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Note: this article is a reprint of a three page advertisement which has now appeared several times in the Washington Times National Weekly Edition. My friend, Jon Christian Ryter, has graciously agreed to publish this letter on his website so that interested people around the world can read it.

Mr. Soros:
Like you, I am a Jewish immigrant to the US But, unlike you, I am not rich. I came to this country in 1947, after spending nearly two years in displaced persons camps in Germany. Before then, I spent four years in the Kaunas, Lithuania Ghetto and in two concentration camps: Stuthoff, near Danzig, and Lager 10 of the Landsberg Kaufering Outer Camps of Dachau. I was liberated by US troops near Waakirchen, a German village ten kilometers from Bad Toelz, while on a forced march from Lager 10 to Dachau and then towards the Bavarian Alps. I was treated well by US troops and noticed that they treated German people just as well.

You use your funds and sway to influence world events. This can benefit or harm a nation. German industrialists used their funds and might to empower Hitler—a move that caused the death of 6 million people, including Germans in the Nazi death camps.

Teddy Roosevelt sought peace, but coupled it with strength. Peace and strength is a combination that benefits those who seek to live in freedom. Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian efforts as President of the United States. This happened long before the Utopians used the Prize as a political devise when it was awarded to terrorists like Yassar Arafat.

Your support of extreme leftists is greatly damaging our nation and every other free nation on this globe. We are especially concerned about their activities on energy. Observe what is happening to our nation:
• US purchases of foreign oil raise its price on world markets regardless where we buy it, so that, even if we scarcely do any business with Iran and other hostile countries, they get extra cash for their petroleum from other buyers, and use it to finance terrorism and to acquire deadly weapons.
• Experts say that, while countries such as China also purchase oil from outside sources, an end to US imports of that oil would vastly increase its supply on world markets, and cause its price to sink to $15 or less per barrel, without OPEC being able to prevent this.

Notwithstanding claims by populists, supply and demand still rules the price of goods and services. Look what happened to the retail prices of computers, DVD's and TV sets. Competition and the sheer abundance of these products keeps their retail prices in check. On the other hand, green extremist thwart construction of nuclear power plants, oil refineries and natural gas processing facilities, so the price of energy keeps increasing with passing time, with the poorest in our midst suffering most. These are the same people, by the way, that the leftist greens (who needs their uneducated votes in order to promulgate their utopian agenda through the leftwingers in Congress) claim to champion. Yet a drastic cut in the price of crude oil—and natural gas—would help them—and us—much more than a tax cut. The escalating price of crude impacts the price of every product manufactured and sold in the United States. And, of course, there's an added bonus to pumping American oil out of the ground that almost no one even considers—the cash flow to terrorists from oil rich Muslim sheiks drops proportionately.

Greens assert that greedy capitalists are blocking us from using their "alternatives," such as solar plants, wind turbines, biomass, or geothermal wells, yet China, Cuba and Vietnam hardly use them and opted for nuclear, coal, oil or gas units instead. They thwart the use of our viable supplies of energy and opt to replace them with energy supplies that, with few and minor exceptions, are worse than useless.

The more we try them, the more we are compelled to buy increasing amounts of oil and gas at ever-rising prices from our economic adversaries and our political enemies. Shockingly, we have abundant energy supplies within the confines of this land and nearby seas.

In every land and at every point throughout history, there have been people who hated freedom for everyone except themselves. In the US they gained scant support under the banner of communism, fascism and other totalitarian forms, but environmentalism granted them the best camouflage beneath which to hide their true intentions, which is to rule us with an iron fist. After all, who would oppose clean air, clean water and clean surroundings?

There have been, and will continue to be, abuses against the environment. Why not exploit this for their own use? For every issue concerning energy (and many other matters) the environmentalists and the all-purpose utopians have a simple answer: tighter government control over the people—governments they intend to totally control. They already dominate the world's governments to a large extent.

Why not cripple access to the United States' ample viable supplies of energy and foster pseudo-energy supplies which, in the aggregate, are worse than useless? Why not create a problem they can then exploit to increase totalitarian rule? Why not work with elitists in the news as well as entertainment field and academia to mislead the public on this matter? (Most Americans are unaware of the fact that before Rupert Murdock bought the New York Post, it was owned by globalist banker Jacob Schiff—one of the bankers who engineered the 16th Amendment and helped structure the legislation that created the privately-owned Federal Reserve Banking system.)

Some of the world's wealthiest capitalists hate the free enterprise system and the republican form of democracy it created. Most Americans, who take liberty for granted, are too lazy to learn how the kingpins of the free enterprise amassed their wealth, how they purchased the legislation the needed to prevent today's entrepreneurs from doing what they did, and how they are using the American court system to change our way of life to fit a new "green" mold fashioned by them.

They gained respectability in our society and are pushing an ecological agenda that has nothing much to do with the environment, but much to do with undermining our country. They threaten the reelection of politicians who do not toe their line. They influence the curriculum in nearly all our schools, from kindergarten to our largest universities. They thwart the use of our energy supplies and, by doing so, force us to purchase ever increasing amounts of oil from hostile nations that, directly or indirectly, underwrite and/or finance the activities of Islamic terrorists.

They also meddle in our internal defense of the American people and our way of life, and they disrupt our foreign policy. The Green Party of the US demands divestment of US companies in Israel, while Ralph Nader seeks an end of US aid to the only true democracy in the Mideast—but not to Egypt or the Palestinians. The Green Party also protested our boycott of the 2001 UN Conference in Durban, South Africa, where Israel was denounced, while the terrorists they fought were hardly criticized. Greens promote the weakening of US military forces, and a de facto US surrender to the Islamofascists

Except for few paltry statements abhorring violence in general terms, leaders of the greens only weakly protested the bombing of our embassies, the blowing up of buses filled with Israeli children, and the pushing of wheelchair bound Leon Klinghoffer from the cruise ship Achille Lauro into the Mediterranean Sea, where he drowned, setting off two decades of terrorist acts that constitute an undeclared war against the United States of America.

And, finally we have the gruesome deeds of 9/11, and the killing of men, women and children not as collateral damage, but as intended targets. The environmentalists claim to be the underfunded guardians of this planet, but they are financed not only by the average Americans they mislead, but also by some of our largest charitable foundations established by the likes of Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Pew which now controlled by graduates of Ivy League Universities where Marx is still worshipped as the Messiah.

As a result, the environmentalists do not lack the cash needed to launch costly lawsuits not only against corporations who know their theories on global warming are fabrications, but also against individual farmers, ranchers—and even home owners—who displease them. It has been said that "...lies repeated means truth defeated," and with little opposition to expose them, these lies became accepted as the dogma of our times.

As a result, greens now arrogate unto themselves the intellectual and moral high ground, and demand that we should heed their edicts. It is time to reveal them for the demagogues they are: worse than those who peddle snake oil cures for all our ills. Thus we see that environmentalism is being led by extreme leftists who, with the leftists of Cuba and Venezuela, and the extreme rightist sheiks and ayatollahs, forged a bond reminiscent of the Hitler-Stalin Pact that lasted long enough to trigger World War II.

The axis of evil at that time consisted of Italy, Japan, and Germany. When Italy was forced out of the war, we still had the Japanese and Germans to defeat. We conquered Germany by crushing all its armed forces, and subdued Japan after pulverizing many of its cities. Roosevelt, and later Truman, found this crucial to our victory – especially after the loses suffered by our forces in Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

The current axis of evil first consisted of Iraq, Iran and North Korea. We defeated the Iraqi army, but failed to tame the other members of that group—members that are fanning strife within Iraq. We can destroy them within days and even hours, but oppose this because people would then perish by the millions. Yet the imams hold no such scruples, and will use all the weapons they can wield against us. So will the dictator of North Korea. Their axis is at least as dangerous as was the axis of World War II; and we must fight them with the same intensity as we fought the erstwhile fascists, lest we be wiped off from the face of Planet Earth.

Just as Chamberlain could not appease Hitler, so are we unable to appease the sheiks and ayatollahs. Extremist greens and other leftists would fight the terrorists—if at all—in accordance to the rules of Emily Post. But, had we done this when we fought Japan and Germany, they, not we, would have won World War II.

Let's not forget how Sherman, under Lincoln, fought the South. We applied UN political correctness in Vietnam and were defeated. As a result, millions of people were murdered. Others were incarcerated for years. Still others fled in leaky boats through pirate infested waters to escape the hell that then engulfed their previous homelands.

Now the stakes are vastly higher for us—perhaps as high as a loss to Hitler would have been in the '40's. Should we lose against radical Islam, a new Dark Age will engulf the world—a Dark Age as tyrannical as that which lasted a millennium. For, the march of time does not always come with a betterment of people. The world fell into an abyss in the past, and may fall into an abyss once again, if we fail to muster all our strength against our foes.

We have to mobilize ourselves to do this. We are thinking of defeat at the hands of monsters when we hardly flexed our muscles to subdue them. Can't we recall that, with half our present population in the 1940's, we had 12 million people in our armed forces? Can't we have at least half that number in our armed forces now?

With an adequate army, we could completely seal Iraq's borders and prevent entry by anyone we wished to stop. We could easily invade, and rapidly defeat, Iran if it failed to stop its aid to terrorists. We could prevail with ease over the Islamofascists.

But most of all, we must treat the Islamofascists the way we treated the Nazi leaders at the end of World War II. Committing murder in the name of one's faith does not excuse the killers, or their financial handlers, from being treated as the criminals they are. Still, there is much easier and less costly way for handling this dilemma. We mentioned it right from the start. Let's stop buying oil from other countries and use the energy supplies amply available within the United States.

The terrorists hardly posed a threat to us until we started to send them billions of our dollars through their sponsor nations. Let us recognize the root of our problem, and recall the words of Lincoln. If we fall, it will be due to our own internal enemies, not the swords our external enemies wield against us. We can't win the war against the terrorists until we neutralize their financial enablers: the people who block the use of our internal energy supplies by forcing us to purchase oil from those who wish to destroy this nation.

Arguments concerning this issue are tainted by "political correctness"—censorship that blinds us to reality and gives aid and comfort to our enemies. But in the final analysis, we can't overemphasize one glaring fact: attempts to tap the vast oil and gas reserves in Alaska and in other states and offshore US areas—and build nuclear power plants—are thwarted by the greens and their enablers in the Congress with the help of the news media and academia.

They claim that, even if they started building new oil refineries, drilling new wells, or building nuclear energy plants , no new oil or gas or nuclear power could be available to us for at least a decade. And, of course, they have been using that argument for the past three decades.

Are we not the "Can Do" nation? The greens fail to stress how fast we act—and get results —when our citizens have the facts. That's why they try so hard to distort reality and conceal the true nature of the problem, and the ease by which most of our problems can be solved...internally with just a little good old-fashioned US ingenuity.

With half our current population, and a technology far behind its present state, we built the 1,200-mile Alaska Highway within a 12- month period, and developed atomic bombs within less than four years. While the two atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese mainland killed many Japanese, they saved a conservatively estimated 50 to 100 thousand American lives in ending World War II.

• We built Liberty Ships within two weeks after startups, and furnished 20 large and 70 smaller aircraft carriers to help our navy fight Japan and Germany
• We made sufficient weapons to outfit 1,000 new divisions not only for the benefit of US forces, but also for those of England and the Soviet Union, and even sent them food and clothing for their soldiers
• To stop Stalin from later grabbing all of Germany and other nations, the US flew 10,000 tons per day of food as well as coal and other goods to Berliners during winter—an achievement never equaled by any other country on the globe before or since.

We prevailed because we were determined to win the war against the WWII-era fascists. And, with equal determination we can easily win over the Islamofascists of today. They assert that Allah placed the oil beneath their ground so they would have the means to finance their global jihad against us. They laughingly admit that we are financing our own demise when we purchase oil and gas on foreign markets.

The new mosques being built throughout the world are funded by the Wahabbis of Saudi Arabia, as are the madrassas, where children from five years onward are taught to hate. So are the camps where they are later trained to commit murder—and, of course, suicide in Allah's name.

Once you come to grips with the reality of what OPEC petrodollars purchase, you more fully understand the need to stop buying Mideast oil. We must reestablish energy independence and break the energy chain from other lands. In "Strike Back or Die!" a book we have prepared about this issue, we show this goal to be quite attainable within a four to five-year period—but not by methods touted by the environmentalists

We also show that their "politically correct" remedies do not conform to laws of nature. The ecoalarmist solutions are fraudulent, misleading and outdated—and they are steering us into an abyss that we can and must avoid.

One of their ploys has been to confuse energy with power in the public mind. In electricity, power is measured in watts. Watts are merely the RATE at which energy is consumed. Energy is power multiplied by time. Electric bills are paid in terms of kilowatt-hours.

Greens hardly mention that the solar energy plants they cherish so intensely because they don't emit pollutants into the air, don't produce much electricity either. Solar plants produce electricity at an average rate of only 20% of their capacities—if placed in the sunny desert parts of the country, and even less if placed elsewhere.

Wind turbines have somewhat higher average outputs—if placed in areas where wind speeds average 20 miles per hour or higher. They produce electric energy at a rate of 25 to 30% of their capacities. Listen to the environmentalists, and the numbers sound better because the greens tend to fudge these number to a large extent. Just listen to Al Gore talk about global warming for five minutes and you will understand what I mean.

On the other hand, fossil power plants produce electric energy at an average rate of 70% of their capacities, while the rate for nuclear power plants is 90%—and even higher in newer units. The Westinghouse AP 1000 plants (four of which were bought by China but, thanks to American ecoalarmists, none are being built in the United States) can furnish electrical energy at a rate of 93%. This means that each watt in a nuclear power plant would have to be replaced with at least 4.5 watts in a solar plant to furnish the same amount of electricity, and with 3 or more watts in wind turbines to do the same.

As to materials used for these "alternatives", they are much higher than the materials used for nuclear or other standard plants. We should also realize that the so-called problem of nuclear residues was resolved long ago by recycling (as is done in France). We can drastically reduce their impact and obtain extra electricity as well.

However, American environmentalists fight this tooth and nail. Failure to give full disclosure to the public often results in jail and fines to corporate executives, but the ecoalarmists spread deceit and exaggeration that endangers our economy, yet they are never punished for their misdeeds. They claim that nuclear power plants are too costly and require too much time to build.

The US does not suffer from a lack of energy, but only from a lack of access to the energy it has. Indeed, claims that we are running out of energy, truly viable supplies of energy, remind us of predictions that pertain to food made in the 1960s. They were made by a Stanford University instructor—a major guru of the Greens. His named is Paul Ehrlich. In 1968 he wrote "The Population Bomb," in which he stated that, by 1980, there would be widespread starvation throughout the world, including Western countries. By the year 2000, Ehrlich supposed—based on the 18th century speculations of Thomas Malthus—that 50% of the world's population would starve to death and the other half would kill each other for what food was left. The food scare was created to legalize abortion because the greens believed there were too many people on Earth and they wanted to legalize abortion.

Real scientists shun predictions based on speculation that begins with a hypothetical conclusion and not facts. Ehrlich received hundreds of thousands of dollars for his "predictions," even after they were shown to be false. The Heartland Institute estimated that 13% of the world's scientists who promote the global warming hysteria are funded by the major foundations who control the world's fossil fuels. The 87% of the world's scientists who question the intelligence behind the global warming speculation are vilified by the media as crackpots.

Mr. Soros, we will do our best to help the United States regain energy independence. In doing so, we will stop the funding of our enemies with petrodollars, and sharply curtail their means to do harm in the world, to threaten nations with their heinous activities and push them to the wall. We will take legal steps against green organizations that are blocking us from achieving this core objective. We have a right to do this, to protect ourselves, our values, and Western civilization.

Mr. Soros, we don't expect any help from you for our work. Your actions show that you will, instead, continue to lavish millions of dollars on those who, by giving aid and comfort to our enemies, are foisting a disaster on the world. But can't you see that it would pale, by far, the disaster brought on more than 60 years ago by dictators and fools?

The Manhattan Project 2 Corporation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. Any gifts made by American citizens to us are tax deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code To visit our website, click on the banner at the top of this page, or go to http://www.energytruth.com. Or contact us directly: Mike Oliver, President, Manhattan Project 2 Corporation 27943 Seco Canyon Road #223, Santa Clarita, CA 91350; Tel: (775) 721-2976 E-mail: moliver@energytruth.com



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