggered a domino affect that will ultimately take down not only the US Federal Reserve, but every interlocked central bank in the world. The world will then see a fulfillment of Revelation 18.

Every nation on Earth with an old age pension system uses its healthcare system to unencumber itself from its Social Security obligations—through forced euthanasia by rationing healthcare to their elderly and letting them die rather than treating them.

Today the transnational politicians are faced with a new problem. Shrinking populations due to abortion. Every industrialized nation on Earth is well below population replenishment. Caucasian United States, which had a replensihment level of 0.9 two decades ago is now around 0.7 (7 babies are born for every ten deaths). African American-America has a replenishment rate of 0.8. Muslim and Hispanic parents have a birth replenishment rate of 1.3.

In socialist Europe, it's far worse than in the United States. Their population replenishment levels are as low as 0.5. France, like the Netherlands, is in trouble because for the last three decades they've had to import the workers and consumers they need to keep their economies alive. But most of the emigrants arriving at their doorsteps are from the Mideast or from Muslim nations in Europe or Asia. With a birth rate level of 1.3 compared to 0.5 to 0.7, the Islamic world realized by 2050, they will be the political majority in France and the Netherlands. Europe will become Muslim through attrition, and the European Union will become an Islamic entity—without a war. And, with a Muslim parliament, Shariah will become the law in Europe.

For the last decade the world powers have begun to realize they can no longer afford abortion. The Utopian princes of industry who are determined to dramatically reduce the population of the world (most of which is in the human capital-rich emerging third world that is either Roman Catholic, Buddhist or Muslim. Nations which, for the most part, eschew abortion. The problem, the princes of industry now realizeat least in the industrialized nations that are now dyingis not new birth, it's people who live too long. The world needs new human capital, since they will become the taxpayers who fill the coffers of the State and keep the nation-states financially solvent in the years to come. But, they now conclude their need is to cap live births globally at levels around 0.3 to 0.5 for the next 50 to 100 years. This can be done, the utopians believe, by changing the human perception of marriage, and normalizing human sexuality and marriage to dominantly include same sex marriage.

When I was growing up eons ago (it feels like), the America I remember was a God-fearing, church-going nation. Openly promoting homosexuality as a viable, mainstream lifestyle would never be tolerated. No Hollywood movie producer—even those with that proclivity—would ever try to produce a movie called Milk (Universal Studios, 2009), Brokeback Mountain (Focus Features and River Road Studio, 1995), or Philadelphia (Tri-Star Pictures, 1993) Shockingly, according to GLAAD, tbe best LGBT movie for 2012, billed by the media as an animated family film, ParaNorman—you guessed it—was about a homosexual boy who communicated with ghosts. One of the critics who viewed the prescreening of the movie said, in his column, the writers, producers and directors ruined the movie by making Norman (the main character), a homosexual. Chris Butler, the film's writer and co-director said he was "...disappointed in the negative commentary..." (but) "...the only way to make change is to do something about it."

In 2012 as Butler was transforming the minds of children in the cinema to accept homosexuality and lesbianism as normal, DC Comics (owned by Warner Brothers was transforming the minds of comic book readers. Again, they targeted the adolescent mind—even those who were actually physically post-pubescent.

In the 1990s DC Comics and Marvel Comics were fighting the war of comic book supremacy. As the Marvel Comics super heroes eclipsed DC Comics in the late 1970s, DC Comics, in a desperation move to increase sales, began to write in darker themes to drive sales, causing Marvel Comics—its primary competitor—to do the same. In the 1950s Congress launched an investigation of comic books when a psychiatrist named Frederic Wertham wrote a book entitled "Seduction of the Innocent" which showed that comic book producers were entwining subtle sexual themes in the super hero comic books. Wonder Woman (according to Wertham), a DC super hero, was depicted as a lesbian due to her super strength and her independence from men. Wertham also suggested that DC's Batman and Robin were homosexual lovers. Sen. Estes Kefauver [D-TN] decided there might be something to Wertham's allegations and called for a law regulating the content in comic books. The princes of industry were watching from the sidelines as the Association of Comic Book Publishers hired New York Judge Charles F. Murphy to head the Comic Book Association of America to establish a comic book code of ethics through what would be called the Comic Code Authority. The CCA loosely cloned Hollywood's movie code. And, of course, like the Motion Picture Production Code (1934) whch vanished in 1968, the Comic Code Authority, like Wiley Miller's Non Sequitur comic strip, became a false cause and simply faded into oblivion because Moral America simply didn't care.

The 1990s brought a whole new comic book genre—imprints for mature audiences. Cartoon Sodom and Gomorrah was only a few pen strokes away. And, it would not arrive in a brown paper wrapper. When Werthman suggested that Batman and Robin were homosexual lovers, DC introduced Batwoman—who was created in 1956 to be Batman's girlfriend—proving his "manhood." But the comic book world wasn't ready for another super-heroine, and Bruce Wayne's girl friend, Kathy Kane, faded off over the horizon. imagine Bruce Wayne's surprise 50 years later when, in 2006 Kathy Kane returned as—you guessed it—a lesbian.

In June, 1990 DC Comics introduced a new superhero, Green Lantern which became an iconically popular comic book hero. In 2011 Warner Brothers produced the movie version of the comic strip. If you saw the movie, you know the Green Lantern character, played by Ryan Reynolds, has a heterosexual on-screen relationship with co-star Blake Lively. With a hit Green Lantern movie under its belt and the likelihood of a heterosexual sequel, DC Comics gave Green Lantern a box office kiss-of-death. In June, 2012, as comic book fans (even those whose love for comics dated back to the 1950s and 60s) watched the movie flick on the big screen, DC Comics was creating a new storyline for Green Lantern—he would becpme the latest super hero to come out of the India Ink closet. He's gay. Not the Hal Jordan Green Lantern. He's still straight. DC Comics literally brought the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott, out of the proverbial closet. And, while Reelz talked about Green Lantern 2, apparently it's not going to happen. Whether it does or not, the social progressives got the mileage they were looking for. Ten million kids are convinced that being a homosexual has no stigma attached.tp it. If a superhero can be homosexual, then it has to be okay.

The methodology applied by the princes of industry to sell homosexuality by brainwashing the youth to erase truth from the minds of ensuing generations was first initiated by Josef Stalin in the Soviet Union, Adolph Hitler in Germany, Mao Zedong in China, Fidel Castro in Cuba, Kim II-sung in North Korea and scores of horrific dictators in second and third world nations around the world. By changing the mental images in the minds of the most impressionable—children—of what historically happened, and why it happened, dictators have generationlly been able to alter the global perception of human history, sapping the will of people to revolt against the despots who rule them believing that what has always been always will be.

As noted earlier, the United States began the brainwashing of our children in America's elemenatary and secondary school classrooms in the 1940s. The indoctrination in America's institutions of higher education—our colleges and universities—began between 1920 and 1925 with the birth of the Council on Foreign Relations after the US signed the Treaty of Versailles that simulaneously ended World War I and ratified the League of Nations resolution which the American people, in one voice, repudiated. (A repudiation equal, today, of America's denouncement of Obamacare.) The Senate flatly rejected the Treaty. On Aug. 25, 1921 the United States signed a separate peace treaty with Germany. The treaty was ratified by both nations on Nov. 11, 1921 and recorded in the League of Nations (which the US never joined) on Aug. 12, 1922

Yet, unless you're very persistent, if you Google "end of World War I," "or "peace treaty signed with Germany to end WWI," the signing of the Treaty of Versailles will likely pop up..Perhaps that's because the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Royal Institute of International Affairs invested millions of pre-Depression era dollars to convince the American people that global government provided security from war for all people which, of course, is why World War I and it's encore, World War II were fought.

If you doubt that, ask yourself why, on August 10, 1941 did President Franklin Roosevelt (on the USS Augusta) and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (on the HMS Prince of Wales) meet secretly in Placentia Bay off the coast of Newfoundland to divide the spoils of a new World War involving the United States—which would not even begin until Dec. 7, 1941? Note the comment on the attachment on the right.. "Most Secret. NOTE: this document should not be left lying about and, if it is unncecesasry to retain, should be returned to the Private Office." You will see Winston Churchill's edits on the final draft of the Arlantic Charter—and his confidential note.

If you think both of the RooseveltsFranklin and Theodore—weren't socialists you need to read this document a little bit closer. Many of the nation's leaders, portrayed as patriots by America's educatiors and the communist scholars who have been assigned the role of caretakers of America's past, are actually rogues and scondrels who should have ended their presidencies in the Big House, not the White House. Instead, America's academia tidied up history making men like John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson and now, Barack Hussein Obama, not only look palatible, but appear to be icons of liberty. Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon, on the other hand, got the carry the stigma of someone else's sins into history as their own legacy. Obama is doing his level best to assign his sins to his predecessor, George W. Bush.

The intent of the realignment which would take place at the end of the new war was to be the social welfare realignment of the world desired by the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business.

The princes of industry and the barons of banking realized that 20% of the world's population controlled 80% of its wealth. Of course, 80% of the wealth of that 20% was controlled by 1% of the families in the industrialized world. Thus, when the princes of industry spoke (through the politiicans they owned) about the need to tax the rich, that 1% was exempted from taxation through tax exempt foundations and trusts. All that has ever been on the tax table was the wealth of the industrialized world's working middle class, needed by the political lackeys of the rich to redistribute to the poverty-strickened third world where the bulk of the human capital of the world resided. Through taxation, the money barons intended to convert the takers of the world into consumers paying their own way. As the poverty class moves up the ladder of affuence, the middle class will move down that ladder to meet those challenging them for their jobs. When the middle meets the bottom somewhere below their current status in life, the former middle class will no longer possess tje economic power to challenge the lords of business and industry.

Since none of the people in the nation states—nor the nation states themselves—favored erasing the national boundaries that separated their nations from all others in order to create a global neighborhood without borders, generational brainwashing would be needed to subtley sell the concept into fruitation over decades beginning with the minds easiest to mold—the children.

Through educational reformers John Dewey and Julian Huxley the money barons began the globalist indoctrination of America's educational system beginning in 1920-25. Most of the "chairs" in America's ivy league colleges and universities were paid for, and "owned by" the foundations of the money barons. By the 1950s, the princes of industry and the barons of banking and business controlled the curriculum in every college and university and, through public-private partnerships, and control of the National Education Association [NEA] (a congressional corporation since 1906) they also created, and and now control, the curriculum taught in the elementary and secondary public schools. By 1960 the socialist academicians who had been brainwashing America's future leaders for four decades began to tidy up history by making the "history" in the texbooks those same academicians wrote, dovetail with the socialist version of contemporary America as painted by the by the left.

The public education system of the United States is anything but a tutoral system where honest brokers of education instruct our children with integrity by truthfully teaching them what they need to know to prosper under the type of liberty their forefather fought for and died to create a form of liberty unknown in the world—then or now.

Our grandfathers and great grandfathers grew up with visions of places like Lexington, Concord, Saratoga, Valley Forge and Yorktown. And names like Belleau Woods or Normandy, or the Battles of Midway, the Coral Seas, or Guadalcanal or Iwo Jimy; or Inchon or the Choin Reservoir or Iraq or Afghanistan. Today, the patriotic reasons for the battles and those wars are no longer taught to our children. If you are under 30, the odds are pretty good you never learned those names in public school because, in 1979, the socialists in Congress federalized education by taking the jurisdiction of the public school system away from the States with Public Law 96-88, when President Jimmy Carter signed the Department of Education Organization Act on Oct. 17, 1979. On May 4, 1980 the federal government assumed authority over the coordination and supervision of education in the United States. The revisionists held the magic eraser that would allow them to "correct" the history not only of the United States but, for the most part, the entire world.

Had the American people been paying attention at the end of World War II when their politicians—who were literally owned by the princes of industry who funded their reelection campaigns with millions of dollars of free money made legal by politicians who enacted laws allowing them to accept bribes—may have been able to stop Congress from selling out the American people by demanding that the Inspector General investigate the improprieties engaged in by these unscrupulous politicians who legalized bribery for themselves, and prosecute them for accepting graft. But they didn't. Nor did the media raise the issue because the princes of industry, who control the mainstream media, wanted it that way. They needed Congress in their pocket because Congress writes the laws. Just the way financier George Soros needed the community organizer Barack Obama. Money always speaks in the universal language of the rich. Those who are and those who want to be. And, those who want the power of a dictator. Corrupt enough politicians and hate always wins out.



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