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Strong G-2 Solar Storm Hitting Earth
Sept. 11, 2014NASA's Goddard Space Weather Prediction announced that a G-2 Solar Storm caused by a coronal mass ejection [CME] AR2158, that was first observed on Sept.9 will become a R3 (strong) solar flare will erupt tomorrow, Sept. 12 and will be on its way to Earth and beyond. The king of ecowackoism, Al Gore and the watermelon global warming econuts who are aligned with him (to profit with him by buying and selling "carbon credits" that are imposed on the industrial nation's working class taxpayers). They will blame this G-3 geomagnetic storm whose magnetized plasma began causing radio and TV interference on Sept.10 and an R1 (minor) solar flare we will experience interference from around September 14, on the working class people in the industrialized world (except, of course, China and the Soviet Union who, like Barack Obama, blame America for everything).

The R1 solar storm that erupted on Sept. 10 will be felt for the next few days. SolarFlareAR2158You can bet real money on Harry Reid and the watermelons in the House and Senate, along with the leftwing media, to continue to conceal the fact that all global warming and cooling in this solar system is caused by solar activity on the sun, and will instead blame it carbon dioxide emissions from factories and car exhausts, from fat people sweating or farm animals and fat men loudly excreting intestinal gases.

The Goddard's Space Weather Center in Boulder, Colorado has been making it clear for decades that space storms—which created Al Gore's "global warming" happen very often unless the sun is in a period of very minimal solar activity. Normally solar storms don't harm people. Solor storm that erupt from the center of the sun play havoc on Earth.. What makes these storms worrisome, the Goddard Center said, was both the fact that the storm is erupting in the center (mid-level where the sun "quarters" meet) and, of course, based on the strength of the storm. The Goddard warning said "...there's been a giant magnetic storm on the sun. Because it is pointed right at us, we'll at least catch some of the cloud of highly energized and magnetized plasma that can disrupt Earth's magnetic sphere, which sometimes leads to temporary grid problems."

Goddard said that forecasters don't know yet when Wednesday's solor storm will fully arrive here, and which part of the Earth will be facing the that part of the sun where the flare will erupt, because that area will take the brunt of the effect. The first waves from the solar blast arrived minutes after the flare erupted and has already affected radio and satellite TV transmissions. So don't waste your time calling your radio or TV station or Directv or Dish. Blame Al Gore because he's already blaming us.

The latest abuse of an Army vet
who served the Unite
d States in
Vietnam...who deserves better from
a government about to disown him.

May 16, 2014Mario Hernandez was a 9-year old boy in Cuba in 1965 when his parents saw an opportunity to flee Castro's Cuba and took it. When Mario arrived in Florida he later remarked that he immediately fe
ll in love with the United States. During the Johnson Administration and beyond, freedom-loving Cubans who escaped Castro's communist paradise of poverty were granted amnesty and given social security cards so they could work and live in the United States—and, of course pay taxes. They were not, however, granted American citizenship.

That's how political amnesty works. The pathway to citizenship began, a year later, when the amnesty aliens were allowed to apply for granted them alien residency. Once granted, they would then be legal resident aliens. In five years the resident alien would then be a citizen. Content with her lot, Mario Hernandez's mother never applied for residence status. Quite likely, still mistrustful of government, she kept a low profile in America. She never filled out the paperwork that was her first step—and her son's first step—to citizenship. Mario Hernandez grew up as a United States citizen—only he wasn't one. When Mario turned 18 he joined the US Army and, after basic training, found himself fighting in Vietnam.

Had the US Army known Hernandez was a provisional amnesty citizen, the recruiter would likely have told him that enlisting would guarantee him a fast track to US citizenship. But, not knowing he wasn't already a citizen, Mario said nothing. He served three years in Vietnam, voting for Jimmy Carter in a voting booth that was a pup tent in the steamy jungles in Southeast Asia.

When Hernandez left the Army he went to work for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the State of Washington for some years before trading up to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons where his job was overseeing the day-to-day operations, detainees, prisoners and terrorists. Both of his government jobs required that the applicant be a citizen of the United States. Which means Hernandez should have been thoroughly investigated by the FBI whose job it is to verify the bonafides of all federal job applicants. Not just once, but every few years. Art no time did the FBI find anything which suggested Mario was not a citizen of the United States.

Hernandez apparently passed the citizenship sniff test. An admirable non-American American citizen, he voted in every presidential election since 1976. As Hernandez prepared to retire at age 58, he decided he would take his wife Bonita on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate the onset of their golden years. All he needed was a passport. When he applied to the State Department for a passport, he ended up at the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration which he quickly discovered was located on mythical Elm Street and he was about to meet Freddy Krueger. "I'm living in a bad dream," Hernandez told the New York Times, "This cannot be real. I've been living here for 49 years. This is the only country I've ever known..I thought I was a citizen. I've always been proud of being a citizen. This has really messed with my head."

Mario Hernandez was now having the worst day of his life. He just discovered the United States government had no record of him. He searched for nat ionization papers which he concluded his mother had simply neglected to give to him. Because Hernandez has political amnesty he cannot be deported. However, if he chooses to leave the United States to even, say, spend a day in either Canada or Mexico, he would be denied the right to cross the border and reenter the United States. He would, effectively become a man without a country. Add to that, Hernandez was also notified that his Voter Registration card has been revoked. Since the government said he is not a citizen (nor a legal resident) Hernandez, who had voted in every election since Jimmy Carter, cannot vote. In fact, the Obama Administration is considering charging Mario with voter fraud.

When Hernandez 's latest petition for citizenship was rejected, his wife launched Change.org petition to sway the government to reverse their position with her husband that he has to wait five more years to become a citizen, giving him the citizenship he rightfully earned when, as a non-citizen he enlisted in the US Army during a time of war and served three years in Vietnam. Thus far, Bonito Hernandez's petition has 80 thousand signatures.

According to the Dept. of Homeland Security, special provisions in the Immigration and Nationality Act exist to grant immediate citizenship for non-citizens who served in the US military under periods of hostilities. Hernandez served under severe hostilities in Vietnam for three years from 1972 to 1975. The Obama Administration's Justice Department has his military records, so Eric Holder had to know that, yet they still rejected his citizenship petition. But then, Obama has already made it clear that he believes that all active and former military personnel are enemies of his Administration, and enemies of his United States. Why should it be any different for a 58-year old


Humansville, Missouri: the least human city
in the United States. Shame on Humansville.

April 21, 2014—Imagine this statement coming from a law and order advocate like me. It's well past time for the federal government to enact an extraordinarily tough national police brutality law (with sanity attached to it) to protect the people of the United States from bully law enforcement officers who have sworn an oath to "serve and protect" the public. Since the "New Democrat' (social progressive) days of Bill and Hillary Clinton, law enforcement changed radically and ruthlessly, with police, prosecutors and courts putting the onus on making the innocent prove they are not guility of the crimes fror which they stand accused rather than making the State prove their guilt.

Because the public began to protest the increasing numbers of fatal or nearly fatal police shootings of unarmed or minimally armed villains who threaten the lives of the cops with bare fists, rocks, small tree limb or pocket knives; or out-of-breath, overweight cops thumping the crap out of thieves or speeders running away from the scenes of accident or mischievous wrongdoings. Today, municipalities have discovered a new weapon of choice to subdue troublemakers or smart-mouthed citizens who don't respond to the commands of the police officers (you can't call them "peace officers" anymore since, increasingly, they engage in more assaults on the general public which requires hospitalization, than the general public does on one another)—tasers. Tasers have pretty much become the police officer's weapon of choice because those who sell them to municipalities assure them that, when they are used correctly, they are not lethal. The problem is, police officers seldom, if ever, use them correctly.

Tasers are punitive weapons that many police officers use simply to punish consumers who smart-mouth them, or question why the officer stopped them. . The taser is a lethal weapon. Everyone knows it is. And every year hundreds of victims of police brutality die from the punitive use of tasers by cops.

In far too many cases, in our politically correct social progressive society, female officers who should not be street cops, are given tasers as "weight and size equalizers"—and are trained to use them to bring the "big bruisers" whimpering to their knees. Tragically, if the malmfactor or big mouth has a bad heart, a pacemaker or blocked arteries, a few good pants-peeing jolts will put the big bruiser in a cardiac care unit or the morgue.

The most recent example of police brutality I saw this week was the beating of 78-year old Elbert Breshears who lives in the most grossly misnamed community in the United States: Humansville, Missouri by a cop who shouldn't even be allowed to hold the job of elementary school crossing guard.

On Sunday, April 20 Breshears' wife, who suffers from dementia, fell against a window in their home, breaking the glass and cutting herself. Breshears called 9-11 for an ambulance telling the 9-11 dispatcher what happened.. While the Daily Caller, which reported the incident, did not say, it appears that Mrs. Breshears, who likely suffers from some form of neuropathy, fell through the window when she fell against it. (My wife suffers from diabetic neuropathy which has been getting increasingly worse over the past few years. She has several canes to use to steady herself when she walks through our home. She has one cane in each of our two vehicles. She refuses to use them. When she walks through the house I usually walk behind her to keep her from falling because she refuses to use a cane. [A walker it out of question for woman who refuses to use a cane.]. At times, walking downstairs without her cane, she will suddenly find herself running (to keep from falling, stopping only after running into the wall at the base of the stairs.) I don't know how bad Mrs. Breshears' neuropathy is, but I know how neuropathy impacts those it afflicts. If Mrs. Breshears suffers from neuropathy (whether from diabetes or some other neurological disorder), then the Humansville cop who assaulted Elbert Breshears and the dispatcher who failed to properly advise the officer of the details of what happened based on the call, needs to be fired. The cop also needs to be charged with criminal assault—and stupidity.

The Daily Caller report that suggests Humansville police alibied the beating of Elbert Breshears by saying they had problems with Breshears over elder-abuse in the past. If his wife is a long term victim of either diabetic neuropathy or some other form of neuropathy, she will likely have suffered from falls resulting in anything from bruising and abrasions to fractures (if the falls were bad enough). If her neuropathy has not been medically-diagnosed, guess who gets the blame for those bruises and, of course, for being thrown through a window?

The police, on April 20, arrived before the ambulance. Breshears was outside trying to assist his wife. Without inquiring what happened before he got to the scene, and what was currently taking place in the yard, the unidentified cop jumped from his car, ran across the yard and tackled the elderly man, knocking him off his feet. Keep in mind, this was an old duffer with medical problems of his own. The cop ordered him to get to his feet. Breshears told the cop he was unable to comply. The cop knocked Breshears into a gravel pile and dug his knees into the elderly man's back, striking him and dragging his arms behind his back to cuff him. Breshears begged the cop to help him to his feet and he would gladly submit. The cop beat him to the ground for not complying. Bully cops (like this guy do not deserve the respectful title of peace officer, police officer or law enforcement officer. Not only is he a bully, he's a stupid bully. And that makes him all the more dangerous to the community he is supposed to serve.)

The cop's crime? Breshears very deliberately did not call the police. He called paramedics and requested an ambulance. The first time his wife ever fell, he made the mistake of calling the police for help rather than the paramedics, and ended up in jail for elder-abuse. Knowing this before he arrived, the cop assumed this was a known wife-beater plying his trade. Branded by that cop, Breshears was guilty of elder abuse so there was no need to ask him what had happened.

Regardless what the cop thought, the first thing he should have done was to take a minute and find out, from the husband and the wife, what happened. He didn't. He knew a "bad guy" when he heard his name over the 9-`11 call., That, of course, allowed him to charge ahead like a crusader to save the day without taking as much as 20 seconds to ask what happened. He didn't ask, because he was a smart small town cop who knew, when he heard the 9-11 call, that the wife beater was plying his trade once again. So much for humanity in Humansville.


FBI breaks up a ring operating since 2009 in the El Cajon Dept. of Motor Vehicles selling drivers licenses in the parking lot to customers of a local driving school that trains Middle East customers "how to drive"—usually without their ever having to take a driver's test.
Feb. 25, 2014—FBI agents led by Special Agents Mike Peters and Kim George arrested four California State employees at the El Cajon Dept. of Motor Vehicles and Kuvan Piomari who owned the US Driving School in El Cajon. The FBI is calling this an ongoing investigation as agents search for several accomplices.

Beginning shortly after Obama took office in 2009, Piomari let it be known to his "students" that "for a price," he could guarantee the student a genuine, California driver's license—even if he failed his driving test The drivers' licenses would cost the buyer anywhere from $500 to $2,500 depending, one imagines, on just how "illegal" they were. I imagine a simple undocumented illegal wanting a permanent tax-free life if the United States would readily pay $500 for a driver's license that would get him through an ICE highway checkpoint. A Middle East terrorist trying to buy an airline ticket would quickly pay $2,500 or more for a driver's license that would secure him a seat on a 757 to anywhere in the United States,

As it turned out, most of the US Driving School "students" never even had to take any test thanks to Piomari's "connections" at the DMV. His connection? DMV Examiner Jeffrey Bednarek and three other DMV employees. Bednarek would simply give them a passing grade on the written and behind-the-wheel driving test which they never took, and then escort them to his accomplices. behind the counter where the license applicant would get a regular or commercial driver's license. Bednerek's accomplices. would then falsify whatever records needed to be fabricated at that end of the process.

The four were arrested according to FBI. Court documents which revealed that the four DMV employees and Piomari took part in a long-running bribery conspiracy that generated hundreds of genuine, albeit phony, ill-gotten drivers' licenses over a period of at least three years before law enforcement got involved. When the DMV transferred a new manager to the El Cajon DMV in 2012, Peters said, "...she instantly knew something wasn't right. That manager alerted the DMV's investigative arm who, in turn, called the FBI."

Using undercover operatives and federal court-approved surveillance techniques which included wiretapping the phones of the US Driving School and the phones of the suspected DMV participants, and those who received the unearned right to drive on US highways and byways. In all, 30 defendants (which included several people who gamed the system by bribing State employees to provide them with a driver's license) were charged. Some of the "students" who paid for a driver's license, Special Agent Kim George said, "were bad drivers; and some paid because they were too lazy to take the test." And some apparently knew they would fail either the written test or the driving skills test. And others knew they didn't have sufficient data to prove they were eligible to even apply for a driver's license.

Special Agent Peters noted some of the students were buying commercial licenses that allowed them to drive tanker trucks which "...took things to a different level in terms of safety. We hope this case sends a message," Peters added, "this type of corruption will not be tolerated."

Bednarek and another DMV employee, Jim Bean, pleaded guilty. Bean was sentenced to 18 months for his role in the scheme. Bednarek will be sentenced in April. Bednarek reportedly produced more than 100 fraudulent drivers licenses for which the drivers' license applicants paid over $50,000. "They'd gotten away with it for so long," Agent George said, "that they were extremely confident and had no plans to stop. Sometimes the corrupt DMV employees would issue multiple bogus licenses a day. They would leave work with $500 in cash in their pocket," she commented, adding, "That could be one day a week, or two. They were doing very well."

The case is still ongoing because the FBI learned that many of the applicants for drivers' licenses were not Americans. In one instance, Peters said, "One guy flew in from Dallas, took a cab to the [El Cajon] DMV office, paid for his license and flew back to Dallas a few hours later. It was so blatant," he added, "that our surveillance showed the driving school operator brokering multiple deals in the DMV parking lot."







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