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Cyrus Rednecker's cruddy ol' Gen'l Store is now open. We're sitting in the middle of the road to somewhere, watching the traffic zip up and down the information superhighway. We are still stocking the shelves, but there are now products and services available for you to peruse.

Here is our aisle guide. If the hyperlink is active, it will take you the products and/or services we have to offer in those categories. Please come back often and check the links to see how Cyrus Rednecker's store is developing. Here's Cyrus' motto: "If a poss'm gets runned over today on thet infernal infermation supah hiway, we'll skin thet sucker this evening and have poss'm pie tomorrow."


When the store is "officially open," you will enter by clicking on "entah hyar y'all." But for right now, if you have written an interesting, well-constructed book that a conservative audience will enjoy, or learn from, click here on the word—:


and it will take you to a sample page to show you how your ad will be displayed on that page. As we complete our other offerings, the store will open for business. What we are targeting for a product line are products you used to be able to walk into your local supermarket or grocery store or corner drug store (not the fancy super pharmacies) and purchase. ou know, the items you can't find anymore even though they are still being made and used. Remember the over-the-counter herbal remedies that your grandparents and parents used to use to heal sick bodies without putting a ton of chemicals in their bodies? And most of all, the popular food items from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s that can no longer compete with the mass merchandisers because they refuse to pay the big food chain copnglomerates for the shelf space their products will consume (because that's what the "big boys" now do. As a result, some of the best US products consumers used to buy have now simply vanished from store shelves.

When you ask the guy or lady behind the counter at the supermarket, discount store or pharmacy, they say, "Oh, I don't think they make that anymore..." or "...with all of these better products, that work a lot better, there's no need to carry those old-fashioned remedies."

So, watch for the products you used to love...minus the chemicals manufacturers have substituted today to replace God's natural medicines. Why? Because you can't patent natural remedies but you can patent pharmachemical remedies.



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