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For about a year I felt led by the Holy Spirit to make the change I just made. Like most Americans, secure in a safe berth, I was reluctant to step off the precipice and get more deeply involved in what has become a losing battle to save America...and the Christian tenets that made this country the greatest nation in the history of the world. If they are not stopped this year, and if the people do not take back their nation, we are looking at the end of liberty and the fulfillment of former member of the British Parliament, George Orwell's prophetic "1984." My role in the final act of the drama which could be titled "Saving America," is not to run for office. That's someone else's job. My job is to awaken the sleeping dragon—the American people. Your job, I think, is to help me do it.

A couple of weeks ago when I was putting up the links for people to purchase my book, Whatever Happened To America? I discovered some reader comments on Amazon.com from people who read the book. Snippets of their views are relevant if you are think we need to awaken the American people before it's too late. Their comments will tell you why it's important to financially support JON CHRISTIAN RYTER'S CONSERVATIVE WORLD. What they say about the book applies equally to the material the readers of my website find every time they click on a link.

From Mark of Colorado Springs: "It would inspire change if only read by a small percentage of our country. Our country is being destroyed by a lack of knowledge. Please read and stop this trend."

From F. DeWayy: "I learned so much about American history that I had never heard about anywhere else, like the stock market crash was staged by insiders who made a mint. I learned that our Constitution is nothing like it used to be, and I learned how important States' rights are. This...changed by life."

From Lisa Ann Forte: "To uncover all that is exposed and documented [here] about the rise of world government...you would have to sift through the National Archives from the founding of our Republic up to the present day. On top of that, you would need to read reports and Declarations made by the United Nations, and all of the transcripts from every UN conference. Add to these daunting tasks of compiling data from the stock markets, world banks, and the Fed; then pour through countless newspapers, magazines and radio transcripts from both America and Europe spanning many decades. Once that is accomplished you would still have to find a way to be privy to clandestine meetings among heads of state, heads of corporations, heads of major financial institutions, and talking heads from the 1930s until today. The hard part's been done for us. What [is here] is information, nicely sifted, neatly organized, rationally deciphered and eloquently presented...Every American who still values the freedoms outlined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights—including (if activist courts have their way) the freedom to sleep through a "friendly" takeover—might want to wake up and smell the coffee. You won't find out about this by watching the morning news. I came away enlightened and a bit breathless...but awake, finally. [This] rings loudly with truth. Has the alarm gone off in time for us to get to work?"

I don't know...that's up to you.
Please...roll up your sleeves and write a check.
For any amount...as often as you can.




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